Medusa Piercing: Everything You Need to know

You might have seen people with holes under their nose or above the top lip. You have noticed it without knowing that it’s called “Medusa Piercing”. This is one of the most attractive facial piercing.

Read on to learn everything that relates to Medusa piercing. Here I provide you with answers that may be bothering you. You will get everything here you need to know about medusa piercing.

What is Medusa Piercing?

It is a Type of Lip piercing in which the upper lip is perforated. 

Medusa piercing is the piercing of the region above the top lip and under the nose, termed the “philtrum.” This is the reason Medusa piercing is often regarded as philtrum piercing.

It is simply an upper lip piercing. You can wear a barbell or simply a stud in it. Even I have seen people wearing ring in a medusa piercing. It’s totally up to you and your comfortability.

medusa piercing guide

High-quality titanium stud 

Why is it called so?

In reality, it was named by a Canadian hairstylist. As the piercing does not have a “market term,” but a scientific, mythological name. This name is somewhat lengthy and unattractive. So, he just yelled at the medusa, and the reason is still yet unclear.

Is Medusa piercing popular?   

Yes! This piercing is a widely accepted and popular form of piercing.

It appears trendy and appealing to both ladies and men. The Medusa piercing excellently portrays the stunning lip outline. It draws people’s focus, making you the point of attraction.

History of Medusa piercing

Medusa is a fictional, mythological character, recognized almost everywhere through movies and fantasy novels. There is no link amongst them in the context of medusa piercings and the mythological beast that is known to all humanity.

A Canadian hairstylist chose the name arbitrarily in the early 1990s, as it only looked much nicer than that of the actual definition.

A triple piece of jewelry is the cornerstone of Medusa piercings. The Beads, Barbells, and the Disk are each made. The bead is the part that can be seen on the outer part of the nose and is always the best piece to design.

The barbell is the central portion that penetrates the skin and keeps the ends attached. The disk is only the same as the bead. Because it sits inside the mouth and typically doesn’t appear in several varieties.

What to know before getting Medusa piercing?

You need to know about aftercare, oral hygiene, and jewelry-related information. 

Many people are unaware of the need to ensure all the outer and inner parts of the philtrum is neat and tidy while preparing for a medusa piercing. This implies that it isn’t just enough to have a nice shave. It is essential to brush your teeth as much as needed if you want to avoid infections.

Your tongue is just not that hygienic, however hard it may be to swallow for anyone. Oral hygiene professionals also advise you to brush your tongue before trying to take a seat at the piercing place.

When you frequently use mouthwash, or at most several days before a visit. It can significantly help to reduce the number of bacteria inside your mouth.

During the planning phase, it is vital not to engage yourself in other activities. If you choose to spend two days to kill some of your mouth’s bacteria, then adhere to this plan. It also acts as a practice exercise for what happens when you pierce.

Since the tissue is pierced through, you might get an infection through anything. It can be beneath your teeth, gums or underneath your tongue. So unless the medusa piercing isn’t your first oral piercings, you will learn before.  After about sanitizing the section, eating, drinking, and so on.

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Medusa piercing Healing

Healing will take 6-12 weeks in general. But it is mostly determinant on the shape of your mouth. The immune system of your body and the degree to which you handle the piercing during recovery.

It is worth noting that even if the exterior of the piercing will easily heal. The piercing takes longer to heal on the inside, so for a minimum of 6 weeks, we advise you to pursue recovery. Visit your piercer after six weeks to check if the time is right to stop the practice of aftercare.

Medusa piercing scar

It’s better to think carefully before considering the medusa piercing if you’re one of many who make rash decisions but suffer consequences. It will leave scars even though you want to erase it immediately after piercing; it is the major downside. Scarring will always occur.

Slow healing or unintended damage to the piercing area across the injury region may result in complete skin injury, which will result in scarring. By taking good care of the wound during the healing process, and ensuring that the piercing is not dragged, twisted or otherwise dented during the healing process, can help you reduce the chance of scarring.

Pros & Cons

Medusa piercing also has its pros and cons, which we will look into in detail.


  • Unisexual: Unlike other piercing, it suits both men and ladies, despite the popularity among men.
  • Attractiveness: it is the most common type of piercing. Thanks to its positioning, it draws many eyes in a public place.
  • Brilliant lip contour display: More attention is drawn to the eyes as lips are bright and beautiful.
  • Different options: There are a variety of options on demand.


  • Swelling: Swelling is only likely to occur when it comes to medusa piercing, but sometimes it is massive in size.
  • It doesn’t match all faces: many of you feel it’s not a con, sure it is because it doesn’t fit all faces because of its position, and several people don’t appreciate that.
  • Erosion of the teeth: Often, this can arise when the jewels are often in contact with the upward front teeth within the mouth. Such scraping can, over time, deplete the enamel and develop tiny gaps and creases within the teeth.

Medusa piercing jewelry

A lip-stud is the most common gem in a Medusa. A lip stud comprises a flat backplate, a barbell, and a front-screwed bead or charm. To elude snags or breaks, you are going to choose a piece of interior threaded jewelry mostly when healing.

A better quality 14 karat gold or silver jewelry will ensure that you avoid inflammation of the skin. Both 14 G and 16 G lip studs are used for several Medusa piercings.

Ensure the stud doesn’t stretch much further and squeeze too close when choosing the size for the barbell of the lip stud. Tiny jewelry can be stuck on your skin, and a piece of more significant jewelry can scratch your gums and lead to shrinking gums.

Medusa piercing price

The prices of medusa piercing differ significantly, like any other form of body transformation or piercing. The estimated cost of medusa piercing usually is from $40 – $80 based on different variables, including piercer expertise and the workshop venue.


Medusa piercing aftercare does not vary much from traditional post-care procedures in the majority of cases. Nevertheless, because of its place on the lips, several other items must be considered during the lip healing process.

Furthermore, you would like to make sure it is big enough. The original jewelry you pick is big enough to make swelling possible during the process of healing.

Very tiny jewelry can add pressure to the piercing. It can increase the infection risk and reduce blood circulation and likely get stuck in your skin.

Your original jewelry, particularly if you have delicate skin, should also be of superior value. A jewel of inferior quality can delay the healing process and cause skin irritation.

medusa piercing jewelry

The following tips will help you in the aftercare process:

  • Do not add more than you have to your jewels. The skin around may be scratched by tugging or spinning the jewels.
  • Regularly clean the piercing and jewels. Different aftercare items could be used, or you could use your regular salt bath. Ensure your hands are clean as you wipe the region and use a microfiber cloth towel.
  • Don’t take baths. Try to keep the piercing as far out of the water as possible. Keep piercing away from water when you’re showering. Dry the piercing with a soft cloth to prevent ripping.
  • Make sure you Secure foreign material, including gel, capsule. Secure everything you could wear close to the area of the piercing, away from piercing. Protect your pillow every night with a clean cloth. So that your piercing is covered from bacteria collecting in the pillow.
  • When you eat, take care. Addressing the latest piercing will provide you with a little practice process. And you will not want to ruin your jewelry in the process.
  • Make sure you brush your teeth frequently. Also, take special care as the lip heals to prevent bacteria and viruses. It is highly essential to note that oral hygiene is still of significant concern.
  • Abstain from cigarettes and alcohol. Alcohol can reduce the functioning of your immune system. And cigarettes comprise toxic substances that can affect your healing process.

What should be the minimum age to get medusa piercing?

The minimum age to get a medusa piercing is 16 years. 

Though over the years they have been divided opinion on the age limit, generally. The basic age limit for medusa piercing is 16 years. But most of the piercer and even people prefer to get it done after 18.

Does Medusa piercing ruin your teeth?

Yes, medusa piercing and piercing jewelry can ruin your teeth. 

Just like most lip piercings, Medusa piercings are vulnerable to teeth deterioration. Due to the friction between the jewels and the teeth. The use of a tender-backed labret stud by BioFlex will avert this effect.

Does Medusa piercing hurt?

Yeah, of course, it hurts but definitely less than nose piercing. The piercing is a process of cutting or perforating body parts in order to wear jewelry.

Due to the fact the lips and surrounding area of your lips have extra nerves than other parts of the body, you should experience some discomfort during the piercing procedure.

Although it will be swift. Because Medusa comprises just one opening, the piercer finishes with a single fluid movement. The poking only lasts for a few minutes, accompanied by a bit of piercing.

It is possible you will have constant pain and swelling for several days after you get the piercing. Don’t worry; it’s pretty natural. But if after a week your piercing appears to be affected, you would want to consult a doctor if it smells or excretes a white or green puss, or if you have severe bleeding.

Do Medusa piercings make your lips look bigger?

Yes, Medusa piercings make your lips swell and grow bigger.

While this will not always be the case, it is widespread for the lips to increase around the medusa, which happens one or two days following the procedure. The level of swelling that can develop always depends on different factors, including the response.

Even if you are blessed and not swell at all; your entire top lip will puff out if you are particularly unlucky. Many successful piercing experts use a lengthier barbell for the current jewelry. Used to fit any rotating activities that could occur.

Many decent piercing practitioners will use a lengthier barbel for the actual jewelry to conform to every kind of swelling that may happen.

Can you smoke with a Medusa piercing?

No, You should not smoke with a piercing.

Try to stay away from smoking as much as possible after piercing. When you can’t resist, at times try to relax after a recent piercing of medusa.

Most of the chemicals in the smoke will harm the bare tissue severely. It could cause infections, or the natural healing phase could be slowed considerably.


Although these piercings may not be as flexible as ear-piercing or immersive as tongue piercings. They are still one of the most trendy piercings that you can get. It can be a little slower when healing and take extra precautions for hygiene. But it isn’t time-exhausting or costly.


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