Juda Or Bun Hairstyle For Saree

Bun hairstyle for saree! Bun hairstyles are something that never goes off trend. From the ’60s till now Bun’s hairstyle is something that comes to mind when one decides to wear saree. They give a traditional yet sexy look.

Bun Hairstyle with Flowers:

Flowers play an intrinsic part in Indian Weddings. Flowers play a major part in decorating the hall to filling the Bride’s bun. It all begins with rolling gajras around the bride’s bun to filling flowers based on a theme.

Nowadays people prefer Juds/bun without gajras. The main plan is to get their hair done based on the wedding theme. For this, they prefer low buns. And trust me this looks gorgeous. Oki to get to know further details keep on reading.

Bun Hairstyle for saree with Steps

There are quite a few varieties of styling buns. Let’s go through all bun hairstyle for saree one by one.

Braided Bun

To give a traditional touch to your saree always prefer braided bun, they are simple and elegant and gives you that rich neutral look. Partition the front portion of your hair into two equal sections and then braid your hair from the roots. Once you did this in both the partitions.

You can also add accessories to the front portion by including hairpins or hair stickers. Then tie your hair in a ponytail don’t make it too low or too high.

Just make a pony little lower than where you want your bun to be and then twist your hair make a bun and secure them with bobby pins. Spritz Hair spray to make your baby hairs stay in place.

You can add accessories according to how you want. If you added a lot of accessories in the front keep the bun simple or else decorate the bun.

bun hairstyle for saree braided

Chinese Style Top Knot Bun:

If you are a college or school going girl Chinese style top knot bun suits you the most. This is quite simple. Just grab a bunch of hair from the front portion.

leave the remaining hair aside comb the front portion back and forth and make it twist it and then knot them. And leave the remaining portion as such. Comb the leftover hair downward or curl them depending on the style you go for.

In my opinion, straightening the remaining part of the hair looks clean and better than curling. But if you prefer curls, definitely go for it.

Swept Back Bun:

These kinds of bun are appropriate for people with Heart-shaped faces. These are normal bun everyone wears and it is the best for designer sarees.

Just grab your entire hair make a lower ponytail and then twist them and roll it and make a lower bun with it. Now secure them with bobby pins and set it up with some hair spray. These are good for family weddings or parties.

Messy Bun For a cool look

Messy buns are perfect for college or prom nights. They look messier yet attractive and amps up your look. And it goes up with curly and straight hair. No matter how long your hair Is messy buns are your savior.

Messy buns are most preferred these days, Or Try some new bun in the morning of the big day and trust me it ends up messy and secure it with clips and spritz hair spray that’s it. You are ready effortlessly.

And trust me it looks damn pretty. There are many types of messy buns. Try different types and pick which bun hairstyle suitable for your saree the best.

If you go with messy bun accessories properly or stick on to statement pieces whatever you are comfortable with. I personally feel messy buns are perfect with Sarees and I love doing them.

 Saree Look For Party

Whenever you hear of parties the first thing you search for is a dress and when you think of draping yourself in a saree, Even though it happens once in a blue moon.

Hairstyles will be your next concern, Well let’s find a solution for that. According to me Ringlet bun and Chignon bun goes perfect. They look stylish yet classy. They are a little bit harder to style than normal buns. But there is nothing you can’t achieve by practicing.

Keep on practicing until it comes up pretty perfect and in case it didn’t end up the way you wanted to, you can always make it a messy bun. Messy buns are your best friend when your hairstyle messes up in the morning of that big day.

But both Ringlet bun and chignon bun suits best for parties. Don’t add lots of accessories to your hair for parties to make it simple.

Hairstyle For Wedding

Weddings are one big dream for every girl and if you are confused with all those hairdos available and in a confused stage of  what to go for, you have come to the right place.

The wedding hairstyle is broad of two types Braids and Buns. If you don’t want either then go with free hair and do some styling in the front portion of your hair. Decorate them with a maang tikka or some fancy hairpins and curl the rest of your hair.

Decide which hairstyle you want to go for. If buns then either go for a swept-back bun or braided bun. If you want to be a fun bride then pick Ringlet bun or Chignon bun.

In the case of Braid then It’s easy, you have to pick out the front hairstyle and stick on to which suits you better. Once you are done with the type Now figure how you want to decorate it like hair clips or gajras or pins or flowers and then search accordingly.

There is a wide variety of hair accessories available on online sites. These are the few steps. Search in this procedure and figure out accordingly. Take your own time to try out different types of hairstyles figure out what suits you more.

If you decide on a certain type of bun then first try decorating it with hairpins and then flowers. Give a try to whatever you like. It is your big day. Keep on trying accessories and hairstyles until you find that perfect Hairstyle you are looking for and then decide.

Bun Hairstyle For Saree

Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that could help you If you wear bun hairstyles for the first time or if you are used to it, Then take it as a Reminder. Organize your saree, makeup products, and all your accessories needed the night before.

Make sure you have lots of safety pins and bobby pins. In case if anything goes wrong these pins fix your outfit and your hair. First, decide which saree you are going to wear.

Then choose your hairstyle accordingly. If you are planning to go for bun then decide which kind of bun you need to. Then decide the accessories for decoration, gajra , jewels, hair clips or whatever you need.

Once you are done deciding always try and practice the hairstyle you are going to wear. Keep on trying until it comes out the way you want it to and don’t shower in the morning.

If you want then wake up early in the morning and take a shower. Blow-dry your hair and apply loads of serum and a heat protectant before you start styling your hair. And always secure hair with bobby pins no matter what hairstyle you go for and spritz some hair spray to make the wavy hair in place.

No matter if you wear a veil or Maang tika Make sure you add accessories to your bun accordingly. Let your hairstyle match the theme of the wedding you planned. This look is trending these days. Never try any new makeup looks or hairstyle in the morning. Practice what you are going to for at least 3-4 times before the wedding.


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