How to Use Hair Stick? – Bun with Stick Step by Step

Learn How to use your hair stick. Make different buns and hairstyles easily and quickly. Hair Stick is gonna be our today’s topic. A huge Classic bun, on any wedding occasion- whoever doesn’t want to get. We all love the royal look of having perfect hair bun.

This post is gonna be one interesting fun post for girls. We’re gonna do bit girly talk in this post. Which I love to do and I know you are excited too.

Let me clear the topic – we are going to discuss hair Sticks in details. We’ll talk about types, use, and prices. And the most important thing you’re gonna get the perfect type as per your hair.

 8 easy steps of making a bun with a hair stick


  1. Gather all hair at the crown area if you want a high bun.
  2. Make ponytail using your favorite hair tie. Making ponytail is very important to hold your bun at its perfect place.
  3. Now insert your hair stick through gathered hair. Insert the stick from behind the rubber band.
  4. Then, separate your hair into two equal sections.
  5. Take to the behind the inserted hair stick.
  6. And wind both of the sections of hair around the rubber band from behind the hair stick.
  7. If your hair is longer you can also wind it to both sides of the hair stick then wind around the hair tie.
  8. Tuck the ends inside and fix with hair pins and clips. If your ends are tough to manage just use a little bit of hair spray. Spray to your hairpin and then fix it.

How to use wooden hair stick? Using a wooden stick is nothing different than ordinary hair sticks or luxury hair sticks. All of these hair sticks can be used similarly. You’ll learn many more different hairstyles you can do with your hair stick after reading the article.

When I was in higher schools, I was in love with high buns. But my hair was a bit shorter to make a perfect bun. I started exploring different hairstyles and making buns.

At very first, I started using different hairpins along with hair stick.  Which looks weird and feels really heavy. Then I have decided to tie a ponytail first and then make a bun.

It really works. Your rubber band gives you full support on which you can count upon completely. It fixes your bun in the desired place and it will stay at its place for long.

image: Instructables

The History of hair sticks

Well, there is no such information about when people started using a hair stick. But there are many shreds of evidence of the using sticks for making buns in history.

Hairsticks have been in use for thousands of years, in Ancient Egypt, Greeks, and Roman cultures the uses of hair sticks have been found. But it is still in fashion.

If we talk about hair sticks, we can’t ignore Japan. Japanese has the most influential culture of modern hair sticks. Hairsticks are also well known as the name Japanese Kanzashi.

We’ll talk about Kanzashi in detail later in the post. At the very first hair, sticks are used not only as a simple hair assessor but it also reflects the financial status of that woman.

Yes, that’s true! Mainly female use to tie their hair or make buns out with hair sticks. That hair sticks were basically made up of wood. But the upper-class females use to make buns with the sticks made up of expensive metals like gold and silver.

Hairstick is also recognized as a sign of royalty for some reasons. I personally feel that royal thing whenever I wore jeweled hair stick.

Today you will be master of making a bun with hair sticks.

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How to make Hair stick?

Actually, it seems a bit odd question to me. But I will answer this coz you are asking me. Many of you are searching for DIY Hair stick Ideas.

Here I am with the easiest way of making DIY Hairsticks at home. For this, you’ll need a pencil sharpener or blade and a piece of wooden stick. Stick should not be too thick.

Choose the wooden piece as the diameter of your small finger. Length can be varied as per your need and hair length. First of all, take that piece of wood and cut it into the desired length.

If its diameter is small enough to fit into your pencil sharpener then you have to simply shave it. Shave it as a pointed end pencil.

If your wooden stick is thick and can’t be fit into your sharpener then you use blades. Give it a shape like a pencil, pointed at one end and blunt at another. You can also give different shapes to the other end.

Rub the surface of the piece to give it a smooth even texture.

After you get the desired shape and size, coat it with nail paint primer Or just take your transparent nail enamel. You can simply use wood paint primer to coat it.

Now you can use it directly. Or just paint the body with the color of your choice. You can decorate it with jewels like rings, stones or chains.

How to make a high bun with short hair?

Steps of making but is super easy. The main thing is to choose the right hair stick as per your hair type. There are 2 or 3 different sizes of hair sticks.

If your hair is longer and thicker, you can use the longer one. Or if you have short hair just choose a smaller size.

Tying your hair with hair stick is not a much difficult task. Things you will need for making bun -> Comb, rubber bands, hair stick and hair spray (optional).

  • Make a ponytail using comp and rubber band.
  • If you want a high bun, just tie your pony a little higher.
  • Make sure your rubber band is tight enough to hold your bun.
  • Now hold your hairs and twist it till the end.
  • Make bun by coiling around the rubber band.
  • Roll it perfectly so that rubber band will not be popped out at the center.
  • Cover the rubber band completely with your hairs.
  • Now insert your hair stick from one side of your bun and take out off to the other.
  • Inserting hair stick into the bun needs a few tricks.
  • Press it into the bun from a bun upward and take out from under the rubber band.
  • If your hair is shorter and is tough to manage small cuts, just use your hair spray to keep it at the place.

How to tie hair with a stick?

We are discussing this topic from the very beginning. But these are the most repeated questions that’s why I have given these question separate space to each. This is only for you so that I can clear all of your confusions in this single post.

You are now all ready able to tie your hair using hair stick. But this is the time to master this art.

I will give you one more bun hairstyle. But, don’t you forget to request your post related to easier bun hairstyle. If you really want me to make a detailed post about the particular topic of the bun.

  • Gather your hair at the crown area.
  • Twist it till the end.
  • Start coiling at the center.
  • You have to coil the entire length of the hair.
  • Pull out one section of the twisted hair from the center of the bun.
  • Now insert 1 or 2 hair sticks for extra support and different look.
  • I generally prefer using two same hair sticks.
  • If you are also using 2 hair sticks, insert them in a cross manner.
  • Press from upside down. Make a cross from 2 sticks.

I have tried my best to put everything in this post regarding hair sticks.

Do not hesitate to comment on your queries, suggestions or request below in the comment section.

Keep trying new styles and let me know if you have explored your own style. I will include that style in my post with your credit.

Well, will work together and explore together.

Making bun is not that much tough but most of us are confused with the use of hair stick in it. Using hair sticks keeps your bun more stable and add a different look. No matter your hair is a super log or a bit short.

You can make buns anytime if you are a hair bun lover like me. Keep trying these styles and let me know how it works for you.

Just go down and write everything to me in the comment section. I am here to look after your choice and to help you out with confusions.

Stay tuned with me there are many more things to explore together. Many exciting things to come ahead, let us do it together.

Stay connected & Keep smiling-“Because you are Beautiful”.



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