How to use Hair sticks (Bun Pins, Juda Pins, clips and Sticks)|Everything you need to know

Struggling with making a perfect Bun- it is really important to know How to use Juda sticks for making Juda? how to use Bun pins/hairpins and hair sticks? what types of Pins and sticks should be used for which type of hair.

Hair sticks are very easy to use and make different hairstyles. Here I am answering all of your queries regarding how to use hairpins and sticks. Also, I have included the Chinese bun with the process to make a simple Chinese bun along with the use of the Japanese Hair Sticks.

This section also contains the answer to all your doubt about the Hairpins (which is also known as Juda pins, these are the traditional Juda/Bun pins) and the Bobby pins. Know-How to use hairpins in a bun, How to use decorative Pins How to use big u shaped pins, and so on…

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How to use Japanese hair sticks?

Make a high or low ponytail, fold or twist the hair around and fix it with a hair stick. Here are the simple steps for making Juda/ Bun with the help Japanese hair stick.

  • Comb your hair neatly and make sure you have combed your hair evenly so that you can get a perfect bun.
  • Decide the height of your Bun
  • If you want a high Bun/ Juda comb your hair and pull all of your hairs upward at which height of your head you want it to be.
  • Medium height Juda/ Bun is most popular among the girls, this is because everyone is not comfortable with the Low Bun as it is a bit tough to handle or carry for those with super long hairs, and High Bun is an eye-catching hairstyle, yes! High Bun will give you a more beautiful and different look and the only thing with this is that every girl can’t wear this type of hairstyle that can catch everyone`s attention.
  • If you think you are Stylish and want to look different then you should opt for the High bun/Juda.
  • After combing and deciding the height fix your hairs to the point you want it to be then there is 2 way to tie it
  • 1st – just hold your hairs tight (but not too much) use both of your hands.

Hold your hair with one hand and twist it using your other hand.

After twisting, make a center and wrap all of your hairs around it and wrap till the end.

Stop! When you get to the end leave some of your hairs (your palm size)

Twist the rest of the hair inside the loop you have made

Take your Japanese stick to push it into your Bun from right to left.

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  • 2nd– you can tie your hair a high pony r medium pony using any thin rubber band and then do the whole rest process. (This approach works great with short length or layered hair) there will be no risk to get your bun to loosen.
  • Also, you can use 2 of your Japanese hair sticks for more support and more stylish look, if you are using two sticks then insert them into your bun from both sides (1 on right and one on left).
  • Inserting a Japanese stick into your Bun perfectly is a real art. There is a simple trick to insert it properly so that your but will be fixed perfectly.

Hold your Folded hairs(Bun/Juda) take your Japanese hair stick to push it from upward down or I can say insert it from the top side of your Juda.

check here – how to use hair sticks for making buns and easy bun hairstyles.

NOTE- Try to insert it in a zig-zag way firstly insert from upside down then push into hair and upward then continue pushing it in a zig-zag way holding your Bun tightly. Push it until the end so that the other end gets through the bun and fixes it in place by holding it tightly.

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How to use Hair sticks for medium hair?

To use a hair stick for medium hair you need to first hold it tight. Then decide the design or the way you want to fold your hair. If you want to make a bun, just give your hair a bun shape and insert hair stick from one side.

You can use pins to give it a stronghold. Insert hair stick through one side through another side and set it with small pins. You can also use bobby pins or floran clips to decorate the design. Use accessories according to your dress and occasion.

How to use hair sticks for short hair?

There is a simple way to make bun/Juda using Hair Sticks – just make a ponytail, insert the hair stick and wrap hairs around it. 

Nowadays there are many varieties of Hair sticks available in the markets, go and get one of your choices, choose one medium size of any design.

The most important thing to keep in mind of those having short or medium length hair at first comb and bind your hair into a high or medium pony as lower will not give you a perfect beautiful bun.

Trust me! This will become as simple as a piece of Cake for you to tie a bun or Juda using hair sticks if you will tie your hair before folding or making Bun. Just Keep in mind the rubber band should be thin and should be of the same color as your hairs, this is because it will appear not so cool if you will use different colors and will look a bit awkward.

Holding hairs tightly becomes little more difficult if you are having short or layered medium length hairs. That’s why tying hairs before making Bun/Juda is a great idea.beautiful pins

 What are the differences between hairpins and bobby pins?

These two pins (Bobby pin and hairpin) are two different essential pins for making Juda/Bun or any other hairstyle. These are the must-have product for every girl. And the major difference between these two pins is their shapes.beautiful Bobby pins

There are a few differences between Bobby pins and hairpins.

These are the hairpins which come into use in 1899 to hold a kind of hairstyle called “bobbed hair” or “bob cut” These come to light from 1901. At that time Chinese and Russian started using these pin but now these are bit evolved and modified
The shape of bobby pins are like (U) but bent at the middle These hairpins are in the shape of opened V or U
Metallic and are bumpy on one side and closed at the tip These are also metallic or wire-like and looks like big elongated V or you can say U shaped
It holds your hair tightly in the place


These are used to support buns or a heavy hairstyle
These can be used as a hair clip as these clips are closed at tips and give a tight grip to your hair These pins cannot be used as hair clips as these are opened at the end and cannot hold your hairs and only used in making Bun/Juda

How to make a Chinese hair Bun/ How to a tie a Chinese bun with a stick?

Chinese Buns are the fanciest and demanding bun as these look simpler and more beautiful than any other plain bun/Juda style. This hairstyle is super simple looks sophisticated. You can use your “hair sticks” or “Chop Sticks” too.

Here are the easy steps:

  • Gather all of your hair together and tie a low ponytail or you can do a bit higher if you want the high bun. Use a thinner rubber band to tie it.
  • Insert your Chopstick or Hair Bun stick by pressing it behind your hairband.
  • Divide your ponytail into two equal parts.
  • Place them underneath your hair stick and go upward
  • Then cross the two sections and twirl a little so it easier to go underneath your stick again.
  • Then come down twirl a little and go upward underneath your stick.
  • Do this process again and again until you go out of hair.
  • Then tuck the end underneath your bun.
  • Now it’s time to fix it, you can fix it using hairpins but use a thinner pin as it only needs to hold the sides of your bun so use only 4-5 pins.
  • And Wallah….. It’s done.
  • Decorate it with pins if you want or Go out with the simple and Classy Bun.

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How to use U shaped hairpins or How to use big U shaped Hairpin?

People always come to me with this question over and over. These are very simple and easy to use pins. Don’t get puzzled with its shape. It is really useful for us.

When I was a little girl I used to go out with my parents at the party and even in any shop if I saw these pins it makes me puzzled every time. At that time I was too curious to know how women use these pins to tie their long hair as it is unable to fix my short hair.

Yeah! It is funny- These pins are designed to fix Buns and long hair. Although these are not helpful to clip your hair.

  • Use U shaped pins to fix your Bun/Juda. Make your Bun as you want and insert these pins on the sides of the Bun. Make sure it is inserted properly and holding tightly to your hair.
  • Another question that most people ask is How to use big U shaped hairpins. The answer is also very simple! Small U shaped pins are made for the side tuck. And the bigger one is for the middle or center grip. This bigger one comes with the designs at the top. You can use it as decorative pins.

Insert Big U shaped pins at the center of your Juda/ bun, but keep in mind not to insert it straight is your bun is of short height as it may hurt your scalp. Insert it slightly tilted.

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What are Different types of Bobby pins and how to use them?

If anyone asks me about the types of bobby pins, I answer Two. There are two broad categories of the Bobby pins. “Curved Bobby Pin” and another is “Meta Grip”.

Curved bobby pins-

these are the pins works great for subtly pinning your hair in small sections. These are more comfortable as compare to flat, traditional ones. You have to push it with little force. It will go through your hair and will hold it. The grip of these curvey bobby pins is no good. That is why it is a bit looser than the U shaped pins. Curved shape gives it a grip on your hair. It pins and supports your hair from the backside of the head.

Meta grip( also called U shaped bobby pins)-

I already have discussed the use of these U and V-shaped. But I must say these bobby pins are more useful than the Curved one. This is because these pins can hold your hair tight.  And help you to hold it along with your scalp as it names described.

You can make a Simple hairstyle by clipping or pinning it with the help of these Meta grips Bobby pins. Another way is to make Buns/ Juda, whatever you want you can make with the help of these. And I am sure that if once you will use it you will never wonder about the bobby pins.

These are the answers to some of your questions that people used to ask me about Hair sticks/ clips and bobby pins.

If you liked this and even if you have any suggestion or demand please let me know, I will surely be there for you all. Visit my site for more details, for now….

Keep smiling and stay happy.

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