How To Clean Under Acrylic Nails?

How to clean under acrylic nails? This is what we are going to talk about today in this post. We all love long nails and if they are acrylics extensions then we love them more. But how do you feel when your acrylic nails get dirty underneath your nails? You’ll feel bad that you just had extensions and they already start getting dirty.

Well, for this problem I’m here today to give you a few solutions that might work on your nails. Removing dirt and other non wanted stuff from underneath your acrylic nail sometimes gets hard and sometimes they remove without any problems.

If you regularly do your acrylic nails at home or at a salon, you are more aware that they easily collect dirt underneath. It doesn’t look hygienic and is not healthy at all. So, it becomes a really important thing to clean your acrylic nails regularly.

If it’s your first time then don’t worry as it’s not a hard thing to do. If it’s your first time, I’m here to help you guys. You need more help apart from this or the solutions didn’t properly work for you then comment down or contact me on Instagram.

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Steps to clean under acrylics nails 

You can clean underneath your nails in many ways like- by using anti-bacterial soap, by using a nail brush or any soft brush you have, using nail remover, by any soft fabric, or simply by water.

There are many ways depending on how badly your nails get dirty. If it’s simply a speck of dirt than normal water is enough. But if it’s some hard unwanted substance than you’ll need something more than just simple water.

The most convenient method I feel is to use anti-bacterial soap or liquid soap to clean under acrylics nails.

You can try any method you feel comfortable with or depending on your dirt. I suggest if it’s dirt that can simply removable with just some mild products than using that than going for something hard in your first try.

  • Anti-Bacterial soap

To clean your nails underneath you have to first wash your hand and nails with soap like we usually do when we wash our hands. Rub your nail gently against your hands to make lather to remove large and small dirt particles.

There are two ways to get the soap underneath your acrylics. First – by using your one hand nails to scrape the dirt or the soap to go, by the other hand nails. Second – is to gently scratch at a bar soap.

This way you will get chunks of soap under your nails then you can slowly rub that part or just wait for the soap to work on its own.

  • Use Nail Brush

The brush is an amazing tool for cleaning under the nails. Your brush can reach spots where you can’t reach with soap or anything. To clean with brush start with a wet brush and slightly wet nails. You have to use the brush with less strength cause it might hurt you while cleaning or push the dirt deeper.

Simply, gently brush the underneath your nails with slow motion. At first, give your every nail a few minutes before moving to the next. And in between wash your brush to remove any dirt particle to prevent to stuck in other nails.

You just have to go slower and clean under acrylics nails. Do do this in a hurry you may end up with broken nails or it can hurt you.

  • Nail polish remover 

In this step you have to be extra careful as using excess remover might end up ruining your acrylic nails. This is the main reason, that I don’t like this method to clean under acrylic nails.

To clean simply dip cotton in a nail remover and by using toothpick or orange stick start cleaning underneath your nails, the less remover you use will be better for your extension.

You can easily clean dirt under your acrylic nails but baby you need to be extra careful.

Why do my nails get so dirty underneath?

Basically, dirt gets easily stuck underneath the long nails and looks dirty. 

Getting nails dirty underneath is pretty common when you have long nails. Long nails tend to catch dirt from the surrounding area more easily than shorter nails. Dirt or unwanted substance underneath your nails is bad not only for your nails but also for your health too, if you unconsciously intake that substance.

Cleaning your nails as soon as you notice is a good thing to do. Not only it will keep you healthy but also prevent the dirt to change into bacteria and to stop growing further.

If you look properly you’ll notice that the dirt underneath, most of the time, looks grey in color which is totally common but when it starts changing color is when you have to take serious precautions like cleaning your nails properly or to go to your salon. When the grey turns into green, that means you’ve got bacteria underneath your nails.

In day to day activity, you do so much and your nails are always a part of your work, from day to night your nails touch so many things and this makes your nails a common spot to get dirt, bacteria, lint, dead skin, much-unwanted stuff.

Having long nails make other bad things to get caught more easily than compare with short nails. Even if you feel doing your bed, won’t make your nails dirty than think again, doing a simple thing as making your bed may get your nails dirty with lint, fine dust, or anything else. Which is common as long as you keep your nails clean.

How to keep dirt from getting under your nails?

One easy way to prevent them from getting dirty is to touch other objects less and keep them clean if you see dirt underneath.

To get dirt underneath your nails and having your hands dirty is kind of the same thing. From morning to night your hands touch many things and get dirty, just like that your nails get dirty too.

There are few ways to prevent them from getting dirty is to, First- touch fewer things or to stop touching unnecessary objects every time you see them, second – wear gloves whenever and wherever you can.

For example, while gardening, washing your clothes, washing your dishes, or while daily cleaning your room or home. Third – To keep your surroundings clean on a daily bases, this way you’ll end up getting your nails less dirty too.

\Forth – change your way of picking things also helps you from dirt to get stuck underneath. Like pick from the side of your fingers or the palm of both hands.

Part of the standard grooming is to maintain fingernails and cuticles. Cleaning your nails from dirt and dead skins is an indispensable part of a day. If you work around messy materials you end up getting more dirt, and so you end up cleaning more.


My point of view is that you’ll get dirt and bacteria underneath your nails even you have naturally long nails  or acrylic nails or short nails. The cleaning them is the part of your daily grooming activity.

It do get sometimes messy when your nails keep getting dirty more often than other days, for those days just stay calm and try to touchless things around you. Keep the place more clean and while doing other things wear gloves to protect not just your nails but also your hands, washing your hands more often might end up drying your hand skin too.

While cleaning underneath your nails, use the products or the brushes in a mild way so that you don’t end up hurting your nails in the process of cleaning. Try to use less water while cleaning so it doesn’t rue your manicure either. In case your nails didn’t get cleaned perfectly than give more time and keep rubbing them slowly and mildly.

I hope you managed to Clean under your acrylic nails. Do not forget to let me know your experience.


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