How To Clean Nail Brushes? FAQs

Nail brushes are among the most important tool for doing nail art designs. For nail techs, keeping your nail brushes clean is a high priority. Whenever you draw a design in most cases you need nail art brushes and for that, you need brushes to be in good quality. For them to be in good quality, you have to know how to keep them clean and how to clean them properly.

Most of the cases I saw or heard is that they say we always clean our nail brushes but our nail brushes still get worse after some time, why is that? Well, the life of nail brushes does not last forever. But with the right maintenance, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your brushes. This not only helps you financially but also looks good with other tools in your kit.

Clean under acrylic nails.

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How to clean nail brushes from gel?

Clean your nail art brush with a lint-free wipe.

You should always keep your brushes away from sunlight, UV and led light. If you are using your brushes and you mistakenly left your brush under UV and led lamp, the gel on the brush will get cured too.

In that case, you will have to throw out your lovely brush. So you have to keep in mind, the most important thing while working with gels. To clean the brushes, you should always clean them with lint-free wipes, towels.

Gel brushes are easier to clean than acrylic brushes. To clean the gel brushes a thorough wipe with a lint-free wipe or towel should be good to make your brushes clean. And it will keep them in good condition too.

Almost all the time I work with gels and it’s always easy to clean them afterward. Dip your gel brush in acetone and wipe your brush with a lint-free wipe. Acetone works best with removing gels and so while cleaning your gel brushes too.

Last but not least, always remember to put the cap back on before keep your gel brushes away. It helps from getting dirt and dust and keep your brushes from fraying or disheveling. If you don’t have a cap or you lost it then put your brush in between the towel, to prevent it from damaging.

Can I clean my gel brush with acetone?

Yes, you can clean it with acetone. Acetone works best for cleaning the nail art brush. If I say more openly the more consistency the solution contains acetone, the better it will work. Some people clean their brushes with 50% acetone and some do it with 100% acetone.

Acetone is also used in cleaning not only gel brushes but also gel polishes off of your nails. The best way to clean your gel brushes is to dip your brush in acetone for a few seconds. Then wipe it with any lint-free towel or wipes. I suggest to not leave your gel brush in the acetone for hours or minutes. This will ruin your gel brushes and if not then you get lucky this time.

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Are nail brushes hygienic?

Yes, nail brushes are hygienic if they are properly cleaned by the nail tech.

Just like every tool nail brushes should also be disinfected after and before every use. Nail brushes usually get more dirt and dust from their surroundings. Which is why they tend to be cleaned before and after every use.

Nail brushes need more care and maintenance if you want them to stay in good condition for a longer period.

How do you clean acrylic brushes without acetone?

I use monomer to clean my acrylic brushes. It’s my favorite choice for brush cleaning without acetone.

To clean your acrylic brush, start with dipping your acrylic brush in the monomer. After few seconds, wipe it with a lint-free towel or tissues. If you still find some hard product on brush which you can’t be able to remove after dipping and wiping a few times.

In that situation, let the brush soak in monomer for 2 hours or overnight. Depending on the hardness of the product you can let it soak for longer time. There is sometimes the case when acrylics can’t get off from the brush.

In those cases just leave them to soak for another few hours and wipe it again with a towel. To prevent the product get hard on the brush, you should wipe the brush after every use with monomer.

A monomer is better to use than to use acetone because acetone can dehydrate your acrylic nail brush hair. This will ruin your acrylic nail brush by making it fan out or anything worse.

But in extreme cases, when you still find acrylic stuck on your brush after soaking off on for the whole night. Then I suggest to either change out your brush or use acetone or any acrylic brush cleaners you find.

What to do if nail polish brush is stiff?

Use acetone to clean the polish and remove the stiffness. 

It’s the worst feeling when you take out your favorite polish to apply and you notice the polish brush is stiff. It happens when you don’t close the cap tightly or you left the brush out. To clean the brush, the process can be a little messy but it is worth it if it’s your lovely polish.

To fix the stiff polish brush, first, carefully take out the brush from the cap of the nail polish bottle.

Firstly, we have to clean the brush to remove the dried polish off. Dried nail polish is making the brush stiff. For that, you have to take two to three cotton balls and a lot of acetone. Dip the cotton balls in the acetone and start cleaning your brush with them.

In between, dip the brush in the acetone too, to shake off the nail polish more easily. It will take a while to clean the brush perfectly. Keep dipping and cleaning the brush until you can’t find any polish left on the brush.

When you’re done let the brush dry for a few minutes. Before putting the brush back in the nail polish bottle, check the brush. Touch the brush with your fingers to see if there is any nail polish residue left. If not, put the brush back in the nail polish bottle, and you’re ready to use your polish again.

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Can I use nail polish remover to clean my nail brush?

You can use nail polish remover to clean nail brush. Some Nail polish removers contain other chemicals. Those chemicals will remain after the cleanup, on your nail polish brush and will damage your lovely polish.

To clean up your nail polish brush, the best thing is to use acetone because the acetone won’t leave any substance after drying up. So it won’t harm your nail polish.

Some nail polish remover contains only acetone then in that case obviously you can use that. Some nail polish removers contain more than a few chemicals which don’t mean to be in your polish. So in these cases, you have to check before using any.

How to sanitize nail brushes?

You can simply use soapy water or alcohol for sanitization.

To clean up your nail brushes at home, the easier way to sanitize your brushes is by more than one way. The first and easiest way is by using soap. Gently rub your brush against the soap, to make the lather. After a few minutes, wash your brush gently with water.

The second way is by using isopropyl alcohol to sanitize your brushes. You can even use isopropyl alcohol to sanitize your other nail tools too at home. Nail brushes tend to get more dirt and dust than compare to other tools. To prevent this from having more often, Put back your brush cap after every use. Second to keep your workplace clean from dust and dirt.


Nail brushes are the most helpful tool while doing nail work. It needs very little care you can easily develop the habit of cleaning it.

Among the other tools, nail brushes need the most care if compare with others. They don’t last forever even though how good the brush you buy. But they surely will remain with you longer if you carefully use them, clean them and keep them.

So the next time you use your nail brushes for nail designs. Keep the points in mind and give them the right care they need.


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