How to Apply Nail Polish at Home? FAQs

Applying nail polish on your nails is a little bit tricky thing. If it’s your first time then you probably getting your polish all over your cuticle area. Here, I’ll try to cover all the problems one faces while applying polish on their nails.

Today we’ll talk about all tricks and ways everything. From applying nail polish properly without getting on your cuticles. To applying nail polish in the shortest duration.

Applying nail polish on your nails is not an easy task as one might think. For nails to look beautiful you don’t have to have long nails either. To have your nails look lovely all you need is to apply nail polish perfectly on your nails. So, to make them look lovely you don’t have to have them to be particularly long!

Painted Short nails can also look as good as long nails. Other than applying polish properly you also need confidence in you. That you can make your nails look amazing rather than the size.

clean your nail brush& Clean underneath Acrylics

Nail polish techniques

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How to apply nail polish step by step?

For applying nail polish the steps you have to do the following 9 steps. These steps help you to apply nail paints properly.

  1. Clean your nails with acetone.
  2. Buff your nails with a buffer, to remove any dead skin.
  3. Push back your cuticle with an orange stick or by cuticle pusher.
  4. Cut your extra cuticles.
  5. Shape and file your nails.
  6. Apply base polish on your nails.
  7. Then apply colored nail polish.
  8. Apply top coat, to prevent the polish from chipping.
  9. Moisturize your cuticles and hands.

You have to follow these steps to get perfect nails at home. If you want a lovely manicure you can simply follow the shortest method that is- clean your nails and apply the new color of your choice. But keep in mind you’ll not get perfect colored nails in short methods.

The long steps need to have a little bit of knowledge related to nail tech. and nails. You can’t follow these steps properly if you are a beginner or don’t have a proper degree in nails. If you proceed any way you might end up injuring your nails. It’s always better to leave them to your salon if you don’t have much info related to buffing and all.

stamping nail art

How can I do my nails at home?

you can simply clean, file and paint your nails at home especially if you are a beginner. 

Do you want salon-like nails at home? For that, you don’t need to be a professional at all. Just having general knowledge about nails can be enough. With the easy steps, you can achieve salon-like nails at home.

The steps are Cleaning, filing, painting, designing.

  1. Cleaning:

Start with the acetone and cotton balls. Dip the cotton ball into the acetone and clean your nails. We should clean our nails before.

Clean your nails even if there is no previously applied paint on your nails. The main reason is there are natural oils or body lotions on our nails. It will make the polish chip more easily if we don’t remove them beforehand.

  1. File:

It is best to file your nails before applying polish on them. Take 180 no. filler or any you usually work with and file your nails. Give them a particular shape you want or simply smooth out the edges.

  1. Painting:

Always start with applying a base coat on your nails. Basecoat is a transparent polish that helps your nails from damaging and harmful chemicals. And always end with applying topcoat on your colored nail polish. Topcoat helps with your nail polish to stay for a longer period and gives you a finished look.

maroon nail polish

How do you properly paint your nails?

You can properly paint your nails by using some easy techniques. 

As you take the brush out from the nail polish, wipe one side of the brush clean. Use the slightest bit of strength for wiping. In one smooth and continuous motion.

Move your brush across the center of the nail, from cuticle to the tip. Then, swipe it along the left and then right in one stroke.

To avoid getting the brush strokes on your nails, this way proves to be the most convenient. The fewer brush strokes you apply polish with, the fewer strokes it will look.

It will not look messy and will give your perfect nails like a professional. While applying polish take your time and apply the polish in continuous motion.

  • 1st – Clean your nails with acetone or nail polish remover, to remove any excess oil.
  • 2nd – Apply base polish, to protect your natural nails from further damaging.
  • 3rd – Apply nail polish of your choice.
  • 4th – After your colored polish is dried, apply a top coat to seal the polish underneath.

 How do you do nails for a beginner?

If it’s your first time doing nails or you just started doing nails! Then you probably get the polish on your cuticles or your nails have brush strokes or you can’t achieve the finished look on your nails.

To have the even look and getting the polish less around your cuticles there are few tips and tricks you have to keep in mind:

1st– Before applying nail polish on your nails, make sure you have a very little or sufficient amount of polish on your brush.

2nd– Put both your hands on the table or any flat surface. This will give your hand the support while applying nail polish.

3rd– If you’re having trouble cleaning your nail polish from your skin, you can use liquid latex rather than acetone. Nail remover can’t clean too near your nails or you ruin your nails while cleaning. Liquid latex will form a layer around your nails and after painting your nails you can simply peel off the latex.

With liquid latex, you won’t ruin your nail polish. And don’t have to spend a time in cleaning the excess polish off of your nails.

nail paint

What nail color looks best on short nails?

You should go with your favorite shades like blue, green or even red.

Firstly, I want to say there isn’t any shade that will look bad particularly on short nails. Every color is beautiful in own way. There are types of polishes that might look bad or good on short nails.

If you’re looking for shades then there are pastels shade that look amazing and matches with mostly every outfit. There are few shades that match with mostly everything and look amazing on short nails too like:

Pastels, Shades of Reds, White and black, Shades of Pinks Or any shades that you particularly like.

Just like I said earlier, every color looks beautiful so don’t get nervous and flex the shades.

Do short nails look good painted?

Yes, I think they look super cute.

For nails to look beautiful they don’t have to be very long! They have to be painted properly.

If you painted your nails with perfection, they will look good no matter if they are short or long. Even I think short painted nails look more cute and lovely than compared with long nails.

There are nail designs which are specially made for short nails and they look super lovely on nails too. If you made the same design on long nails they won’t look as lovely as they look with short nails. Short nails are more flexible and easier to work with.

With short nails, you don’t have to worry about them to break or getting the polish chipped.

From doing ombre to making flowers, they look super cute on short nails. If you simply paint them with a glitter polish than they look classy that caught everyone’s eyes.

The square shape looks the best on short nails and outshines other shapes.

holographic nail polish


I hope these points helped you with painting your nails properly at home. Did you get it done perfectly? How it turned out let me know in the comment box.

I tried my best to cover the points as properly as I can. I mentioned the colors to the shapes that match the length.

Steps you have to follow to have a manicure like a salon. The steps for simple nail manicure and the steps that you mostly found your nail tech to do. To follow the deeply defined method of doing your nails you have to be a little careful. Otherwise, you might damage your nails rather than making them beautiful.

So when you do your nails next time, keep the steps and points in mind. The points you have to avoid and the steps you have to follow.


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