How Much Do Tongue Piercings Cost?

It is more difficult to say the cost of tongue piercings than any other piercing out there. Of course, there are various reasons for this.

It could be due to the type of tongue jewelry to be used for the piercing. The piercer’s price, and the type of style of tongue piercing you wish to do. You can get Snake eye or Venom piercing or any other tongue piercing.

But basically, on the average, the price of tongue piercing ranges from $30 to $100 per piercing. It is pretty cheap and can be done anywhere around the tongue region.

Tongue piercings cost varies from piercer to the piercer, jewelry and even on the type of piercing.

 Tongue Piercings Cost

The price of tongue piercing varies between $30 and $100 in the US.

As it is, the cost is one very key part of getting a new piercing done. Though it may not be the sole factor that makes you decide whether to do it or not, it has the ability to make you wait longer than you could before you eventually resolved to get it done.

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The Factors Involved In Tongue Piercing Prices

A critical look at this shows that there is no all price fits all as per tongue piercings. The reasons though are much and depend on some few factors. It could be dependent on the piercing studio you visit.

Obviously, different studios with different prices. Some could be less while the others could be high depending on the type of jewelry materials used and the experience of the piercer too. Sometimes, there may even be different prices of tongue piercing in the same studio.

Join me as I take you through a few factors that influence the prices you pay as per tongue piercings.

The Experience of the Piercer

The piercer’s experience plays a very vital role in determining the price of tongue piercing. Yes! Quality is always expensive, no doubt about that. So a piercer who has wealth of experience doing different types of piercing has the tendency to charge more than a newbie in the piercing business world.

When you even enter the studio of an experienced piercer, you would know that there is quality in what you see. In the experienced piercer studio, you get exactly what you see and pay for. No compromise of standard.

They perform their piercing very quickly and with little or no amount of pain experienced. Piercers know the right place the needle can fit in, they know exactly the amount of pressure needed for different parts of the body that needs piercings. They are precision-driven.

The Technique used

The type of technique used too is a great factor that influences the pricing. Knowing that basic tongue piercing is the cheapest tongue piercing technique that is available will make you want to go for it if you feel you don’t really need major or sophisticated designs as per tongue piercing.

You tend to pay more if you want some sophisticated type of tongue piercing. For example, the single barbell tongue piercing that is found just on both sides of the tongue horizontally.

The frog eyes type that is actually a two-face tongue piercing goes for a much higher price than the rest. To this end, any form of sophisticated or combination of different tongue piercings. Or Some intricate placement of jewelry in the tongue will for sure attract higher prices.

The popularity of the Studio

This again can influence the price of tongue piercing so easily. As a matter of fact, before going there, you would have had a rough estimate of the price at heart.

Since it is popular, you would want to pay for the tongue piercing regardless of the price. So if asked where you did your tongue piercing, you make bold to mention the name of the popular studio. With that, the person already knows it’s going to be expensive or otherwise.

Studios that have good piercers tend to have both new and repetitive old customers. People usually troop in the studio based on referrals and the studio name. Sometimes it could even be the name of one of the piercers who is very good and timely with great customer handling skills.

That would make customers to always make reference to it. So irrespective of the price, you would want to pay for your chosen tongue piercing.

Location of the studio

The location of the studio has a tendency to affect the cost of tongue piercings. Take, for example, if the studio is located in a government residential area or very expensive estate, one is sure that the tongue piercing price will be high.

Of course, the studio manager has to pay rent, pay workers and run the logistics of the company. Keep up with what is trending in the tongue piercing niche and maintain a standard in the long run.

More so, the higher the demand the higher the price. If a studio is located in an urban settlement where there is a huge population. For example, there is a greater chance of finding more people who would want to do the tongue piercings, hence the hike in cost.

Piercing Jewelry

There are various types of jewelry that can be used for tongue piercing. However, the prices are a major factor in choosing jewelry to be used. When you hear of gold, titanium or surgical steel, you already know the range of price that comes to mind isn’t it?

You could either use the stud, the ring or the barbell type which is made of gold, titanium or surgical steel for your tongue piercing.

Believe you me, there are various types of piercing styles you can simply go for. For example, the ball style or the plain piece of jewelry style. Where the ball looks like the metal found on the rest of the bar or ring could be an option for you. So whichever you so desire to go for, you are most likely going to see different prices as well.

Is Cheap Piercing Good For Your Tongue?

No, absolutely not. You should never go for the cheaper option. Choose the best to avoid problems.

Most assuredly, cheap piercing is not often timed the best option. The reason is that the tongue is one of the most sensitive and sophisticated muscular organs of the body.

So great care has to be put in place if you were to get it pierced. Of course, it could be costly depending on the design and the piercer together with the aforementioned factors above.

More so, the cheap piercing may even lead to having an infection in the tongue. Yes, it could! When you do your tongue piercing in a local shop, what do you expect? A professional’s touch or aftercare? No no no, you can’t get it there. A professional studio will always maintain the hygiene processes together with using sterilized equipment during piercing action.

To avoid getting an infection, it is pertinent that you take into cognizance all the discussed factors above. So you don’t need to hire a quack or a rookie to have your tongue pierced. Seek a professional always.

In addition, getting a piece of cheap jewelry for your tongue piercing is also an issue. They have a higher chance of causing allergies for some sects of people. This series of allergic reactions could even lead to severe tongue irritation and in the long run, possible infection.

Average Cost of a Tongue Piercings

The average cost of tongue piercing ranges from $30 to $100.

With the former price being the basic tongue piercing style that comes with simple and inexpensive jewelry. But on the other hand, the later price is for people who want to go for a more sophisticated design, selecting expensive jewelry or double tongue piercing.

Before getting your tongue piercing done, make sure you are very observant as per the pricing style. Some charge a flat fee for piercing as well as basic piercing while others just go ahead and place a fee on the jewelry separately.

Possible Discount

There is a possibility of getting a discount. Just as it is in other businesses, there is every possibility to get a discount for tongue piercing. I

irrespective of the style you want to do, there is room for negotiation as per the price. As it is, you might get a discount if what you want is a re-piercing. Of course, it is just a matter of editing or adding one more jewelry to the existing one.

You can negotiate with the piercer to reduce the price for you. More so, if you want to do multiple piercing on your tongue and maybe another part of the body, there is room for negotiation to give a discount.

This is mostly true as regards double tongue piercing where you don’t get to pay double the price, hence you pay as a single tongue piercing.

  • Cost of tongue piercing in US/UK/CANADA
  • In the US, the Cost of tongue piercing ranges from $30 to $100
  • Cost of tongue piercing in the UK goes for £30 for titanium standard and £35 for Teflon coated titanium
  • Tongue piercing in Canada starts from $90 and above

Tongue piercings cost in these countries vary from shop to shop and piercer to piercer as seen above, to mention but a few. In fact, these are the places in the world you could get the best of tongue piercing. Regardless of the style you want, it will definitely be done provided you are very much equal to the task financially.


The prices of tongue piercings are very reasonable. With respect to the jewelry and the popularity of the piercing studio, you are sure to get a run for your money.

As it is, a tongue piercing can only add extra cost if only you want to add a piece of extra jewelry to the existing one. So one cannot say tongue piercing is expensive to come by. Though tongue piercings cost fluctuate, as a matter of fact, the expensive ones last much longer and more convenient to wear.

Do not forget to always research the best piercing studio around and also ask for a recommendation from people before you put down your tongue to be pierced.


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