Fuschia Orange & Avocado Moisturizer Review 2020

Proper cleaning and hydration, what else your skin needs. Fuschia Orange & Avocado Moisturizer is what I am using for my body, hands, and feet. This brand always comes up with amazing product each time with some amazing unique ingredients in it. Fuschia is my current favorite brand. It offers all-natural, chemicals free, handmade, cruelty-free and most Important Made in India Products. Isn’t these points are enough to love this brand?

When the monsoon is about to end and I am waiting for the winters to come, my skin starts behaving weird in Autumn. My hands and feet are drying, I can feel the dryness and stretching of the skin. It’s very unusual for me as I have highly oily skin. I searched for the product that can moisturize my skin properly and feels light on my skin. At the same time, I wanted it to be natural chemical-free so that I can use it for long terms.

Then, I met my new moisturizer form one of the natural brand Fuschia. Orange & Avocado is a combination that attracts me the most. It is definitely a unique blend and after a long time, I found something perfect for my skin. Here, in this post, I will share my experience, tips and also answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Where to buy Fuschia Orange & Avocado intense Moisturizer?

You can buy this moisturizer online from Amazon. Fuschia products are available on almost all e-com sites. Amazon is selling it at the best price, you can grab your deal from here.

 fuschia orange & avocado moisturizer
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You can also buy Fuschia products from there website ” myfuschia”.

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  • Avocado Oil

Avocado is a miracle fruit for

healthy skin. It contains Vitamins and minerals. Adding Avocado to your skincare rejuvenates your skin and results in healthy skin.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera repairs dead skin cells and soothes your skin. It is a miracle ingredient. This only ingredient is sufficient to get beautiful smooth skin. Aloe Vera hydrates, conditions, repairs, rejuvenates and removes blemishes.

  • Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon has an amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps cure skin infection and keeps all infections away from your skin. Cinnamon in a moisturizer is really surprising.

  • Sweet Orange Oil

Orange oil helps to heal and also brightens skin by removing tan. This oil helps remove blemishes, tan, dark patches, and spots.

  • Biopol U-21

It is used to give proper consistency to the lotion. Biopol helps thickens the moisturizer to make it easy to apply.

  • Vitamin – E

Vitamin E is very essential for healthy skin. It has a property of powerful antioxidant and Believes to reduce UV damage. Vitamin E gives glowing skin and also protects skin from damage.


Fuschia Orange & Avoocadi balancing intense moisturizer comes in a white plastic bottle with a black cap. The bottle is kind of semi-transparent and looks milky white due to the color of lotion in it. It has double lid protection to ensure the product will not drip out or leak in any way. But the main this is the print on the white bottle. There is leaves, flowers, and creepers printed on the bottle with many different colors on Yellow-orange kind of paper.

You can see lots of color like purple, yellow, green many more. I have never seen any skincare product with such ethnic kind of print, it literally gives an Indian feel. I loved the packaging!

*suggestion: It is really tough to read the name of the ingredients and other details printed with black on the bottle. In my view, it could be more attractive if the things printed on the pack with white color instead of black.


The color of the lotion is milky white. It is pure white with no added color.


The smell of this moisturizer is kind of citrusy or tangy. It may be pleasant for you but truth talking I don’t like it much. But let me clear one thing the smell is not that bad. My mom liked it and that’s why it is really important for me to state here. I don’t like this kind of smells but it may be good for you.

Texture and Consistency:

This moisturizer has smooth texture with kind of liquid consistency. Actually liquid is not the exact word that defines the exact consistency. It is not like thick creamy but is thin enough to get drool down. Just perfect to apply and is easily get absorbed also.

How to use Fuschia orange & Avocado moisturizer?

  • Remove your makeup
  • Clean your hands
  • Wash your skin using body wash and face wash
  • Pat your skin to remove excess water from the face
  • Take a small amount of Fuschia moisturizer on your palm
  • Apply all over your damp skin
  • Slowly massage your skin
  • It will get absorbed and soon your skin feel soft and smooth
  • You can also apply this moisturizer after scrub or mask if needed

How to apply moisturizer on the body?

Moisturization is one of the crucial steps of skincare and even if it comes to body care, it is moisturization which plays an important role. It is really very important to know the correct way of applying moisturizer on your whole body. Here are the steps-

  • Take proper shower
  • Use warm water it helps to remove dirt and opens clogged pores
  • Apply the mild body wash
  • Do not use any harsh soap or body wash it can damage your skin
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes after a shower
  • Let the excess water to drool out
  • Take sufficient appoint onto your palm
  • Apply all over your damp body
  • Massage your body for 1-2 minutes
  • Let it get dried and absorbed
  • Wear your clothes then
  • And your body is all clean and well moisturized

Fuschia orange & Avocado moisturizer

My Experience with Fuschia moisturizer?

I am currently using this moisturizer for my hands and feet only. As autumn makes it all dry and rough. I already have shared my skin type with you, it is highly oily. Using heavy moisturizer is not my thing. I never apply moisturizer to my face if it is heavy and greasy. Instead of using moisturizer, I use face gels or water base moisturizer that gets absorbed easily even on oily skin.

After applying this Orange and Avocado moisturizer by Fuschia, I feel like this is the exact moisturizer that I have been looking for so long. It gets absorbed into the skin in seconds. You don’t have to wait long for it to get absorbed.

I take a small amount on my palm apply it all over my hands, feet neck and sometimes on my face. Just have to massage for only 1-2 minutes and you will feel soft, smooth and non-sticky skin. It is really amazing.

But let me clear one thing that this moisturizer is best for oily or normal skin type. It might not work the same on highly dry and damaged skin. You might have to apply 2-3 layer of it to get the desired result, if highly dry.

Apart from moisturization, I have noticed that my skin look brighter and fairer. Maybe this is due to the tan removal property of this moisturizer. But I must say it worked really amazing for me.

Moisturizing tips

  • Always apply moisturizer on damp skin
  • Choose according to your skin type
  • Do not equate price with quality
  • Pick a moisturizer with healing and rejuvenating ingredients
  • DO not forget to moisturize your skin before bed
  • Use Olive oil, Castor oil or coconut oil if you want

Pros for Orange & Avocado balancing intense moisturizer

  • All Natural
  • Made in India
  • Easily available
  • SLS free
  • Paraben-free
  • No side effects
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Moisturize skin well
  • Feels light on the skin
  • No greasiness
  • Get absorbed easily and quickly
  • Removes tan and blemishes
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Results glowing beautiful skin


For me, I think its smell is the con as I don’t like it. But it is not that strong. I can bear this smell and the results are really amazing so I can ignore the smell.

Many people feel like this moisturizer is not so effective for dry skin type. But let me clear one thing, that it is best for oily and normal skin type. If you have dry skin you can apply 2-3 layer if you feel dry even after 1st application.

Fuschia orange & Avocado moisturizer

Final words

Guys I totally liked fuschia Orange & Avocado moisturizer as it worked really well for my skin. I will definitely recommend this to you especially if your skin oily. It is a 4/5 rating according to me.

Take proper care of your skin. Stay healthy, beautiful and happy always. Do give it a try and do not forget to share your experience with me here in the comment section.

Recently asked questions

How do you apply face moisturizer?

I apply face moisturizer on damp skin. Apply moisturizer just after washing your face. Pat your face for 1-2 minutes. But apply moisturizer before you face completely get dried. This technique of applying moisturizer lock in the hydration well.

Should I use moisturizer?

Yes, you should use moisturizer for your face as well as your body every day. After cleaning and washing skin with soap, skin feels a lack of hydration and moisture. Lack of moisture result in dryness and damaged the skin. Protect your skin fry dryness and damage apply moisturizer regularly.

Can I skin moisturizer at night?

Yes, you can skip moisturizer if your skin is already moisturized. But keep in mind, our skin repairs itself at night. Moisturization at night works more effectively. And you feel soft skin the whole day. You should never skin your nighttime skincare routine in order to stay away from unwanted skin problems.


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