Fuschia Activated charcoal Face Mask Review- 2020

This Detox face mask with Activated charcoal by Fuschia Vkare is one of the unique blends of all-natural ingredients. It contains Activated Charcoal that helps deep cleansing. Fuschia is a brand that offers Natural, Organic, Paraben-free, SLS free, cruelty-free, chemicals free hand made products.

These points are enough to attract beauty love. We all want natural, chemical-free skincare products and homemade processes take a lot of time. To save time and to do proper skincare routine we opt for readymade skincare products. And thanks to Fuschia Vkare for their amazing natural skincare range.

Nowadays, the whole internet is flooded with the contents and videos about Activated charcoal face peel-off mask. But might be painful for you if you have facial hair. To avoid pain and to get similar effective results, this Charcoal face mask is the best. It has a high coverage as you need only a little amount for your face and neck application.

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activated charcoal face mask fuschia texture

Fuschia Detox charcoal Face Mask Review


Fuschia Charcoal face mask comes in a beautiful transparent high-quality Glass like the packaging. But the mini-pack that I have is not a glass container but looks the same. The packaging is really cute and I liked it. The Black lid with written brand’s name on it along with the ingredients list.


The texture of this Activated charcoal face mask is smooth cream like. It is really easy to apply especially if your skin is oily. If your skin highly oily or damaged, you can apply this mask on the skin. You can simply add Aloe Vera gel or rose water to make easy to apply on dry skin.


The color of this face mask is grey with a blue touch. It looks bluish after it gets dried.

Where to buy Fuschia Charcoal Face Mask?

You can easily buy this face mask from online stores. Grab it at the best price on Amazon. Or you can visit their site myfuschia.

‘Charcoal Face Mask ‘

activated charcoal face mask
Check out the Product & price detail here

activated charcoal face mask fuschia


  1. Rose Water – Maintain skin PH and control excess skin oil. Anti-inflammatory in nature helps reducing redness and patches from skin.
  2. Kaolin light or China Clay– It has a neutral PH and helps reducing greasiness from the skin without making it dry. Also, Kaoline light is rich in silica dioxide, improves skin texture & tone. Makes skin feel soft, smooth and glowing.
  3. Glycerin- Removes greasiness and adds moisture to the skin. It helps the skin to draw water from the air into the skin. Glycerin also improves skin tone and make it look glowing.
  4. Aloe Vera- Now this is one of my Favorite ingredients. As I use Aloe Vera on a daily basis and we all know how good Aloe Vera if for our skin. It repairs dull damaged skin, gives nourishment and hydrates skin properly.
  5. Bentonite powder- It is an effective healing ingredient and helps acne, redness, and rashes. It also removes toxins and unwanted excess oils from the skin.
  6. Charcoal Powder- This the most important ingredient of this product. Activated Charcoal helps deep cleans your skin. Removes poisons, chemicals, and harmful substances from the skin pores. Improves skin tone by reducing spots, patches, and enlarged pores.
  7. Clove Oil- Improves blood circulation in the skin. Removes all signs of aging like sagginess patches and wrinkles. It helps to achieve clear, youthful glowing skin by removing dead skins.
  8. Vitamin E- It is a powerful antioxidant, helps to cure UV damaged skin. It also gives nourishment to your skin.

All of these ingredients are natural and very good for your skin. The list and the effects of the ingredients make it an awesome blend for almost all skin types. But it will be the best for oily skin.

How to use the Fuschia Detox Activated Charcoal mask?

Using this Face mask is super easy as it is ready to use, cream-like texture face mask. You can apply it whenever you want. It’ll take only 15 minutes and you’ll get a fresh glowing skin.

  • Remove all makes from your skin
  • Wash your skin using the face wash
  • Pat dry, do not dry completely
  • Apply the mask using brush, spatula or your fingers
  • Make sure your hands are clean before the application
  • Apply the mask on damp skin
  • Creamy texture and high coverage face pack make is easy to apply
  • Apply an even layer, just a little will be enough for face
  • Leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Try to sit back and relax while it is drying
  • Damp your skin and wipe it out
  • Or just wash it using normal or cold water
  • Give your skin a gentle ice massage using Ice cubes
  • Tap dry your skin and see the amazing result

activated charcoal face mask fuschia packaging


  • Removes excess oil from the skin
  • Helps reducing spots
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Repair damaged skin
  • Removes toxins
  • Fight acne
  • Improves skin tone
  • Smells divine
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to use


It dries out so quickly and sometimes the application gets difficult. But I don’t think is a con. As we all are busy in doing our work and hardly get time for good skincare, we need something that works quickly. Isn’t it?

My Rating


This Face Mask is really very good for our skin and it helps to get beautiful glowing skin instantly. I could not resist giving 4.5 to this product.

And yeah, recommending it the oily and acne-prone skin. Give it a try and see the positive result. Do not forget to share your experience with me here in the comment section.

Final say:

Guys this Charcoal face mask is one of the most effective face masks. And I would definitely recommend it to you if you are looking for a Face Mask. It will save time and give you amazing results in just a few minutes. Apply twice a week if your skin is highly oily and you have pigmentation, blackhead or skin tan problem.

Do not forget to do a patch test before final application. It is an all-natural product, However, your skin might be allergic to any of the given natural ingredients. It worked really well for me but, everyone’s skin is different and behaves differently when applied ant things.

Give it a try and do share your review with me here in the comment section. I’ll be waiting for you.


Related Questions

Is Charcoal Mask good for your skin?

Yes, charcoal masks are really good for your skin. It works amazing for oily and acne-prone skin. Helps deep cleansing, detoxify skin and removes dark spots and patches. I’ll recommend you to add activated charcoal in your weekly skincare routine to get beautiful glowing skin.

Does Charcoal Mask really work?

Yes, it works really well for oily and pigmented skin. Removes excess oil without making it dry. Pull out dirt, blackheads and all toxic chemical substances from the surface of our skin. I have started applying this fuschia activated charcoal face mask 2 times a day for 2 months. As a result, my skin is now smooth, blackheads free and there is no greasiness.

What are the side effects of Activated charcoal?

There are almost no side effects of Activated Charcoal. It doesn’t get absorbed by our body and helps draw out the toxins. But, if you are talking about the side effects of Activated charcoal if taken orally, then there might be nausea and vomiting which is also very rare.

Does the charcoal mask remove dark spots?

Yes absolutely! I am using this charcoal face mask by Fuschia Vkare, and it really works very well. But for even quicker results, try charcoal sheet mask. Activated Charcoal is very helpful in removing blackheads, dark spots, and even suntan. It gives improves beautiful skin texture and tone.

How often should you use a charcoal mask?

You should use a Charcoal mask at least 1-2 times a week. You can simply add an Activated Charcoal face mask into your weekly skincare routine. If your skin is dry and damaged, you can use it once a week. Do not over apply it as it clears pores and excess oils from the skin, it might get dry if applied too much.

What do you put on your skin after a Charcoal mask?

Apply Moisturizer after using a charcoal Face mask. Activated Charcoal removes extra oils along with dirt and unclogs pores, as a result, your skin might feel a bit drier at. You need to apply a light moisturizer to give proper nourishment and to soothe your skin. Use a water-based moisturizer or a face get if your skin is oily.

This is all about the fuschia face mask. Guys do not forget to share your experience with me. Write your query, suggestions or requests regarding the topic in the comment box below, I’ll come up to you for sure.


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