Eye Makeup For Royal Blue Dress- tips & tricks

Being confused about the eye makeup for a royal blue dress that you just bought is pretty obvious. As much as you would like to apply just a golden eye shadow to your eyelids and call it a day, you don’t want to, as you want to do something experimental as always with your eye shadow. And why not?

The solution to any perfect eye makeup is as always blending. It can be a smoky eye makeup or classic minimal look to complement your royal blue dress. The key to achieve is to blend your eye shadow properly so that you don’t end up looking disastrous.

The eye shadow palette you own has a lot of colors but the only color you quintessentially want to apply is the color blue. And the fun fact to be more precise royal blue eye makeup is what you want to go for.

Today I will share some easy eye look with steps and also my choices with you.

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eye makeup for royal blue dress

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The Best Eye Makeup For Royal Blue Dress

The best eye makeup that you can go for is the glitter eye makeup look for your royal blue dress. These are some steps listed below for that top-notch glittery look

  1. Prime your eyelids if you have an eye shadow primer or else do with a concealer.
  2. Take a brick brown transition shade. Apply it to your crease and thoroughly with a light hand, blend it.
  3. To bring more dimension apply a dark brown to your outer corner, further blend, and mix with your crease color.
  4. Pat on a royal blue glitter. Pressed pigments or loose glitters to the rest one-third of your eyes are much preferable.
  5. With the big fluffy blending brush give a nice blend. In small swirling motions buff out the crease and outer corner with the glitter as well, to make it look like one.
  6.  Now take a highlighter and apply it to your inner corners, as it would result in making your eyes look bigger.
  7.  Apply mascara to complete your look. Definitely don’t forget to apply it to your lower lashes as well, it brings a huge difference to your look.

With that, you can rock your royal blue dress with the perfect smoking yet glittery and sultry eye makeup.

And if you are not looking for a glittery or bold look then a classic blue liner and probably according to the preference you can may or may not apply blue mascara as well to add that X factor to your eye makeup.

Eye Makeup For Royal Blue Dress- Easy Steps

Simple eye makeup without glitters can also look awesome on you. To achieve that look follow these steps-

  1. Prime your eyelids if you have an eye shadow primer or else do with a concealer.
  2. There are too many blue types of eyeliner available in the market. Try out different formulations, you can always go ahead and choose a matte finish or a shimmery finish one.
  3. After you choose the eyeliner simply make a crisp wing.
  4. Tight line your upper waterline and lower waterline as well with a blue or a black Kajal.
  5. Wiggle some mascara to your lashes to lengthen and to provide volume to it.
  6.  In this look particularly do not forget to apply mascara in your lower lashes.

It is that simple, do try it!

This is my all-time favorite as I like doing simple makeup which is not time-consuming. But also let me clear one thing that I always try to take some time in my hand before doing my eye makeup. You cannot achieve the perfect look in a hurry.

eye makeup palatte

Should I match my shadow to my dress color?

Yes, the answer is absolute yes. Monochrome is newly in trend be it in clothing or in make-up! Matching your eye shadow to the rest of the accessories will amp up the look and it will portray you much polished and luxurious.

Especially research studies that when somebody notices you at first glance, the attention goes to your face initially. So it is quite essential to have a clean and crisp eye makeup. Therefore a disastrous eye makeup look can break the aesthetic of your entire outfit.

Definitely match your eye shadow to your royal blue dress but do not overdo it. Play with shades and blending is the ultimate solution to every question possible regarding eye makeup

Considering your newly purchase which is a royal blue dress, highly important suggestion does not pat on a navy blue glitter or any deep dark shades of blue. It can not compliment the entire look which you are opting for. It is quite important while matching your eye shadow to your dress, always keep the shade in mind.

When you are wearing a royal blue then go for something similar to your dress tone you can also go a tone lighter or two. But definitely do not darker as it would dull down your own complexion and it would not be flattering.

How do you match your eyeshadow with a dress?

I mainly go for a monochrome look to match my eyeshadow with my dress. 

Makeup is very subjective rather than eye makeup to be precise. But I totally fall for the monochrome look. The special thing that I never miss is a proper crisp wing eyeliner. I believe that Indians have very beautiful skin color and big eye features. For embracing that I go for dewy makeup and the make sure no matter what color I wear, a  wing eyeliner is a must-do for me.

To top it up my signature look is to match my dress I wear the same glitter shade onto my eyelids. Combat the look, another helpful thing I do is to wiggle some mascara on to my lower lashes. Trust me if you do these steps it will change your makeup game.

Can I apply the same eyeshadow color as my dress?

Matching to your royal blue dress, applying the same blue shade is quite tempting and to some point scary too.  The palette might be offering a plethora of different formulations and colors ranging from light blue, teal blue, matte finish, pressed pigments but be mindful.

With a satin gown or organza, Anarkali tries playing with royal blue glitter. Now blue in general is one of the most beautiful colors to apply on the eyelids. While on the other hand blending and smoking the edges out is quite a play game.

Sometimes it works great but not always of course. you can practice your hands and I am sure you’ll master it. Don’t worry take your time and enjoy the process of looking beautiful.

Tips to keep in mind

It is not always easy for everyone to pull a monochrome look. You can hop onto the new trend which is graphic eyeliner instead of the wing eyeliner for a change. Try playing with different ways and different types of applying eyeliner specifically blue so that you can pull off both the trends.

Also, a full face of natural dewy makeup with a lot of blush and a nude lipstick would absolutely compliment and flatter your whole outfit rather your gorgeous royal blue dress. And an extra tip to make those sultry eyes, remember whatever you, do if you apply kajal it would always make you look more put together.

One more thing, blue has different shades to match with your royal blue dress but definitely explore. Last but not least do not forget to wear the confidence and smile first, as these two are the special ingredients to your dish.

Hope you liked it and if you do, please do not forget to try these easy eye-makeup looks. And do not forget to share your experiences with me here in the comment box.


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