A complete guide to ear piercing for men

Ear piercing for men is nothing new. When we talk about jewelry and accessories for women, it might seem to be off-topic to talk about men. Nowadays Ear piercing is common among both men and women. But you might have heard that piercings are all girly things. If you also support this thinking, this post gonna break your perceptions. Guys also have the right to do what they love to do and I would definitely help them break this stereotype.

Unlike girls, Guys do love piercing their faces and body. Among all, ear piercings are very common. Being a girl, I can say that it looks awesome on guys. I personally love ear piercing as well as Nose piercing on guys. Everyone has their own choice and right. just go for it without thinking about others if you really want it. You’ll definitely look amazing with pierced ears. There are many different types of ear piercing that looks amazing on guys. Here I will be sharing my views and all information related to Guy’s ear piercings.

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Best ear piercing for guys

  • Earlobe piercing

Earlobe piercing is one of the most common types of ear piercing. It is common among both teens and kids. Even this ear-piercing very common among girls also. It is the easiest type of ear piercing and gives much less pain than other ear piercings.

  • Earlobe gauging

Ear lobe gauging is a bit different than traditional earlobe piercing. In this piercing, we perforate the earlobe first. The cut is then stretched to fit the ring.  We don’t insert jewelry through piercing for gauging, we just insert the ring in the piercing.

This piercing is popular among both men and teenage boys. I have not seen any girl with this piercing yet. It gives manly look and looks really good and unique.

  • Double ear lobe piercing

I am damn sure that this is something different for you. It might sound awkward to you but believe me, it looks really cool.

Double or triple earlobe piercing is a modified form of traditional ear piercing. Unlike traditional single earlobe piercing, double earlobe piercing is placed on the area of the lower side of your ear lobes. The earlobe is pierced twice or thrice.

  • Helix piercing

Helix is the upper cartilage area of the ear. This piercing is one of the most desired ear piercing among both men and women. Helix piercing is a bit more complicated and painful. It is done through cartilage.

The ring is commonly wore jewelry for helix ear piercing. You can also wear studs and explore for a chic and flashy look. Helix can be pierced multiple times at different spots and you can wear different jewelry in it.

  • Forward Helix

In this forward-facing cartilage area of the ear helix is pierced. You can feel it by touching the top of the rear edge and move towards the area of ear connected with the face. It is one of the unique ear piercing for men.

Helix can be pierced multiple times and you can wear rings, studs or both at the same time. It looks really stylish on men.

  • Snug piercing

Snug piercing is done on the inner part of the ear rim. It is often called as an anti-helix as it is placed opposite to the helix. The process of piercing snug needs expertise as it is a bit complicated and painful.

  • Tragus piercing

The tragus is a tiny little projection of ear. This piercing looks really cute on guys. You can wear a ring or a small cute stud in it. Do not wear heavy jewelry as the tragus area is really small. The skin on the ear tragus is thicker as compared to other areas.

Piercing tragus and wearing a piece of jewelry in it is a bit complicated. I never recommend getting pierced in any mall or from any rooky. Always choose the best piercer shop nearby you to keep it safe and free from problems.

  • Anti-Tragus piercing

Anti-tragus piercing is the piercing done on the exact opposite side of the tragus. This piercing is placed on the raised cartilage ford of the ear edge. Anti- tragus really a unique piercing and is best for the men. But you should ask your piercer first about how it looks on you. As the antitragus is all depended on the shape of the ears. If you have a sufficient curve and raised cartilage area, it will look amazing on you.

  • Rook piercing

Rook piercing is one of the most popular ear piercing types among men. This piercing is placed on the cartilage fold of the ear. If you are going to get this make sure to ask your piercer. The shape of your ears decides whether it is for you or not.

Rook piercing is believed to be one of the complicated piercings. It hearts a bit more than other piercings as it is a cartilage piercing. But once it is done, it looks amazing.

  • Industrial piercing

In this piercing ear is pierced at two different points at the same time. The ear is pierced twice and it should be in a straight line one opposite another. A long rod-like stud is inserted through one piercing to another connecting both the pierced points.

It gives manly stud look and is popular among men only. Industrial piercings are generally done on one of the ears, you can do on both.

  • Daith piercing

Daith is one of the most painful ear piercing. In this piercing, the inner cartilage of the ear is being perforated with the use of a thin wire. The section is very small and complicated. This piercing also depends on the shape of the ear. Rings and loops are popularly used in this piercing. If you are getting a Daith piercing, do take proper care of it. This piercing can get closed quickly.

  • Orbital piercing

As the name describes, this piercing is placed on the edge or orbit of the ear. The rim of the ear is pierced twice at a time. Both the piercing should be placed beside another depending on the size and diameter of the ring to be inserted.

Orbital piercing is one of the versatile types of ear piercing. You can try many different styles with it.

  • Conch piercing

The curve cartilage part of the ear looks like a sea creature and that’s why called conch. Conch piercing is two types- Inner conch and outer conch piercing. The cup-shaped area adjacent to the ear canal is the inner conch area. It is located at the center of the ear.whereas the outer conch is positioned in the flat side between the edge and ridge of the ear.

A conch piercing is done by a typical hollow needle. This needle made a hole and once it has done the jewelry gets inserted. This piercing technique is common and suitable for normal gauge size.

 Guy’s ear-piercing rules

 First of all, let me clear one important thing, I don’t support these things. In my view, there is no such rule and the rules that people share with each other are created by them only. There is one most famous perception that “Left is always right”. It means Right is the wrong side to pierce for a guy.

It is believed by some people that if a man is straight, he should pierce his left ear. Guys with right ear piercing are believed to be gay. But no one says that a guy is a bi if he has both ears pierced.

I never support these things and if you have the same thinking, it’s a time to change the stereotype. Everyone has an equal right to choose and do. You can pierce any of your ears according to your choice and according to the side that suits you the best.

Men’s ear piercing ideas 

Here are some suggestions for ear piercings for guys with different face types. But the reality is that piercing should not depend on face shape or color, it should be your choice. This is just a suggestion and you can definitely go for what you like.

 For Oval face

Earlobe piercing and Orbital piercing suits the best for men with Oval piercing. The lower outer ears are the part that is more visible and wearing jewelry makes it even more attractive. If you have an oval face go for triple earlobe piercing or multiple orbital piercings. Although Oval face can wear anything and can get any type of ear piercing as it is one of the perfect face types.

For round face

Earlobe gauging, earlobe piercings, helix, and orbital are the best piercings for men with round faces. Wear jewelry to make your face more attractive. Earlobe gauging is one of the best ear piercings for men.

For Square face

For guys with a square face, upper ear or orbital piercings look great. If you have a square face, you can get almost all types of ear piercings. I would personally recommend you to get helix or orbital even industrial will look amazing. Just go to your piercer and choose the best of your choice.

For long Face

Men with long faces can get any type of ear piercing but the upper ear piercing look the best on them. Helix, conch or even Daith will look good on you.

For Triangle Face

Lower ear piercings like ear lobe piercing and earlobe gauging are the best choice for triangle face. Lower orbital will also be a good choice.

Needle size for men’s ear piercing

16, 18 and 20 G are the commonly used needle size for ear piercings. As most of the ear is made of cartilage, a dermal punch is also used for piercing. Using too small needle might look normal to you but I strictly advise no to get pierced with needle smaller than 20G.

As you increase with the gauge size, the needle size will decrease. And there will always be a risk of getting cheese cutter effect if pierced with too small needle size. It is always advised to get pierced with the right gauge size.  Thin wired ring or stud can cut your soft skin or even cartilage.

Too big or too small piercing can end up with scars. It will always be better to ask your piercer about the needle size that suits your ear type. Piercer can check for which piercing suits you and which gauge needle can be used. I never recommend anyone to get pierced by own. Here is the size detail for needles for different types of ear piercings.

16G Tragus, Helix, Rook, Conch, Daith
18G Cartilage piercing, forward helix
20G Ear lobe piercing

Benefits of piercing ears

Ear piercings for men are now more than just fashion. There are many scientifically-proven benefits of piercing ears. The tradition of piercing ears is age-old and people of different traditions pierce their face and body.  People from different cultures have different rituals. But Ear piercing has many health benefits also.

  • You can stand out of the crowd by getting different eare piercings and by wearing some really unique jewelry in it.
  • The piercing your ears is totally a type of acupuncture and it helps in many health-related problems (depends on the type and location).
  • Daith ear piercing is proved to cure migraine pain. It is helpful in reducing the migraine problem.
  • Auricle or pinna piercings are believed to be helpful in curing digestion problems, menstrual problems and also reproductive health.
  • In China, It is done on certain points as Acupuncture and Acupressure to prevent and cure Asthama.
  • some of the orbital ear piercings are also helpful in relieving back pain. I am not sure about this fact but it is believed that some ear piercings are also helpful in relieving lower back pain.
  • According to certain studies, earlobe piercings and many other piercings are able to minimize impairments like ear, throat, eyes, and tongue.
  • Ear piercing gives inner confidence and makes you bold inside out.
  • Piercing is an art of decorating your body with jewelry. Your piercing shows your nature and reflects you.

Ear piercing benefits as per astrology

According to the astrologer, everything we do, wear or eat has and significance in our like. As we all know that the jewelry or metal we wear has a powerful effect on our body and day to day life. Just like jewelry, the type of piercings plays an important role in our life, according to astrology.

As per astrology, ear piercing is related to health problems like headache and migraine, mental health, reproductive health and also cardiac health. Although not all benefits are proven most of these have been noticed. There are different ear piercings for people of different zodiac signs.


Upper earlobe, earlobe or earlobe gauging is for Virgo. As they don’t like to take risks and love living a simple life. They always play safe and avoid unwanted risks and problems. Simple earlobe piercings are for Virgo people.


For Capricorn daith and Forward Helix is the best. Capricorns are well disciplined, responsible and caring in nature. They never show, but will also never let their closest people face hardship. Capricorn people work harder and Forward helix is for showing the strength.


If you are a Pisces, Auricle piercing will be the best for you. It is a modification of orbital or helix. Pisces are generally introverts and do not like to share


Helix piercing and all upper cartilage piercings are for Taurus. You love to express your feeling and personality. Helix shows an outspoken and expressive personality. you can keep it simple or wear some fancy jewelry to give it a different look.


Orbital and Tragus piercings are for Gemini. You are curious, love to learn and explore new things. Orbital piercing is best to describe your nature as you can do many experiments with it. Tragus piercing also gives you multiple options as you don’t like to stay in a single place for long.


Conch is a name of piercing that means a shell found in the ocean. The shell-like curved structure of ear cartilage is pierced to wear jewelry in it. Zodiac sign Cancer is influenced by water and loves ocean that’s why conch will be the best ear piercing.


You love it when people look at you and talk about you. Always being a center of attraction and always stay in the spotlight is all that you love. Daith piercing is one of the most attractive piercing and no one can ignore it. This is just perfect for Leo who never shy.


Fair-minded, loving nature and loyal in the relationship are the characteristics of a libra. They never like to stay alone, loneliness is not for people with zodiac sign libra. Snug is perfect piercing for you if you are a libra as it takes two piercings at a time.


You are a free spirit, explorer. Industrial piercing suits you the best that shows versatility and protective nature. The Sagittarius sign shows an archer which means the arrow is deeply associated with your nature and life. Industrial ear piercing for Sagittarius men is just perfect.


An off-beat personality, forwarded and love trying new things.  Rook is the most stylish, unique and a bit difficult to get an ear piercing for men. No one can rock the Rook as you do, Aquarians.


You are a trendsetter and trying anything at first is always your priority. All those ear piercings that are not common are for you. Transverse earlobe is one of the rarest and perfect for you.


Dermal punch is just perfect for you as you never reveal yourself much. You love hiding and keep the secrets within you. Scorpio hides like no one can predict the other end.

Pros and cons of ear piercing for guys

Pros Cons
Looks beautiful and unique It gives pain at the time of piercing
Gives you the confidence to stand out tough to manage for some people
 piercing helps to cure headache and many more health problems There is a risk of getting infections and piercing need extra care
You can wear different beautiful jewelry to decorate your body Some piercing may end up with scars
Gives bolder appearance almost all surface piercings get rejected
Attracts peoples, especially girls you cannot drink or eat everything (unhealthy) until it gets healed

There are lots of Pros and Cons of different type of piercing to different people. I think the cons are not that strong to stop you from getting pierced. If you really love piercing your body and face, just go for it. Wear it confidently and it will definitely look amazing on you.

Healing time for ear piercing men’s

Healing time depends on the type of ear piercing, it usually lies somewhere between 6-8 weeks. There no such things like the healing time are different for male and a female. It basically depends on your lifestyle, your body’s healing power, and your aftercare routine. Healing time can be different for different persons even for the same piercing.

I suggest to follow the aftercare routine strictly and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat Healthy food, eat on time and take proper rest apart from aftercare routine, if you really want to heal it quickly.

Earlobe piercings: earlobe piercings usually needs 6-8 weeks to heal completely. Time may vary, as it depends on how you take care of it and how to follow the rules.

Cartilage ear piercing: Cartilage piercings takes at least 4 months to get healed. But the healing period lies somewhere between 4 – 12 months. Cartilage heals very slowly and takes more time to heal. These piercings are a bit painful and bleed a lot. You have to take extra care as cartilage piercings are more prone to infections.

The scientific reason for ear piercing

Whenever we think of ear piercing, the word that comes first is fashion. I never thought of scientific reasons but there is a science behind it. According to Karnaveda ear piercing is related to good health, it helps cure many diseases like hernia and hydrocele. The ear-piercing is believed to be related to reproductive too.

Some type of ear piercings also cures migraine pain. Piercing ears is an important ritual in Hinduism and some people made it compulsory. Although, it is not necessary to pierce ears for everyone. Pierce how to want it to be and when you want to get it.

Rituals for male ear piercings:

According to the Karnaveda child should sit on the father’s lap while getting pierced. The right ear of a boy child should be pierced using metals like gold or silver. This is followed by many people in India still now. However, it is not necessary today as I have many without pierced ears.

Famous Actors with ear piercings

  • Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber a youth icon when wears jewelry it becomes a trend. When I saw Justin with cute ear studs in both of the ears, I was like wow. How cute and beautiful those studs are and it totally changed his look. More bold, musculin and confident he is now. I definitely loved it.

  • Johnny Depp

You have seen Jhony with double ear piercing and he looks really outstanding. His eyes, beard, and earrings make his look more attractive and manly.

  • Will smith

Will is one of my favorite actors and I truly love his look. Cristal in his ear is totally amazing and if you are also planning to get your ear pierced this can help you. Earlobe piercing works great for men. Just wear simple jewelry to stay comfortable.

  • Ajay Devgan

This look of Ajay is totally a trendsetter. The big earring in his ear shows the confidence and giving a message that everything looks awesome on you just you have to be confident enough to carry it.

  • Usher

There are many more male celebrities with ear piercing in Hollywood. Ear piercing is in trend over decades. I personally like these celebrities with ear piercings. You can definitely get one of them.

How do girls look at guys with ear piercings

Tools required for ear piercings

  • Piercing Needles

The piercing need is one of the most important piercing tools. Choose high quality best ear piercing needle and do not forget to sterilize before use. I never recommend to pierce own ears neither I recommend to get it done at malls. Always go to the expert piercer shop to get pierced perfectly without any risk. Piercers will choose the perfect needle size for your piercing type.

  • Piercing Clamps or Forceps

A clamp or forceps is a tool used to hold the skin making it comfortable for piercing. It is very important to hold the skin tight properly to insert a needle on the exact spot. The piercing clamp basically holds the skin at the place to pierce it easily and correctly.

  • autoclave

Sterilization is the most important step of piercing as it ensures that you are not going to get infections. Do not forget to ask your piercer whether all tools are sterilized or not. This is the main reason I recommend to get pierced by an expert, an expert cannot miss sterilization. An autoclave is a machine usually used by professional piercers.

  • Piercing gun

Piercing guns is one of the most commonly used piercing tools nowadays. It is believed to be less painful and is very easy to use for piercing. I prefer traditional needle piercing instead of piercing gun as it is tough to sterilize. Piercing guns are being used without proper sterilization and this is the common cause of piercing infections. I always recommend getting pierced with a hollow pointed needle. The needle is pointed enough and

  • Studs or rings

I included jewelry in this tools list as piercers use studs to pierce with piercing guns. I recommend always to use high quality sterilize jewelry for piercing.

FAQ for men’s ear piercings

In which ear should guys get a piercing done?

The left ear is for guys, don’t know exactly who made this rule. Whereas in India, guys usually pierce their right ear. Girls usually pierce both the ears and left nostril. But I believe this is nonsense and now its time to break these rules.

Can men have both ears pierced?

Yes, men can pierce both ears. There are no such rules that boys cannot pierce both ears. But before you get pierced, think a while whether you really want to get pierced or not? I don’t support thought like the left is for straight and right is for gay. This is totally rubbish. Just go for what you want and what suits you the best.

Why do Hindu families in India do ear piercing for?

They believe that piercing helps open inner ears, improves vision, brain ability and also helps to cure diseases. There many more beliefes like in the old days’ people use to sleep on the ground and use to bleve that piercing keeps insects away. They believed that ear-piercing prevents insects from entering into the ears. Actually, there is no such evidence as I have ear-piercing since I was a kid.

should I let my son get his ears pierced?

Yes, you should let him if he is mature enough to take a proper decision. Do not force him to do what you want, let him take a decision. And yeah, ear piercing is not that complicated or painful. Your piercing can end with infections if not pierced with care. Let him pierce his ears but suggest him to choose the best piercer.


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