5 best Easter Carrot Nail Designs with images

I come up with some really cute and beautiful Carrot nail designs for the Easter celebration. You can check out more easter nail designs here- bunny, easter egg design, and chicken nail art.

While trying different Easter nail designs, I come up with many beautiful designs. Here are some carrot designs I have created and found these really simple and cute. Do try these especially if you are a beginner. You will found it quick, easy and perfect for the occasion of Easter.

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1. Cute White Carrot design

Easter Carrot Nail Designs

This is something really unique and always find it beautiful to experiment with new designs. I keep trying different designs with different nail colors.  This time while making carrot nail designs I thought of painting it with different colors.

I tried the white color for cute tiny carrots. And it turns really very beautiful at the end. This is the biggest reason to include it at the first.

Red and orange are the main colors that we usually use to make carrot. I have seen purple and even black carrot species with the white inner part. But I think that’s an exception.

And the thing is it a nail art and you can make whatever makes it look attractive. White is definitely going to attract everyone’s eyes and gonna give you some compliments.

You just have you paint your nails with any dark color and make cute carrots with white that’s it. You can make green leaves to give it a more realistic look.

2 Smiley Carrot Easter nail designs

cute Nail art smiley

This is one of my favorite nail art designs. A baby carrot or a giant with a big smile on his face. Actually it brings a big smile on my face too. Did you feel the same? don’t forget to let me know in the comment box.

Here, I used a combination of red green and purple with a very little of black color for a complete look. You can definitely try this combination but if you want to use any other color just go fo it.

Paint the base with any of your favorite colors. Keep it light if you are making the main design with dark colors and do the vise versa.

It will look more realistic and beautiful on pointed tip nails. Even if you have long fingernails you can make a long tail of your big face easter smiley carrot.

3 Small cute carrot nail art

cute Carrot Nail Designs

This design looks simple and cute. I have used red green yellow and white somewhere. You can simply draw a triangle and fill it with red color. Triangles need not be even and the same makes it uneven to give it a more realistic look.

Paint your nails with green, it can be any shade of gree. Or you can choose a different color of your choice. This is the best for new artists as you don’t need any expert skills for this design. But I found it really cute and suitable for almost all age groups.

The best way is to choose a color that matches your dress. It will make you look cool and everyone will love it for sure. You can make it quickly with minimum nail art knowledge.

4 Red Carrot Trail Nail Design

Easter Carrot Nail Designs

This Easter nail design is one of the cutest designs I have created. You can make some super cute tiny smiley carrot connected with each other with a thread.

draw the trail in a zig-zag way as I did vertically or make it horizontally. Arrange all the carrots in some distance so that design doesn’t look messy. I have used pink, red, white, and black, you can pick colors of your choices.

This design looks cute, simple and beautiful at the same time. Make as long trail as you can according to your nail size. Do not insert too many carrots, it will look messy and unprofessional too.

5 Big Carrots Beautiful Nail Art

Easter Carrot Nail Designs

Orange, Green, and Yellow is the combination that I have used for this design and it looks really beautiful too. Make big orange carrots with green leaves. Make two big carrots and 3-4 half or carrots or leaves as I did.

It gives you a view that there are many carrots beyond the visible space.

How is carrot associate with Easter?

Easter is associated with Bunnies and they love Carrots. 

Rabbits are symbols of Prosperity, fertility, and abundance. Apart from this according to the Bible rabbits are symbols of speed, good luck, family and happiness too.

There are many stories and beliefs but I made carrot recipes. Also, I plant some carrots in my home garden for cute bunnies to come. You can try some easter carrot decoration and also try these easy easter carrot nail designs.

Can I use my favorite colors for carrot designs?

Yes, You can use any of your favorite colors.

There is no such rules that you have to make it red or orange for nail designs. Make it white as I did. Or get some blue, black, yellow even green carrots. I think You can make your nail design even more attractive and interesting.

draw many tiny carrots and just fill them with different colors. These multicolor nail designs will definitely look beautiful and unique. Try more different designs with different colors and most important thing do not forget to share it with me.

I have small broad nails, why carrot design I can try?

You can try single big carrot designs. Adjust carrots according to your nail size. You can also try small carrot easter designs. But, make it small so that 3-4 carrots can get fit in.

Actually, you can many a design, it depends on you. It also depends on your expertise and experience to make nail designs. If you are a pro you don’t even need to check out this post. But if you are a beginner, first try to make it on a paper using nail paint to get perfect size and shape.

you can also try it on nails for practice before making final design.


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