35 Best Ear Piercing Ideas for Females

For ladies, there are many ways to display body fashion, and ear piercing is one of them. Ear piercing dates back to the retro fashion days. However, with time, a lot of piercing ideas were developed, and females could be more flexible with it like other ones.

As of this day, there are more than a hundred ear piercing styles available. So it just boils down to choosing the one you will like to have. Among all types of facial piercings, you can do most of the variations with ear piercings. Men ear piercings are also very popular these days.

Get your favorite ear piercing and wear your favorite jewelry in it. It enhances your look and also boosts your confidence. Wear the earrings that give you the feel of being beautiful.

In this article, there are over 30 ideas for you to check out. Here are the all possible variations and looks for you. You will surely like them.

Best Ear Piercing Ideas for Females

Single Earlobe Piercing

cute earlobe piercing jewelry

This is a simple and yet fashionable piercing style. It is also a very common style donned by a lot of ladies. The style also befits simply styled earrings. It doesn’t require a lot of piercing, just a hole in the earlobe.

This might be your first choice too. Being a girl, I can bet that almost every girl’s first ear piercing desire is an earlobe piercing. And this is maybe because it is simple and less painful than other ear piercing.

It looks beautiful on everyone. wear whatever suits you, this piercing is going to compliments you anyway. I personally have this lower earlobe piercing and I love wearing jewelry in it.

Three Lobe Piercing with Cuff 

stylish industrial ear piercing for felames

Just as its name implies, for this style, the ear lobe would have a triple piercing. The last piercing would be around the mid-region of the ear such that it can be cuffed and linked with a ring at the upper part of the ear.

It is a type of multiple ear piercing and it looks totally stunning. It shows your bold and extrovert personality. If you feel like this is you, just go for it.

Quadruple Ear Piercing with Snugs for females

earlobe gauging for females

For this style, there are a lot of piercings around the ear apart from the normal four piercings in the earlobe. The upper part of the ear will also have a piecing that links it to the inner part such that a ring can pass through both holes.

This is really different and unique type of piercing. Your ears look flashy and stylish. You can wear all bold jewelry to showcase your personality through your piercings.

Rook Piercing

painful rook ear piercing

The rook region of the ear is just inside the anti-helix part of the ear. This piercing goes through the upper part of the anti-helix cartilage.

Any piercing style that includes the rook is regarded as one of the most painful piercing. However, pain depends on your bearing power also. The one which is most painful for you may not be that much intense for me.

But Rook is one that almost everyone feels more painful. However, there are a lot of styles you can do it with.

Actually, I think it looks cute. It is one of the most cutest ear piercing types. And I personally want to get this ear piercing for myself.

Conch Ear Piercing for females 

attractive females conch ear piercing

The conch piercing style is also an unconventional fashionable style. The conch region of the ear is the outer part of the ear where the finger can easily enter. Piercing this part of the ear is as easy as piercing the helix region of the ear. This style can also be used for a lot of earrings.

Just like rook piercing, conch is one of my favorites. I really like these cute ear piercings. It suits women and men of all ages. If you are looking for something simple, cute and attractive, you can go for a conch piercing.

Tragus Piercing

tragus piercing for men and woman

This is the little part just outside the ear region that joins the ear to the face. Although the style only affords you the opportunity to use a stud, there are many styled studs you can choose to try out.

Antitragus Piercing

The antitragus piercing is just the opposite of the tragus piercing. They afford you plenty of beautiful earrings options. With a fitting style and pattern, it is a very fashionable piercing idea to have.

Triple Lobe Piercing with Helix and Auricle

auricle ear piercing for females


Here, there are 3 piercings on the ear lobe, and they are arranged just after one another in an orderly fashion. The next piercing after the lobe piercings is one in the auricle. Then finally, there is a piercing in the helix. It can be used to don a lot of earing styles.

Earlobe Piercing with Double Helix Piercings

beautiful ear piercing jewelry for females

The earlobe has about four to 5 piercings for this style. The next piercings after these are the one on the helix. For this style, the helix has more than just one piercing that can be used for most earing styles out there.

Snug Ear Piercing 

This is a single piercing style in the snug of the ear. The best way they can be donned is with earring styles similar to the one above. The piercing in the snug provides the right balance for the earring to stay perfectly on the ear. It is a great fashionista idea.

Double Helix Piercing and Earlobe Piercing

cute ear piercing for females

Here is another simple piercing style with just 3 in total, one on the earlobe and 2 on the helix. The 3 holes can be used for various earrings, but another way to do it is by linking the single earring at the lobe to the ones on the helix with a chain.

Earlobe and Helix Piercing

This is a simple piercing style that you can use to rock various types of earrings in various ways. One of the best ways to use it is with an earring that links from the earlobe to the helix.

Tragus with Triple Lobe with Conch and Helix Piercing

Obviously, this is a lot of piercing and holes around the ear, but it also affords the chance of rocking a lot of earrings style. With an earring suited for this piercing style, you would be impressed.

Triple Lobe and Daith Piercings

Another piercing style you can add to the normal triple lobe piercing is one on the Daith. With this style, you can get matching rings to use for the holes such that when they are donned they fit perfectly. You have to be careful with your earring choice for this style.

Triple Lobe with Tragus and Helix Piercing

Still, on the triple lobe piercing, you can add piercings on the lobe and helix to get this beautifully styled idea. With this style, you can start feeling like a fashionista already because it can be perfectly used for multiple styles of earrings.

Double Earlobe Piercing

Double Earlobe Piercing style is a simple yet elegant piercing style that you should try out. It may not be as flashy as other styles on the list, but if you use the right earrings, you will definitely look stunning with this idea.

Diverse Piercing 

Diverse piercings are multiple piercings on the outer region of the ear. This is very similar to orbital and looks really funky.

Edgy Ear Piercing

These piercings are done on the edge on the ears.

Double Helix and lobe with Conch Piercings

This is quite a lot of piercings, but yet it is one of the in-vogue styles out there. The piercing starts on the lobe with 2 holes. The conch also takes one piercing before moving to the double piercings on both the helix and the antihelix. Make sure that the piercing is carried out by a professional.

Lobe to Auricle Piercing 

This is straight-line piercing right from the lobes to the Auricle of the ear. It can be used for various styles of earnings. When the rings are arranged on the straight line, it looks very fascinating and adorable.

Triple Lobe and Snug Piercing

Another basic piercing style you can try out is the triple lobe and snug piercing. With the right earring, you will definitely love this piercing idea. also, make sure you are careful with the snug piercing.

Orbital Piercing

Here, piercing is done on the ear for orbital earrings. In this piercing, you have to get two piercings side by side. Single jewelry (mostly rings) is inserted through both the piercings, connecting both together.

Forward Helix Piercing

This is piercing at the front part of the helix region.

Lobe with Auricle and Double Helix Piercing

Here, you have the basic earlobe piercing together with an auricle piercing, ending with a double piercing on the helix. Just as in the picture above, the best way to use this piercing style is with matching earrings.

4 Cartilage Piercing with Double Rook

females helix ear piercing

For this style. The cartilage region has 4 piercing followed by an opposite double rook piercing. The cartilage piercings are best used for dangling earrings while the rook piercing is good for tiny earrings. That way they all complement one another fashionably.

Transverse Lobe Piercing

This is lobe piercing from the back of the ear. This piercing basically not that common among females. But it really looks amazing on some people.

Cartilage Ear Piercingear piercing for male and felames

This is a piercing directly on the cartilage

Triple Lobe with an Industrial Ear Piercing for females

Back to the triple lobe piercing, but this time it is with an industrial piercing. This is one of the most flexible piercing ideas out there because it can be used for a lot of earrings. It can also be used to don a lot of styles.

Outer Conch Piercing

Here the piercing is done outside the conch area. You can get confused with a rook or sometimes a helix also. It is placed somewhere outside of the curved section of inner ear.

Upper Ear Lobe Piercing for females

ear piercing for female

This piercing is placed on the upper part of the earlobe. It looks so stylish and you can do lots of variations with this. Wear ear cuff connecting two or more piercings together, wear multiple rings or even cute studs. It looks totally different from traditional earlobe piercing.

Double Industrial with Sung, Tragus, Anti Tragus and Forward Helix Piercings

This is basically piercing almost every part of the ear, from the lobe to the helix with an industrial piercing to go with it. It can be used for earrings like in the pictures above. Also, you may just make use of the holes you need one at a time.

Females Daith Ear Piercing

This is a very simple piercing style. Just the daith is being pierced in such a way that the piercing goes through the inner part of the ear and can be used for styles above. It is very basic and you can do this alone before getting other piercing styles you need.

Scaffold Piercing

Scaffold piercing is another term for industrial piercing. This style is basically piercing the helix part of the ear. The piercing is a double piercing at both ends of the ear. They are mostly used with arrows and bar like rings.

Females Double Scaffolding Ear Piercing

female piercing of ear

This is having 2 scaffolding piercing on an ear. With this, it can be used for 2 straight rings.

Inner ear Conch Piercing for females

This piercing is done in the inside part of the conch area.

female ear piercing



Finally, make sure you hire an expert for your ear piercing. Especially for those parts of the ear that have to do with the cartilages. Because Cartilage requires technical know-how.

If you really want to stay away from piercing complications, never settle for any unprofessional piercer. Follow all the aftercare instructions as suggested by your piercer. Never ever skip the cleaning process.

Choose piercings that suits your personality. And always wear high-quality jewelry to avoid infections. whenever, it feels like your piercing is infected, visit your piercer or doctor without wasting your time.

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