25 best Diwali dress for Girls: what to wear

Diwali is almost here and we all are confused with our Diwali dress. The most difficult thing is to find a beautiful unique dress for a girl. Here I am going to make this work easy for you. I’ll give you some of the best dresses options for your baby girl.

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25 best Diwali dress for Girl:

    1. Baby Girl Princess Dress Rose Red Price

      This red maxi dress will give your girl a cute fuller look. She will look like a princess with this awesome volume gown. The soft net layer work is enhancing the look of the dress. Inner soft satin and Cotton lining makes is comfortable for kids. Defined multiple layers add extra volume to the lower section and give a beautiful princess look. These kinds of dresses are suitable for almost all occasions. This is one of the best dress you can buy for Diwali night. As the shiny red net will make is even brighter and beautiful at the night in the colorful decorative lighting.

    2. Bonnie Jean Kids Frock Dress click for price

      Olive green frock for girls with a touch of black velvet and net. I found this a pretty dress so light and comfortable to wear for girls. This will be a perfect Diwali dress if your girl is small and not able to carry a heavy outfit. It will look cute and is easy to carry a whole night.

    3. Tilism girl Cinderella Dress Gown Best price here

      This is one of the prettiest dress you can find online. As it is on high demand, almost all girl wants to get dressed as Cinderella. If you want a dress with some western look this will be the best dress for you. The bright royal blue and white color combination looks awesome as you can see in the picture.

    4. Fair Dolls Ball Gowns for girls best price.

      You can wear the Navy Blue ball gown dress for Diwali. I love the material, it looks like silk and feels really soft. The layers make it looks like a voluminous and also give fuller look. This will be a perfect gown for a Diwali party. The inner material is really soft cotton skin friendly. So that you can wear it for a long time without any irritation.

    5. baby Girl Tail Gown dress for Diwali check price here

      Tail Gown Dress is the cutest dress you can find on Amazon. And is really easy to carry due to its design. This is suitable for little girls who cannot carry the heavy long dress. The tail dress is longer at the back and shorter from the front side. Its design makes it very comfortable and easy to carry for girls.

    6. Baby pink ethnic gown Diwali dress click for price

    7. Ethnic Gown maxi dress price here

      This is an ethnic A-line gown perfect for Diwali. Wear ethnic jewelry and footwear along with this. A-line maxi dress with quarter sleeve makes you look a bit taller.

    8. Green Floral Maxi dress gown Click for the price.

      Olive Green with Golden silk material long maxi dress. Really soft material with a floral print. Flowers on the left side shoulder looks really classic. You can wear ballerinas or heels and pair a cute little handbag for a more fancy look.

    9. Little princes beautiful Blue polka dress price here

      This polka printed dress is designed with a western touch. Off shoulder maxi dress with white color spots in it. Looks amazing in the night light. If you are looking for a bright colored party dress, this will be the best dress for you.

    10. Baby girl beautiful glory_blue A-line dress check for price

    11. Arika Girl’s Embellished Lehnga choli with dupatta set click here for price
    12. Cute fairy frock dress for baby girls (4-10 yrs) price here 
    13. Snow_blue maxi Gown western dress Best price here

    14. Lil princess gorgeous blue balloon dress price here

    15. Red 3 piece leggings western Diwali dress check price here

    16. Export quality satin with cotton lining beautiful pink Diwali dress Gown Best price here

    17. Net, Satin, with cotton lining high-quality  dress price here

    18.  Double layer Diwali dress taffeta silk Cold shoulder flour length dress check price here

    19. Taffeta silk net finish sea green colored gown click for the price

    20. Pink wings baby girl Tutu dress with beautiful bright colors click the price

    21. Layered frock dress with Satin, net and cotton lining check price here

    22. Beautiful Grey Polyester flowers lace unique Diwali dress price here

    23. Royal blue maxi-length Diwali dress gown with Royal touch Best price here

    24. Sky blue and white frozen Elsa dress click for the price

    25. Disney Princess Jasmine dress costume for unique Diwali dress price is here

What to wear on Diwali? 

I will recommend you to wear Traditional Ethnic Indian wear. Almost everyone loves wearing traditional dress on the occasion of Diwali. Lehnga, Ethnic Gown, Anarkali dress, Salwar Kurta, Long skirt or Maxi dresses are the people’s choices for Diwali night.

Ethnic dresses with a western touch are now in the trend. You can also wear something that is a combination of both Indian and western. I’ll recommend you to create your own fusion if you want to wear something unique and beautiful.

My first choice will always be a Palazzo with a long slit top. You can layer a long knee length or even ankle length top with a broad leg palazzo. Wear your favorite jewelry and accessories. This is one of the most trendy looks nowadays. you can also wear a jacket or just drape a dupatta over your shoulder.

Wearing a dupatta along with long tops or kurta make it even more traditional. You can choose heavily worked dupattas for more detailed ethnic look.

The second look you can create by wear a short top with printed ethnic palazzo pants. pair your broad pants with a worked party top. Wrap a stall around your neck and wear your favorite matched pair of earrings. You can also wrap a designer beautiful belt around your waist.

You’ll be on the limelight this Diwali. Chose you palazzo and create your own unique Diwali dress. You are gonna receive all the compliments this Diwali. Get ready and do not forget to write your experience to me in the comment section.

What to wear on Diwali Party?

Wear a beautiful long maxi dress, ethnic gown or a western gown for the Diwali party. One of the best suggestion may be the Mastani dress. Wear long ethnic skirt layered with a long slit top with dupatta.

I love wearing long ankle length ethnic kurta with a skirt. This gives really a different look. If you are a fashion frick you should try it once in your life. It will give you a taller and slimmer look at the same time. The best part of this dress is you can carry it as light or heavy as you want.

wear heavy traditional jewelry and makeup or just wear some light occasional jewelry. It also depends on your dress material, design and work. If you are wearing the heavy worked dress you should wear something a bit heavier. And makeup should also be coordinated as your dress and jewelry. Light dress and jewelry with heavy makeup is a big no. Try to do makeup according to your outfit.

You can pair a beautiful long ethnic skirt with skirt or tops also. Wear boho jewelry and ethnic footwear to get Diwali party ready. There are many different ways to wear tops with skirts. The first way is to wear as it is- chooses partywear short top or any crop top and wear it on a skirt.

The second way is to wear a little longer top or shirts. Insert it inside the skirt and make it looks like balloon top. For this style, one or two sizes larger tops are recommended.

wear a loose fitting top or shirt and tuck it inside the skirt and wear a designer belt on it to give your body a dimension. Create your Diwali party look and do not forget to share it with me.

What color to wear on Diwali?

You can wear Yellow, Red, Green, Golden, Silver, White or even Black. It will be best to choose any of your favorite colors on Diwali. You should wear a color that suits you the best. But if you want to wear a color that should be perfect for the holy occasion, you should wear a color like Yellow, red or green.

Yellow will be the best color of Ganesh Laxmi puja. Yellow and red are supposed to the auspicious colors. To get the pure Indian traditional look, wear a bright yellow dress. The dress may be Ethnic or western Just team it with some ethnic jewelry to look more classic.

Apart from Red and yellow, you can wear a Black dress with some golden work. This is my personal favorite as I think most of the girls look awesome and confident in black. If you don’t have any ritual of wearing a particular color on the occasion, Just wear your favorite black dress.

Black give confidence and inner satisfaction that I am looking Good. In my view, black is the only color that suits almost all complexion, No matter whether you are fair or dark. Yeah, It is totally true that black looks awesome on fair people. But I am not fair and it looks dashing on me too. This is because black makes you look fairer. or you can say people wearing black looks comparatively fairer.

If you don’t want to wear yellow nor black you can opt for Green, pink or even orange. Silver and golden color are universal color and loved by everyone for these occasions.

What not to wear on Diwali? (Diwali Dress)

Do not wear old fashion, outdated dress, Do not wear huge maxi dresses if you are lighting Diyas or firecrackers. There are many fabrics that can catch fire quickly during firing crackers.

Silk, Rayon, Chiffon, net are some of the materials that can catch fire and are not recommended to wear during fireworks. To be safe and stay away from the risks of catching fire, you should wear cotton clothes.

Do not choose synthetics materials for Diwali dress. Avoid wearing loose dresses or ruffle dressed during the lighting up firework. Huge long loose sleeves are a Big No as it can catch fire and can cause serious problems.

If you are wearing Saree or dress with dupatta, do not forget to pit it and fix it at the place. Wear fitting comfortable clothes that are easy for you to carry. Be careful while lighting Diyas and firecrackers.

Wearing cotton clothes are recommended especially for kids. They get careless while enjoying and can me with any accident if parents are not around. Make sure your kids are safe and wearing cotton comfortable clothes. Never leave your child alone, Be careful and Be safe.

Wear bright colored ethnic dress will be best for the Laxmi pujan. Some people thought Black is a negative color and it should not be worn on any auspicious occasion. Although I never supported these things. But yeah, you should follow all rituals and cultural beliefs.

Why do we wear new clothes on Diwali? 

To find the answer to why we wear new clothes on Diwali You have to know the reason behind the Diwali celebration. The first thing that comes to our mind is that Diwali is an auspicious festival and we celebrate it happily that’s why we wear new clothes.

But there is a fact behind the Diwali celebration. It is believed that Lord Rama (7th avatar, Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) returned to his people on this day after 14 years of exile. During the exile, he fought a battle against the demon King Ravana and won.

The day he returned to his place is celebrated as a festival of light I;e, Diwali. We celebrate to honor Ram Chandra for his victory above the demon. Everyone lights up Diyas and decorate beautiful lights everywhere to kill the darkness. We wear New clothes on Diwali to celebrate the beginning of the new life of Shri Ram Chandra. 

One more reason behind wearing new clothes is that the day is the beginning of the new year according to the Hindu calendar. That’s why almost everyone across the country celebrates and wears new clothes on Diwali.

Hope you got the answers to all of your questions. Do subscribe and share the article if you find it helpful. And do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.



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