20 Best Decorative lights for Diwali 2019-India

Diwali is almost here and we all are busy with shopping, cleaning, and decorations. I am going to help you to pick the best Decorative lights for Diwali Decoration. This is one of my favorite festivals as I love watching decorated houses and buildings with beautiful lights everywhere. I can die watching the Diwali night view on the top of my house.

Diwali is also known as a festival of lights. It means the lights play the most important role in this celebration. I can’t even imagine Diwali without Decorative lights. Everyone celebrate the festival in their own way. I celebrate Diwali with my family and friends.

We start the preparation for the celebration one months prior to the Diwali day. The preparation starts with the cleaning our rooms, houses and area around the house. Then comes the best part – Shopping for dresses, Sweets, Dry fruits, Gifts, crackers, and decorative lights or Diyas.

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20 best Decorative Lights for Diwali 

  1. 15M SMD LED Bulb rope decorative Diwali Lights. check price here
  2. Adjustable Hanging lamp chandelier price here
  3. Peacock wall lamp gold light click for price.
  4. Metal pendant hanging light shades check price.
  5. 4 Dome-shaped metal light shades price here.
  6. Morrocan metal Pink metal hanging light lamps price
  7. Hanging glass vase Tealight candle holder click for price.
  8. Classic t-light candle holder check price.
  9. Waterproof WiFi LED strip with app ver. B1.0 check for price.
  10. 3D illusion color changing peacock Led lamp price.
  11. sculpture Decore hanging black Led lights price here.
  12. Blossom flowers bonsai tree lights check price here.
  13. Beautiful Curtain string lights price here.
  14. Solar power Christmas trendy fairy lights click for price.
  15. Hearts LED NET mesh curtain lights to check price.
  16. 100 multicolor green wired Diwali Lights click for price.
  17. 100M fairy string Diwali light price here.
  18. Landscape Decorative lights for Diwali check price here.
  19. Beautiful white clear bulb lights price here.
  20. copper string water resistant fairy lights click for price.

These 20 lights are the best Diwali decorative lights available on Amazon. I picked them for you to make your work easier. Choose the best and make this Diwali one of your best Diwali.

How you Celebrate Diwali with your family?

We clean out the house and premises. But decorating lights, sweets, gifts and yeah crackers.  After shopping and everything, my mom makes some traditional sweet dishes for the celebration. We decorate our house with lights and Diyas.

This is a festival of lights and you’ll see lights everywhere, not a single corner will be left in darkness this day. We worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi in the evening. After that, we share sweets and gifts with our friends and family.

At last, then comes the most exciting and kids favorite thing. “Burning Firecrackers”-Yes its been my all time favorite. I love watching fireworks in the sky. But in my home kids are not allowed to burn crackers on their own. As a result, it always comes in the last after all works, that too when our parents were with us.

After that, we use to enjoy our dinner with family and friends. Diwali is really an awesome festival it lights up Dias to eliminate devil from outside. Similarly, the Diwali lights eliminate the devil even from our inside. As a result, we forgot all our woes, worries and fights, we all celebrate the day together.

Why is Diwali Important?

Diwali is a very Important festival as on this day Lord Rama return to his people from 4 year’s exile after killing the Demon Ravana. The victory of Lord Rama was the victory of Good above Bad. As a result, people celebrate this day by lighting up oil Diyas as a symbol of Good to eliminate darkness which supposed to be the symbol of bad or Evil.

But now, things are changing and we started using artificial Diyas and decorative lights for decoration. As the world is developing we are finding out a way to ease. As a result, some traditions are now at the ending line. Talking about my celebration, my mom use to decorate the worship place with the oil Diyas but, after that, we light up candles and artificial lights everywhere outside the house.

Diwali is celebrated all over the world, and people love this festival. It is a Hindu festival but almost every one celebrate Diwali. I’ll request you all to light up more and more Diyas and Decorative Lights on this day to eliminate the darkness from your life.

Diwali lights made in India

  •  Beautiful Om wooden frame price here.
  • Handmade melon shaped glass lamp check price here.
  • 10 Units of Electronic Diyas price here

How to Celebrate Diwali with your Family?

Celebrations and Family are the best combinations of words. You enjoy every bit of the day when you are with your family. Even a small celebration can be your life’s best celebration when celebrated together. As a result, we all want to make it special for everyone in the family.

If you are celebrating this Diwali with your family, try to give your best in everything. Help your family members in cleaning, decorations and shopping for the festival.  

Try to help with cooking and making sweets. Worship together and enjoy each and every second of togetherness. Believe me, you’ll feel inner happiness and satisfaction. As a result, you’ll improve your relations with other family members.

There are many ways of Celebrating Diwali with family. One of the easiest ways is to celebrate as you always do. The second way is to make it more expensive. And the third one is to make it the most special Diwali celebration for everyone.

For making your Diwali celebration a special one, you should do something special for everyone. The simplest way is to gift them something special and try to spend more and more time with them. In addition, you can watch movies together and can have fun.

Lighting up Diyas and firecrackers are the real fun in Diwali. I have always been an excited kid and even now I wait of Diwali just to see Firecrackers and decorated houses with Lights and Diyas. My personal feelings are like- Real happiness is being together.

How will I celebrate Diwali this year? 

I will start my Diwali preparation From shopping. Shopping for Dress, Makeup and accessories. Then comes beautiful Diwali decorative lights. After that, I’ll buy Sweets and Gifts for my family members and friends.

My Diwali morning will start with the decorations. I will do the final decoration and recheck all the decoration and lights. Then it comes the turn for making Rangoli. Making Colorful Rangoli is a part of decoration and is now a trend.

I have decided to make this Diwali one of the special Diwali of my life. That’s why I am celebrating this Diwali with my parents and Brothers. Instead of gifting anything expensive, I have decided to gift them special handmade greeting cards.

I’ll cook some special dishes like pudding and sweets on my own. And we’ll have our meal together. The biggest change in this year’s Diwali is that I am not burning firecrackers.

A humble request for you all- “Please do not contribute to Air pollution”. Avoid burning firecrackers and oil lamps. Use more artificial Lights and Diyas instead to reduce air pollution.

How to Make Diyas from Waste Materials?

For DIY Diyas you can use waste papers, cardboard, paper boxes or anything made up of paper. You can also use waste flour from your kitchen and kid’s playing clay. You’ll need some mud or River soil but if not available, you can also use ordinary soil.

Collect all the papers and boxes cut them into small pieces using scissors. Pour some water and using your hands press them to let them soaked overnight or for at least 3-4 hrs.

After that take out in a tub or bucket mash all together. You have to make the texture as a bread dough. If you’re feeling that it is too liquidy keep adding some dry waste newspaper or any paper you want.

Keep mashing and add the waste clay and flour in it. Mix all of them well and Mash it. Check the final dough it should be sticky enough to get in shape. If needed, add Glue and a little sand, you can also add flour. Again mix it well and after getting the perfect texture, divide it into small chunks. Give all of the chunks a Diya shape. Let them dry in the sun for 1-2 days. After the check whether it stays even or got some cracks.

If you see any crack you can repair it using water and clay. Then dry it in the sun for another 4-5 hrs. After that make a liquid mix of soil and water. Make sure soil is refined and there are no solid particles in it.

Dip all the Diyas in this liquid mix or just coat them using any paint brush. Then again let them dry for one whole day. At the end paint them using beautiful fabric colors or any available paint. Decorate them as you want.

How to make Diwali Electric lights at home?

It seems difficult but actually, it’s not. We all think of Diwali lights as costly fashionable factory-made products. It seems true to some extent but in overall it is just a light arranged in colorful wrappers with some sort of power supply- that’s it. So if you have any experience with decoration in Indian festival then you can definitely make your own light for Diwali at home.

First, you need some LEDs- yes the simple colorful ones. You can have some red, blue, green and white or you can use the multi-color LEDs. Always remember that LEDs are meant to work with dc current- it means it needs power similar to a battery i.e. DC current. Never ever try to connect a led with direct power supply (AC current).

Best Colorful LED Available in India

  • SmartWay ® – 3W Spiral Led Decorative Wall lamp
  • Sahil & Sarthak Brass Jaipur Wall Lamp
  • CentIoT 5mm Transparent Ultra Bright LED – RED, GREEN, WHITE, BLUE all color
  • River Fox Heavy Duty 5V 1.5A AC DC Power Supply
  • Best quality wire – approx 3-4 meter

All you need is few good quality LEDs, wire and 5v power supply. You can check the above mention links for these materials. Just connect the LED in series- like the anode of one LED to the cathode of another LED. You should check the details of the LED diagram for better understanding of the diagram. In simple words, there are two legs in each LED one is bigger than the other. Try connecting the smaller leg with the positive side of a battery and a longer leg to the negative side- if everything is fie the LED will glow else try to change the connections. For testing USE AA battery or AAA batteries.

After connecting all the LEDs- maximum 25 to 35 LEDs in a single row, just connect the set with the 5v power supply. For better looks use LEDs of different color together to form a pattern.

Note: – Best animated view can be achieved with tri-color LEDs and multi-color LEDs- These are best for beginners.

If you don’t want to play with electricity and wiring then you can also use colored cellophane papers and simple LED Bulbs. Just wrap colored cellophane plastics over the LED bulb and tie it with a thread or use a rubber band to hold firmly. When you glow these, all will produce colored light with beautiful patterns. You can arrange these in a row to make a colorful band of light in Diwali.

How to make Paper Lantern for Diwali? (DIY Decorative lights for Diwali)

I have learned to make Paper lanterns in my school. It was really fun making lanterns and use them. I use to start making colorful paper lanterns a week before Diwali. It looks really cute and beautiful.

You can engage your kids making lanterns while you are preparing for Diwali celebration. You’ll need colorful papers, thick chart papers will work the best, scissors glue and decorative stones. (A4 size paper are easy to use)

  • Take an equal size of A4 papers.
  • Fold  them in a half and pinch to mark the fold
  • Hold the open side and start making small horizontal cuts.
  • Do not cut till the edge
  • Open the fold
  • Now fold the another two edges
  • paste the two edges of the paper using glue
  • now make handles
  • stick the handles
  • decorate the lantern using stones

your paper lantern is ready to use. You can decorate it with lashes, nets, stones or whatever you want.

Best Candlelight decoration for Diwali

  • Decorative Branch Candleholder price here.
  • Wire Pedestal Candle Holder check price here.
  • Set of 24 Flameless Floating Candles check price.

Best way to decorate candles for celebrations is to decorate in a water bowl. Buy some beautiful candles and Candle Holders for the decoration. or just make your own candle holder. I am giving you the easiest, affordable and most beautiful way of decorating candles.

  • Take a huge wide glass bowl
  • Colorful bowls look more attractive, you can use any
  • If you are using a plain glass bowl, just paint it using glass paint available in the market
  • Draw beautiful designs and let them dry
  • meanwhile, take a long candlestick
  • Cut it into small candles using scissors
  • You can color the candles too
  • take small plastic or fiber bowls or just make bowl or glass shape using Thermocol /Polystyrene
  • color everything so that the final decoration looks more attractive
  • Pour water in the wide bowl put the little polystyrene bowls in it
  • put the small candle into the small bowls
  • put some flowers in the water, you can also use artificial flowers.
  • light all the candles and see the beauty

You can use scented candles or just spray any of your favorites scents onto the flowers. Feel fresh, beautiful and satisfying at the same time.

Eco-friendly Diwali Decoration lighting ideas

As the Air, Noise, soil and water pollution is reaching the dangerous level, we all need to think upon the eco-friendly celebration. We celebrate Diwali by burning Firecrackers which emits lots of harmful gases. As a result pollution level crosses even dangerous level sometimes.

Here is some easiest way to Celebrate Eco- friendly Dipawali:

  • Avoid crackers

Burning firecrackers cause Smog problem and are also harmful to our body. It is always better to avoid firecrackers. If it is not possible for you then just try to reduce the number of crackers you burn. Buy less, burn less and waste your money even lesser.

  • Use Traditional lights 

Paper lanterns, oil lamps, Candles, and Diyas are never out of trend. But we have reduced their use as it takes more time to prepare and even more money to buy oils. Nowadays we are using Diyas and lamps just for rituals and traditions.

If you really want to make this an Eco-friendly Diwali, use more and more hand made Diyas and oil lamps instead of plastic and artificial lights. There are many ways of saving money. You can just simply reuse the Diyas and oil lamps.

Use the Diyas for Diwali lights decoration, collect all of them another day and store them for next year use. Yes, this is a tradition for some peoples as in the old day’s people valued money more than we do. They always reused the Dias of previous year’s Diwali. Just wash them in soapy water and let them try for a few hours.

  • Gift Green

The best part of Celebration is gifting. We Gift our friends and relatives to make the moment even more special and memorable. Why don’t gift something that will stay alive for long years?

Yes, Gift something unique, green and alive. That’s could be a Plant! This is something that can be the best of all gifts for anyone. I love when someone gifts me a plant. It could be a show plant, Bonsai, Flowers or any green plant.

Gifting a plant shows that you care for the person. It is also a symbol of peace and wellness. Plants clean air and make them suitable for us. This is the biggest thing you can do to make this a 100%  Eco-friendly Diwali.

  • Use Natural decorations

You can use flowers and leaves for Diwali decoration instead of plastic Decorations or Decorative lights for Diwali. Flowers and leaves decoration will give you the feel of real traditional festival celebration.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy and Celebrate an Eco-friendly Diwali this year with your friends and family.


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