Why Does Hair Fall While Applying Oil? FAQs

Hair fall while applying oil is now becoming a common problem. Ont only women but also men are suffering from the same problem. It is not a hair fall problem if your hair is falling only while oiling.

You need to check several conditions and points to find out the actual reason behind your hair fall. We all love our hair and we love to see it growing healthily. But the thing is, maintaining proper hair care is not possible always.

In this busy world amid a pandemic, stressed situation, it is very tough to think and stay positive. It seems to be impossible to spend a whole day without taking stress. However, we all know stress can cause severe hair loss.

If you feel like your hair is falling too much, you should check for your health condition also. Typhoid, jaundice, hypertension, or even thyroid imbalance results in hair loss.

hair fall while applying oil

Apart from health conditions, your medications also play an important role. Some medicines also cause hair loss. It can be curb only by finding and treating the actual problem.

But when hair falls due to massage or oiling scalp, it might not be a serious problem. In this post, we will talk about applying oil and hair fall and also answer frequently asked questions.

Why Does Hair Fall While Applying Oil?

Hair falls while applying oil because of the wrong oiling techniques. You should find out what is the reason for hair fall first. If your hair is falling while taking a shower, sleeping, or combing hair, there might be your health condition behind this.

If you have a thyroid problem, you should go for a proper check-up and take proper medicine. Any hormonal imbalance also results in hair loss. Hair fall is common but it is not a problem until you see excessive hair loss and slow hair growth.

If you feel your hair falls only when you apply oil then there is a big chance you are doing it wrong. Hair falls only while applying oil to decrease the risk of hair loss due to health conditions.

At first, you need to know the correct way to oiling hair and scalp. Then you should learn massaging techniques. And also you should check whether it is due to your hair oil or not. If you feel your hair oil is responsible for hair loss, just try another hair oil to test.

Vigorously massaging hair damages the hair strands and roots. It can cause severe hair loss while combing or washing hair just after oiling.

I recommend not to use any chemical hair oil, use natural or herbal oils instead. Follow a proper hair care routine and use herbal products more than chemicals.

How to stop hair fall while applying oil? 

You can stop hair fall just by following the correct method of oiling. Almost every in today’s world forgot applying hair oil or washing hair after oiling. This might not be a big problem for you but it can cause a serious problem for your hair.

Applying too much oil or leaving it for too long results in clogged pores or scalp. It causes roots to get clogged by oil, dirt, and dandruff. Clogged hair roots result in severe hair loss and also makes it difficult for hair to grow properly.

You should use chemical-free and herbal hair oils. You can make organic hair oils at your home. Or buy SLS and parabens free oils from your hair.

Apply warm oil to your scalp using cotton balls or your finger-tips. Oil should not be hot, it should be bearable warm only. Always comb and detangle your hair before oiling.

Use only finger-tips to apply and massage your head with light hands. Do not put pressure or massage roughly. You should not rub your hair too much, just massage your head and scalp.

Do not forget to wash your hair using shampoo to remove excess hair oil. Apply oil 1 hr before shampoo or at night before hair wash.

DIY hair oils for hair fall

Why does hair fall after oiling?

Hair falls after oiling because you comb roughly, tie your hair tight, wash hair vigorously or use harsh hair products. There are lots of reasons behind your hair fall after oiling.

You should take extra care and find the reasons. Try to find out the exact cause of hair fall after oiling first. Then find the correct methods to stop it. Here are possible causes that will help you to find the exact reason of hair fall after oiling.

  • Combing hair just after oiling

I do not recommend combing hair just after oiling. Instead, comb and detangle it before oiling. Oiling and massaging scalp make hair roots relax and lose. Massaging increases blood flow into the scalp also.

If you start combing your hair just after oiling the loosen hair strands will come out. You need to leave your scalp and hair relaxed for at least half an hour. Combing hair can pull the week hairs and it will start falling out.

Combing hair can be a big reason for your hair fall after oiling. You need to check and change your habit of combing hair.

Your hair combing technique plays a very important role. If you comb your hair correctly, it can slow down hair loss and even promote hair growth.

Always start combing and brushing your hair from the tip first. slowly move upward toward the rood covering small sections at a time. This technique detangles hair very easily and decreases hair fall.

  • Tight hair tie

Just like combing, you should check whether you tie your hair properly or not. Tight hair tie pulls out the hair and results in hair loss. No matter you are tying your hair after oiling or before oiling. Too tight hair-bands pulls lots of hairs and cause hair loss also.

I recommend tie hair using a bit lose hair-band. It should not be too tight. take special care if you are going to tie your hair after applying hair oil.

Let your hair rest for at least half an hour after oiling. Then comb or tie it using any comfortable hair-band.

  • Hair wash

You need to wash your hair at least 2-3 times a week. Especially, if you oil your hair too much or your hair is oily. Oily scalp catch more dirt and cause the pores to get closed.

You need to wash your hair properly and clean your scalp too. Clogged hair roots cannot breathe and start falling very soon. Never forget to shampoo your hair after applying oil.

But, the main question is when should you wash your hair after oiling?

As already have told you that you need to leave your hair for some time after oiling. Your scalp and hair need to take rest after a proper massage. Combing, tying, or washing just after oiling results more hair loss than normal.

In my view, the best time to oil your hair is at night. Apply warm oil leave it overnight and wash it off another morning. But if you are applying oil in the day time do not forget to weight for at least 1 hour before going for a hair wash.

  • Chemical products

Hair fall after oiling is also a sign that your products are not good for your hair type. Avoid chemical products for your hair coz chemicals damage your hair. I recommend using a DIY hair mask or Hair oil for beautiful healthy hair.

Choose organic herbal products over chemical expensive products that give instant results. Avoid using hair spray or gels especially silicon-based products.

Apply hair spray, serum, or gels only if necessary and wash it off as soon as possible. Heating tools used along with chemical products can cause serious damage to the hair.

  • Wrong hair oil

You should use oil that suits your hair. Check for the labels if it is for you or not. You should not use thick or heavy oils if your scalp or hair is oily. Use Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, or similar light oils for oily scalp.

I recommend clean more than oiling if your hair is oily. If you already have a sufficient amount of oil in your scalp then there is no need to use more oils. However, you need to wash your hair more frequently than dry hair types.

If you have a dry scalp problem you can use thick heavy oils. Use castor for better results. But be sure the oil you are applying is good for hair.

  • Rough head massage

You should be gentle with your hair. Hair also falls due to rough or vigorous hair massage. You need to treat your scalp gently while massaging. Do not rub too much.

Use your finger while applying oil and massaging scalp. Rough head massage results in hair loss and also made your feel uneasy. On the other hand, you will feel relaxed and fresh after a massage if done properly.

Can I comb my hair after oiling?

Yes, you can comb your hair 30 minutes after oiling. Combing just after oiling can cause hair loss as hair strands get lose after massage and oiling.

Apply oil using your finger-tips and massage for 5-10 minutes. Relax for half an hour or do some other works if you want. Then you can comb your hair gently. Start brushing from down tips to upward towards roots.

Can we leave the oil on hair for 3 days?

No, you should not leave the oil in your hair for more than 4 hours. There are pores in the scalp near each hair root. It needs to breather for proper hair growth.

Excess oil catches more dirt and causes clogged pores. You need to clean your scalp pores properly, to promote hair growth. Otherwise, the hair starts falling.  Leaving oil for loo long also cause hair fall while applying oil.


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