What should a Male Guest Wear at an Indian Wedding?

Indian weddings are so much cool and happening than any other wedding you’d attend in any part of the world. There are lots of ceremonies for singing and dancing and lots of food. All thanks to our Bollywood.

There are all shades of colors you could possibly name. Then there are celebrations and ceremonies that go on and on like forever. And you ask if it gets tiring? Well of course it does, but then for the kind of fun experience the Indian wedding offers, it is truly worth it.

One of the major concerns while dressing up for an Indian wedding is for the male guests. As there are plenty of options available for ladies. This dress confusion is not limited to someone who is unaware of Indian culture but this exists between Indians too. So, read on to make your look stand out at the wedding.

Indian wedding men's wear
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Just like women, men too, like to dress up! Wedding seasons or ethnic festivities men want to look classy and stylish too. Driving them to experiment with the different traditional and ethnic outfits, and browse through various styles and trends to create their unique style statement.

They always want to pick out something from the usual one. With the Indian ethnic clothing scenario being very rich and elegant, men have so many different options to choose from, like Sherwanis, kurtas, jackets and more, be it for weddings, religious events or simple family get-togethers.

The ultimate guide to men’s ethnic wear in wedding

  • Kurta Churidar for an Indian wedding

In the ethnic wear scenario in men, the kurta- churidar combo has the majority of fans in comparison with others. The ease with which it can be styled and be worn makes it a comfortable choice among men at weddings.

The best part about a kurta churidar set is that it is extremely versatile. From being your savior for an Ethnic day or Diwali celebrations at office. Wear it to your cousin’s Haldi ceremony instead!
Moreover, you can easily pull on a printed jacket if you feel that your solid colored kurta is too bland and boring. Or use an elaborately decorated brooch and maybe a turban in a contrasting shade. Wear Jutti to complete the look.

  • Kurta Salwar

Similar to Kurta Churidar, this combination is attractive mainly for the comfort it offers. The salwar, being much more of a loose fit and a bit baggy, provides a totally different look. There are even Patiala kind of Salwars, as well as salwars with embroidered patterns or gold or contrasting borders to create a modern or contemporary look.

  • Sherwani for Indian Wedding

Sherwanis, originated as the northern Indian dress for the Mughal royalty, have evolved to wedding wear for men in the modern day. More so often, they come accompanied with a safa, churidar/dhoti pant styled bottoms as well as a dupatta. It’s the common attire for the groom and is available in different materials and patterns.

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  • Achkan Sherwani

A variant of the classic Sherwani, is the Achkan Sherwani, which is a perfect choice to make a style statement. It is a dapper and fashionable attire that can add jazz to your looks. This knee-length coat is more trimmed and fitted to give a compact masculine look.

The main difference between sherwani and achkan lies in their length, fabric and the massive flare from the waist. The sherwani is little longer than the achkan and is more flared from the waist till the bottom.

Tip: If you are of a short stature, then Achkan is a good choice than the normal Sherwani that needs you to be slightly on the taller side to be able to carry off the flare and length.

  • Bandhgala/ Jodhpuri Suit

The Prince coat or Bandhgala has now become a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. It will lend you a sophisticated yet masculine look.

The ultimate benefit of owning a bandhgala is that it can flatter any body type and promises a royal look. To achieve the original look of a bandhgala, one needs to be extremely particular about getting the right cut and fit.

It should always be like your second skin. The body type ideally dictate the length of the dress. Moreover, you can easily accessorize it with a brooch, pocket square or turban with kilangi.

Tip: As a general rule to follow, the length of the suit should end just at the root of the thumb while the arms rest against the body.

  • Dhoti Pants

Mens always have the nightmare of dhoti falling off in the middle of a function or a wedding? With the introduction of dhoti pants, you can bid adieu to that fear. While you can just slip it on like any normal pants.

It has the flare of a dhoti giving the illusion that you are actually wearing one. Available in so many different shades and fabrics. You can easily team it up with a bandhgala, kurta, Sherwani or Nehru jacket for a style that will surely make heads turn.

Tip: Choose in contrasting shades to the kurta.

  • Kerala Dhoti/ Mundu for Indian wedding

Kerala Dhoti or Mundu is a popular attire, in the regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Despite the considerable influence of Western dressing, mundu still garners all the love and attention among the men here.

It is not just for ceremonial and customary purposes, but men find it easy and comfortable to wear it on a daily basis. No traditional occasion is complete in Kerala without wearing the mundu. That is usually doubled and draped around the waist.

Available in fabrics like khadi, silk, dupion and cotton. They come in shades like creme, ivory, off white,and white, with borders in gold, silver and other shades.

male south Indian Wedding

  • Pathani Suit

The Pathani suits are among the most stylish and popular men’s ethnic clothing. It can be worn on all occasions. This ethnic and elegant outfit exudes a sense of style and class.

The traditional suits feature simple kurtas with front buttons and stand collars. However, the modern suits feature beautiful embellishments with stylish collars in so many different shades and fabrics.

pathan dress for Indian Wedding

  • Indian Wedding in Indo- Western

An amalgamation of Indian and Western styles, resulted in a category of their own. Popularly known as the Indo Western-style outfits. They feature the usual ethnic attires with a western twist.

Just like asymmetric or cowl hemlines, exquisite collar designs and printed long coats. They have become hugely popular in recent times with more young men opting for these contemporary outfits.

dress for boys at Indian Wedding

  • Nehru Jacket

Named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. These mandarin collared vest jackets are trending in Indian wedding. This is one of the ‘must-haves’ in a man’s closet.

Nehru jackets can easily compliment each and every look flawlessly. Also, it is capable of taking your traditional look to a whole new level. They can transform your outfit instantly and making you look ethnically fashionable.

Indian Wedding male dress

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