What Is a Beauty Blender Used for?

These days, all makeup lovers and artists are obsessed with blenders. Everyone making makeup tutorials on different social media platforms. They are all using different makeup products and tools. One of the more trending and unique makeup tools of today is the Beauty blender. It may be a simple sponge for you and many of you wonder what is a beauty blender for?

Beauty blenders are soft sponges that are used to blend makeup on your face.  Today, let’s discuss the uses of a beauty blender. And also, how you can use it for doing makeup like a pro. Nowadays these sponges are very popular and in demand. I am going to clear your doubts about blenders today. You can comment on all your doubts below in the comment section.

What Is a Beauty Blender used for

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What is Beauty blender?

Sponges made of aqua activated foams that we use for blending makeup is beauty blender. Makeup lovers use to blend and set their base makeup with blenders. You can simply call it a sponge. But there is a difference between normal sponges and blenders.

The surface of blenders is smoother and firmers than ordinary sponges. I personally use beauty blenders for blending my foundation. Even I love using blenders more than brushes. It feels like makeup looks more natural using blenders.

What is a beauty blender for?

Beauty blenders are sponges to blend your makeup evenly. Basically, blenders are to spread makeup properly without making it look cakey. The majority of makeup artists believe that blenders can give more natural makeup than any other makeup tools.

Now the question is what to blend with the blenders? Blenders can be used to blend foundation, concealers, color correctors, and contour. Even you can use them for baking also.

These soft sponges help you to get a natural look by blending everything properly. No matter whether you use a cream base or powder base makeup, it will work awesome. You just have to master the tricks of using different blenders for different areas of your face.

Use broad and big blenders for the flat surface of your body and face. Using narrow sponges of corners and the narrow surface of your face.

Broad or big blenders are awesome for blending foundation and concealers. You just have to take a generous amount of foundation on the blender. Then start dabbing it on your skin and keep dabbing until you get the desired finish.

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Is a Beauty blender worth the splurge?

Yes, beauty blenders definitely worth the splurge. I think blenders are amazing. Even I love using blenders more than makeup brushes. For pro-like base makeup, I always choose blenders over brushes.

Blenders are a bit expensive than normal sponges. But, blenders are very different in texture. They are softer than ordinary sponges and thus feels very satisfying. The very tiny pores in blenders are very much similar to our skin.

You just have to damp your blender using very little water. And start dabbing it on your face and body. Tiny pores will give you a natural skin-like finish without making your makeup cakey.

Blenders are definitely worth buying because it easily glides into the skin. For hiding acne and open pores, I always recommend blenders. It can naturally hide all your skin flaws without making it dramatic.

Beauty blender doesn’t absorb as many products as ordinary sponges. It is firmer and gives a very natural finish.

Are Makeup Sponges Unhygienic?

No, Makeup sponges are absolutely not unhygienic. I personally used beauty blenders and keep cleaning it as I do with brushes. Makeup sponges are totally hygienic to use until you use them for yourself only. I never recommend you to use the same makeup sponge that someone is already using.

Maintaining hygiene is totally your responsibility. Use clean blenders and keep changing them when needed. Even with makeup brushes, you have to take care of the cleaning. Although I think it needs more frequent cleaning than brushes. But it worth it.

Almost all makeup snob recommend using damp sponges. This helps reducing product wastage and also gives a more settled look. But damp blenders can be a home for bacterias that can cause skin infections.

To avoid any skin related complications, use a clean blender each time you do your makeup. After

you are done with your makeup, put your makeup sponges on a clean surface. Let them dry completely before storing them in a container.

I usually wash my blenders after 2-3 uses. Blenders are sponges and sponges have a tendency to absorb things. The makeup products get into the pores and clog them. Also, it looks very dirty when not cleaned on time.

If you actually take care of your hygiene, you should take care of your makeup sponges. Wash and clem them properly. let them dry completely on a clean flat surface. Store your blenders in a clean container to keep them afty from dirt.

Do you recommend Beauty blenders or foundation brushes?

I recommend using beauty blenders or makeup sponges. If you ask me, my answer would be very obvious. I love using /sponges more than makeup brushes. The reason behind this is that blenders are so much fun to use.

you enjoy doing your base makeup. And I seriously realize that blending is actually fun with sponges. Beauty blender gives you a more natural look you just have to keep dabbing.

Some of you think sponges waste more makeup products. It absorbers foundation and other makeup products and can waste your money. But, it will happen only if you don’t know how to use beauty blenders.

Please go through the tutorials and instructions your makeup instructor gives you. By applying the correct trick you and minimize wastage. You can start with any less expensive blender for practice and then go for the premium quality. I always recommend picking the best quality sponges for your skin.

I hope you liked the post and if you do please share it with your family and friends. Also, do not forget to comment on your queries and suggestions in the comment box.


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