Valentine’s Day Meaning, Facts and History

Saint Valentine’s Day!

An aesthetically, pleasing day for which people eagerly await! Certainly, all my amiable readers must be accepting this. When we hear this simple yet quirky word, several lines encompass our minds. Which outrightly connected with our heart.

We now celebrate the day with our partner. We spend our day together, exchange love in the form of unique gifts, flowers, chocolates, hugs, and kisses. You can imagine the whole day if you haven’t experienced it yet.

But there are lots of facts you are confused about or unaware of it.  Today we will talk about everything. Vallentine’s day meaning, stories, importance, and gifts also. Here is everything you need to know about this special day.

  • Valentine’s Day Meaning :

Valentine’s Day meaning, basically all-inclusive that entails hive activities like, “A day of 14th February. A date of expressing love, propose affection, gifts, dating, feast, enjoying, partying. A day-maker of your love story and last but not least, a day of Cupid. Isn’t it?”

I am sure enough, you won’t deny if I say that single “Valentine day” is a “cynosure and a representative of the whole February month”. Yes! I can sense, you undoubtedly agree with me.

  • The back storyline of Valentine’s Day :

Have you ever thought that a day which makes “your story”, must be having a story?

Mostly, might be not! Let me mention that it carries a number of perplexing histories. Which stuck you in an ambiguous situation. Well, we can put that its origin tale is not particular and absolute! Different allegations are there depending on their occurrence and happenings.

Wait, but there is something interesting that you should know. So, put on your reading glasses(in case if you didn’t put them yet) to witness furthermore visuals.

Clouded history, nevertheless splashes a “common and unique thing” that one should at least aware of. So, keep reading down!

Roman root says- that there were three people persisting the same name i.e, “Valentine”(one was priest, second one bishop and another one was just a common man). All the above three were associated with some love element (God, religion, person)and, Surprisingly!, all were martyred on the same day 14th February!


History of the saint

Saint Valentinus was imprisoned for ministering Christianity and performing a marriage of soldiers. This story is originated in Rome.

He performed the marriage of the soldiers, which was not allowed at that time in Rome. The roman emperor believed that a married man cannot be a good and loyal soldier.

Saint did many miracles but he was a Christian. The Roman emperor was impressed with the saint and tried to convert him to Roman paganism. Saint was given an option to choose life in exchange for his Christianity.

Saint Valentinus refused to convert himself and tried to convert the Roman emperor into Cristian. This made the emperor angry and he imprisoned the saint. He was buried on the day of love that is – Feb 14th.

St Valentine Miracles

It is believed that saint valentine did many miracles at that time. People loved him and devoted him as a god. He was ministering Christianity and did always good for helpless people.

The famous story of his miracle is mentioned in valentine’s day story. There was a jailor of the Roman emperor’s jail. He has a beautiful daughter. But the problem was that she was blind.

Saint Valentine cure her blindness and give her sight. And this happened in front of everyone in the emperor’s court. And it is believed that this is the main reason that the emperor was impressed with the saint.

14 Feb Valentine’s day

Saint Valentinus died on February 14th. He was punished to death for performing prohibited activities. Before he buried to death, he wrote a letter.

This letter was for a girl. And I am damn sure that you will be wondered after knowing who she was. She was the blind daughter of that jailor. Who was not blind at that time? Sain wrote his last letter to her.

Maybe he felt in love with her beauty. It might also be possible that he cured her coz he was in love with her. There are many stories and thoughts related to this. But I haven’t found any strong prof till now.

At the end of the letter, it is believed that it was written- “Your Valentine”. And this is why we celebrate 14th February as Valentine’s Day or St. Valentine’s day.

 How did Valentine’s day emerge as a Day of Love?

As Saint Valentinus supported love till his last breath. And punished to death due to performing marriage of soldiers. 

He always supported love and tried to spread his thoughts. He believed that everyone has a right to choose and express his or her love. There should not be any limitations for lovers.

If two persons love each other, they have a right to chose each other as their life partner. The biggest happiness in this world is to meet our own love and live together happily.

It is believed that the saint died for Love. And in order to show honor to him, we celebrate this day as a day of love.

From where the concept of cupid and hearts came?

 There are two interesting facts related to these signs and saint Valentinus.

He performed a Christian wedding for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. There were lots of Christians in Rome who were prosecuted by the Roman emperor for being Christian.

For the married soldiers and those prosecuted Christian, saint Valentinus use to make hearts. He uses to cut heart shapes out of parchment.

Giving these heart cut parchment to the prosecuted Christians and married soldiers to reminds them of the Gods’ love. To remind them of their vows. This is probably the origin of the heart shape that we use today to show our love.

Now, come to the cupid. That time Saint supposedly wore a big purple amethyst ring. On that amethyst, there was an engraved image of cupids. It was supposed to be a shape of love even at that time. That cupid image was legal in Rome at that time.

This way cupids are related to Saint Valentinus. And this is the most probable origin of these shapes of love. Whenever we think about love and love expressions, Heart shape comes in our mids. Cupids and hearts are commonly used shapes for valentine cards too.

  • Significance of Valentine’s Day:

Now, as you acquainted with, that there is no one particular rationale behind its existence like Diwali, Holi, etc. But, everyone holds a stiff general comprehension regarding its importance.

That’s why, without even questioning or doubting, from past halcyon generations, we are crystal in our senses. That the significance of the day revolves around earnest “love Aura”!.

Where other remaining days of the year remain silent, Valentine’s day speaks. And become “Messenger to express all your love”. People celebrate one whole week of February dedicating their love.

It is celebrated all over the world. The Love week of Valentine starts with the second week of February. Each day of valentine’s week is marked as a special day to express love.

Each day of this week has its own significance. Starting from a rose day, it comes to propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, hug day, kiss day and then comes the special day od love.

These days shows the different stages of love. You should start with a rose and express your feeling with each day. And then celebrate the day of togetherness on 14th February.

  • Involvement of Cupid :

One must note hereby, the limelight of Cupid also. You often see Cupid portraits /graphics on this  Valentine’s day.

Have you dwelled upon the fact that why you come across this Art piece? Why these cupids are in those gift galleries? In fact, when we draw a heart picture like that. without even hesitating once, we instantly extend an alluring arrow over that heart! Why?

The reason lies in its magnificent picture itself. It depicts a kid with a shooting arrow(love arrow), which implies it can make anyone fall in love (whether God or human). Moreover, According to mythology, Cupid is the Son of Almighty Venus.

Reposing trust in it, we embrace and celebrate this uncommon day and follow its enduring stunning cultures.

  • Easy 7 staircases to reach tough 14th!:

Metaphorically, you need to perform some rituals to get married. Just like that, you should fulfill those pursuits of seven bewitching days to become someone’s Valentine.

Follow and fuss over all previous (rose day, propose day, hug day, chocolate day, kiss day, promise day, teddy day) 7 days to make 14th possibly successful. This is how, in a true manner, you can enjoy the enchanting Valentine’s week.

Somehow, I am pretty sure that this bizarre formula will be going to convince my New love buddies (especially) and hopefully, their genuine efforts prove to be lifelong and fruitful.

  • A winsome tip to “Newbie lovers” who have recently got an admission to the school of romance!

Apart from above, write a handwritten letter. No, you need not be a writer for that! What you have to do, is to pour out all your heart into words. You may use some quotation, one-liners, etc to just to adorn it.

But, believe me, each word which has come out from your core heart will have it’s original and influencing power in itself. A plethora of resonating feelings will uncoil automatically and this is exactly what opposite one(to whom you give letter) needs! Lines can be cheesy, you know, but what I suggest, be real!

I proceed here to recommend you, to choose a “simple and bright piece of paper” to write upon. And don’t forget to sprinkle some (little) light and decent “perfumery” so that along with fragrance, your loved one will keep sniffing your true love. Ecstasy it is!

Imagine yourself and be prepared to cherish this Valentine. Might be some of you getting goosebumps. Let these goosebumps keep on up to Valentine’s Day and craft your beautiful remarkable love story.

  • Modernization into the celebration!:

Moving ahead, with a phrase, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, Concept to it, is getting wider and much mature in now times!

It may vary from person to person, feeling to feeling, Today, people employ some unique ways to fulfill this charming day. It is not limited to just single or mingles terminology. Youth are more thoughtful and practical now.

Simply put, a genial day strengthening relations, dedicated to their love partner. Also to friends, Family, passion, even some kind of charity and social service. Sorts can be poles apart but the essence and delivery of messages are totally the same.

It is to scatter ethereal and immense love, likings and acceptance. Scattergood feelings, positive vibes, happy surroundings, living lively, self-satisfaction, etc.

This is a day to feel the happiness in togetherness. Whether it is your family friends or even your life partner. We all need to express and fee the real feeling of love for each other.

  • A Gifting ritual!

Likewise thought process, gifting habits and tactics are also upgraded. Moreover, creators and customers both have become innovative and technologic. This era uses a flow of old-tradition of gifting, which is complemented and served by new modern-techniques.

Customized and personalized photo frames/prints, image transfer on mugs, pillow covers, bed-sheets, T-shirts, decoupage, key-chains, cakes, handmade greeting cards and many more! you know. I know, someone special has already gifted to you. If not, it’s okay, this February 14th, you take an initiative and gift your favorite one!

Fine! Overall, it exhibits an impressive, though an expressive blend of celebrating the flawless fusion of tradition.

  • A paradigm shift in trend via social media :

Young ages fully utilizing the social media world to make it everlasting. Whether be it  Facebook or Instagram, Whats app or mails, online sites or apps, etc. traffic can be seen everywhere.

Penning down quotes to writing poems, uploading recorded audios to spreading captured videos. Posting photos to attractive captions, fixing DP’s to put timelines.

It seems as if the whole social media is decorated. And well decorated with gorgeous bloom stories and love letters.

So, why not! one heart to my blog. I hope, along with me, you have enjoyed a short tour of my Valentine’s post.

Happy reading! Happy wishes!

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