Unique Valentine’s Day gift and Surprise Ideas (Him & Her)

It’s almost February, and every couple is excited about Valentine’s Day gift.  The festival in which we officially celebrate our day of Love. Some are planning a surprise party and proposals.  But some are planning for a romantic date and some like you are planning to surprise their loved one by getting love tattoos on.

What you are planning for? I guess you want a unique and memorable Valentine Day. That’s why you are here. Valentine’s day is not just for giving roses, chocolates or gifts. It is all about to give it in a unique way.

It is time to forget all the misunderstandings and dirty fights. Time to talk and be together again to make it memorable valentine’s day.

If you are newly committed or entered into a new relationship, this is gonna be your favorite post. Make your first Vallentine most amazing of all time. Plan perfectly for each day of Valentine’s week.

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Valentine's Day gifting

We’ll start our today’s topic but before that let’s talk about the tradition of Valentine’s Day.

Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift

Short History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on the 14th of February. This day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine.

Although Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday in any country. But is recognized as a significant cultural, commercial and religious celebration of romance and in many reasons around the world.

Valentine’s Day contains vestiges of both Christian and Roman ancient traditions. The story is related to the Catholic Church that recognizes some saints’ probably 3 names Valentine or Valentinus. All of these saints were martyred.

Emperor Claudius outlawed marriage for young men. His thinking was that single men made a better soldier than a married one.

Valentine was a priest who served during the 3rd century in Rome. He realized that this law is an injustice to those men. Saint started performing marriages of young lovers’ secretly.

After some time valentine did were caught up and Claudius ordered to put him to the death.

There one more story related to Valentine. Saint Valentine was a persecuted Cristian of Roman emperor.

He was once reported to perform one miracle. Healing Julia, the jailor’s blind daughter. It was not a small thing, this miracle tends roman to believing Jesus.Valentine's Day gift

It is also believed that Valentine cured Julia after he fell in love with her. He loved his jailor’s blind daughter secretly.

Roman Emperor Claudius was impressed by Valentine. And in terms to save his life he offered a valentine to get converted into a roman.

But Valentine refused the offer and tried to convert Claudius into Cristian. He was executed because of his refusal.

Before his execution, he wrote a letter to Julia. It was a love letter and he ended it with a sign “Your Valentine”. The expression “Your Valentine” was later adopted in modern valentine letters too.

Valentine’s Day Facts

Still, one question is arising. What is the reason behind celebrating this day as a lover’s day? Or why we use to say that he or she is my valentine to indicate our love?

The reason behind indicating your love as your valentine is also interesting. Valentine did the miracle of curing his love. He loved Julia, his jailor’s blind daughter and cured her blindness.

He gave her the biggest surprise as a sign of his love.

If you believe in the first story, Valentine was suggested as good for new lovers of that time. He lost his life for binding 2 life who were in love. That was really a big thing.

That’s why we use the word “Valentine” to our love. Valentine is a sign of true love and sacrifice.

We still use the ending expression “Your Valentine” in our love letters, isn’t it? Valentine can be used for both male and a female. It defines true love or a true supporter of love just as a valentine.

But now, Valentine’s Day is not just a one-day celebration. Peoples around the world use to celebrate 1 whole week as a love week or valentine’s week. The week starts with the 7th of February and ends with a grand 14th February –“Valentine’s day” celebration.

Things keep changing. And that’s why by the time our way of celebrating Valentine’s Day also changed.

Each day of Valentine’s week is celebrated for 7 different way of celebrating love. 7 days are assigned for 7 different things and today’s lovers follow them by series.

Let’s have a look at different days of Valentine week…

  • 7th Feb Rose day

The celebration of Love started with a red rose. Lovers use to gift roses to their loved. Rose is being used as a sign of love from many years (especially red rose).

Red rose to convey deep emotions of Love, admiration, respect, devotion, and desire.

Different color of Rose shows different feelings and different relations. But not only colors, but there is also a huge significance of the number of roses in a lover’s life.

The number of roses your loved one gives you hides deep meanings. Let’s have a talk on the meaning of the number of roses you gave to your love. This will help you to decide how much red roses you should gift your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.

Gift your love some beautiful Red rose on the first day of Valentine week.

I am helping you to choose the right type and quantity for your valentine.
  1. One Rose Means you fall in love at first sight or in love with the one even one year later.
  2. Tow Roses for mutual love and affection.
  3. Three roses for completion of your 3rd Or 3 roses reflect the three magical word “I LOVE YOU”.
  4. Six Red roses for being totally someone’s. If you are receiving 6 roses that means he or she wanna be yours.
  5. Nine Roses Show the desire to be each other. Like he or she wants to be with you forever.
  6. Twelve is a sign that your partner is a bit possessive about your love. He or she wants you to be completely there. Simply means –“ be mine” Twelve Red Rose is most common among all.
  7. Thirteen roses are for your secret love. If you are receiving 13 roses from your friend means he or she is your secret admirer.
  8. Fifteen roses mean your partner is regretting any mistake. 15c generally shows “I am Sorry”. If there is nothing to be sorry just keep it for future (kidding).
  9. Twenty is for telling you that “I am sincere towards you and believe me”. These people need your belief coz they truly love you.
  10. Twenty-one is for showing dedication. But these roses come with a little regret and need to come back in love.
  11. Twenty four Roses shows strong love and dedication of partner. As a dozen (12) means “be mine”, two dozen (24) means “I am all Yours’”. Be careful with these mad lovers they are always your even if you don’t need.
  12. Twenty-five Rose is generally given for congratulating. Are you getting a Promotion? Are you pregnant? Or anything you have to congratulate your love, just give him or her a bucket full of 12 roses.
  13. Three dozen (36) is always given for showing a huge love. It means “I am always there with you, for you all the time”.
  14. 40+ roses simply you can suppose that your lover’s love and wallet is all yours’. Nothing is as expensive as you in this world. Order bunch of 50 fresh Red roses here.
I don’t believe that these numbers really decide how much someone loves you.

This information will help you to choose the right gift for your love. This will make your Rose day one of the most special days. It is the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

While researching meanings behind the number of roses. I came up with a poem written by Barry A. Lanier. It is all about the number 12.

Perception of true and special love behind giving 12 red roses.

Among all 12 roses are the most popular one.

The first red rose, Sent out of season.

The Second Red rose sent for no reason.

The third red rose sent for happiness and health.

The fourth red rose sent for gaining life’s wealth.

The fifth red rose sent for gaining new friends.

The sixth red rose sent for guiding you through life’s bends.

The seventh red rose sent for praying you never tire.

The Eighth red rose sent for giving you all of your desires.

The ninth red rose sent for your happiness in love.

The tenth red rose sent for hoping I’m your turtledove.

The Eleventh red rose sent for igniting passion and fire.

The Twelfth red rose sent for hoping I’m your desire.

  • 8th Feb- Propose day

After giving a rose to your love, now it’s time to propose. On the 8th of Feb, we celebrate the 2nd day of Valentine’s week.

There is a deep meaning behind the sequence of 7 days celebration. You gift him or her a red rose then commit your feeling for your love.

Most people propose their love on propose day like they usually do. They call at midnight and propose on call. Or they simply sit on their knee and propose (sometimes in public).

Yeah, I know that every proposal from your loved one is special even if it seems usual to anybody else. But you can make your proposal day a special and unique one.

The best way to propose is to gift a big love card. I found it best just because it stays almost forever. And it keeps reminding the first day of love.

Best Gifting Ideas- Valentine’s day gift

If you will ask me for the idea, I will suggest you do some cute pranks. You can set your room or place of your choice. Ask your love to come and don’t forget it should be secret.

You can ask your friends for a favor. Just tell him or her that you are not feeling good and need his help. Whenever your love arrived there proposed him/her in your way.

Try to make that day more special and memorable. You can cook some stuff of their choice or just order some good foods. Decorate your room gift a cure proposal greeting card and spend the day together.

Another way to make your propose day a memorable one. Set everything according to his/ her timing. Propose your love publicly.

This day is not only for new couples. It may prove as the best day for your love if you are planning for a marriage proposal.

Happy propose day”.

  • 9th Feb- Chocolate day

As a chocolate lover, I can say that this is one of the best day celebrations in the world. We should celebrate each day as a chocolate day.

  1. Big sweet Chocolate basket
  2. Valentine Milk With White truffle
  3. Chocolate Lover filled with: chocolate, brownies, whoopee pie, Rugelach many more things.  

9th February is celebrated as chocolate day.  After giving roses and you love proposal, it’s time to take something sweet. Chocolate is the best Valentine’s Day gift.

If you are planning to enter into a new relationship this is one of the most important days for you. You can win your partner’s heart by gifting best chocolate.

Especially if you are a guy, you can win your lady’s heart easily. Give her a big chocolate bucket. She will never refuse your proposal.

  • 10th Feb- Teddy day

Teddy day is on 10th February. This day seems to have to value. But gifting a teddy to your man or lady shows care and affection.

This is more important if you are in a long distance relationship. Teddy makes your love feel special. And also makes her/ him feel like you both are never apart.

This is one of the days for which almost every girl is excited. The happiest day seems to be teddy day in February isn’t. Teddy is my favorite Valentine’s Day gift.

Teddy bear online

  1. Giant cute lover zombie teddy bear 
  2. Rose Teddy bear valentine’s day special
  3. Custom Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear
  4. Biggest Super Soft Teddy
  5. Super cute mini teddy bears

It is better to gift many small cute teddies than gifting usual average. You can gift little teddy with the different alphabets written on it. Alphabets may say I LOVE YOU or it may be your and your valentine’s name.

Okay, let me give you one of the best Idea that works in every situation.

First of all, arrange a huge paper box. You can just borrow or buy a Washing machine or fridge wrapping box from any electronic shop.

Decorate that box with tiny teddy and roses. Make it look cute and attractive by wrapping color paper and decorative stickers.

Do not forget to buy one special teddy bear for your love and some roses too. Chocolates are optional.

Stuff all the things and yourself too. Yup you have to be a teddy too. I mean wrap you inside the box and you’ll need some friends to help you.

Knock the door and before that go inside the box. When she/he will open the door, your friend will gift him/her a huge gift box on behalf of you.

After unwrapping and opening the real teddy will surprise him/her. If you have a nice budget just arrange some more gift and romantic evening stuff. Like candles, balloons, chocolates, drinks and whatever you can effort.

This is the best surprise for you both. And the most important thing don’t forget to write to me about your experience and feelings right here in the comment box. Valentine’s Day gift.

I am as excited as you are right now. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

  • 11th Feb- Promise day

Promise day is another important day. As this day will strengthen your relationship. You have to make feel your valentine that he/she is the luckiest person in this world to have you.

This day can give a big difference in your love life. One serious promise can make your life.

Making a promise to love and be together is the main promise you have to make. But apart from these, you should make promises that your partner wants.

Like giving up on Smoking to much alcohol intake. Or promise line never lies again can make your day even more awesome.

Now it’s time to make it more special by following my idea.

Buy two handkerchiefs. Try to buy two red handkerchiefs and write your name on one and your partner’s on other.

Pack them in a box and wrap with a gift wrap. Give it to your love.

Checkout arrow handkerchief online with the price here.
  1. Mr & Mrs personalize handkerchief
  2. personalize hankies with Love or wedding date

He/ she may be surprised, what is the reason behind gifting 2 hankys. And I guess you are surprised too, isn’t it?

Now you have to take the handkerchiefs in your hand and make promises one by one. Tie one knot on each promise.

Like 3 knots for 3 promises and keep them tied. Give it to your valentine with a promise to know that you will never break any of these promises. Tie both handkerchiefs together.

And one more thing, these knots are most important for those who frequently forgot their promises. This will be your reminder hanky. Isn’t it cute Valentine’s Day gift?

The bond shows your relationship bond. You have to keep your promise to keep them bonded together.

To take this to a different level you can ask your partner to bind knots too. You both make promises to each other and tie knots. At last bind both the hanky together.

And the most important thing. Share your experience and your partner’s reaction with me. Even if you need some more romantic surprises Idea, Just write to me here.

  • 12th Feb- Hug day

Then comes Hug day. On 12th February, couples celebrate hugging each other. This is one of the excitement of newly committed couples.

It increases closeness and makes you feel like there is someone so close to you. There is someone to care for and cherish your love. This day is not just about to go and hug your partner.

It is also for showing some extra love and care. Give a cute hug day greeting card and ask your valentine for a season’s warm hug.

This is something cute but common. Most of the couples gift flowers and greeting cards and hugs their valentine on this day.

What will you do? You are not a common person. You are special for me as you love my writings and that’s why I love you too.

And this is the biggest reason that I am here to help you make your Hug day special and unique.

You all keep asking me cute gifting ideas. I will suggest you gift your love a cute side pillow or throw pillow.

Yes, this will be awkward at first sight. But there is a deep meaning behind suggesting you this gift. When you will not be there in front of him/her. They will love cuddling or hugging it.
It will keep them reminding you and your presence will be felt. Your cute gift will be your love’s hug partner.

If you are in a long distance relationship, these small cute things will help you to keep your love alive and fresh whole life.

  • 13th Feb- Kiss day

You nailed it. You made your Valentine’s week more special and full of love. Now celebrate kiss day one day prior to Valentine’s Day.

This is all your day. Do whatever you both like to do. Go shopping or on a long drive. Do special preparation for valentine day.

Handmade Real wood Kiss Greeting Card.

Party hard all night and celebrate your valentine’s day with friends. Another option is to arrange a small romantic dinner at your place. Wish your love a happiest Valentine’s Day at sharp 12 AM.

I have nothing much to plan for kiss day. As you are smart enough to make it on your own Valentine’s Day gift.

But don’t forget to be kiss-ready. Here is some mouth freshener to keep your mouth and you fresh all day. Check the prices.

  • 14th Feb- Valentine’s day

Now comes the final celebration day. Plan a sweet memorable dinner date. Or take your partner on a romantic long drive and enjoy your day together.

For converting your day into your D-day, you have to arrange one unique and special gift. Your gift may be expensive like a Diamond ring or it may be a simple less expensive flowers. Amazing Valentine’s Day gift.

Here are some really cute gift Ideas
  1. Beautiful Valentine Love Greeting Cards
  2. Customize Cards
  3. Fresh flowers of different varieties
  4. 24K gold dipped Rose  for him or her

Thank you for reading this post and giving a little Love to me. Do share with your friends and family members and help them find the best gift for their loved ones. This is all about Valentine’s Day gift.

Hope I have helped you in any way in making you this year’s Valentine’s day most special and memorable one. If you really liked this post do like share and comment on your experience.

How these ideas helped you and what you do for your special one. If you want some more posts like this, don’t forget to write it here. Please Subscribe for getting the first notification of upcoming posts.

Keep Smiling & Stay Healthy-“Because You are Beautiful”.
Valentine's Day gift



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