Piercing Gun Vs Needles: Pros – Cons and Pain comparison

Which one is better Piercing gun or Needle, lots of confusions? This is a kind of controversial topic in my view. If you ask people about which one is better, you’ll get like 70% answer supporting- the traditional needle piercing method. But the figure was not the same at that time when the Piercing gun came into existence. People found it easy and comfortable.

People believe that Piercing guns results in much less pain as compared to the traditional method. But needles are easy to sterilize and the risk of infections are very less as compared to piercing guns. 

Ok forget about everything and tell me first, what would you prefer Needles or Gun? M sure whatever your answer is, this post gonna change your mindset for sure.

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Let’s get started…

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Piercing Gun Vs Needles



  • Very easy to use (use under expert guidance only)
  • Need some techniques and experience
  • Piercing gun takes very less time to use and pierce
  • Needles can take a little  more time to pierce
  • People feel less pain with piercing gun
  • Needle actually results less pain if used correctly
  • tough to sterilize
  • easy to sterilize even at home
  • piercing can get infected if same gun is being used for many people
  • there is very less chance to get infections, if sterilize properly
  • Piercing Gun is a little expensive than piercing needles
  • Needles are very affordable

Why needles are better than Guns?

Needles have very easy to sterilize and that’s why it is better than piercing gun. This is the most important question. And I am sure you are here in search of this particular question.

Why most people prefer Piercing needles over guns?

Even though it feels like a needle causes more pain than a gun, most of us prefer needle. What you think is the possible reason?

The most important reason is – chance of getting infections. Yeah, piercings we get with piercing guns are at high risk of getting infections. And the perception that gun causes less pain is also not true.

According to some researches, it is found that a gun is not safe. As a blunt stud pushed forcefully through the lobe or cartilage while piercing by a gun. And this action may cause more pain and even tissue damage.

I am quite sure that your perceptions are now changing immediately after reading this section. Before getting to the conclusion, wait a second.

Needles are always a better option, but I don’t think piercing guns are this much dangerous. If it is properly cleaned or sterilized.

Although I’ll never say that piercing with a needle never gets infected. The main thing is to make sure that the needle is properly sterilized. It should be properly cleaned and sterilized.

Why is it bad to use a piercing gun?

Piercing gun can cause infections if not sterilized and is bad to use.

First thing is that comes into your mind whenever you thought of getting ear or nose piercing with a piercing. You thought of the mall. Yeah, most of you found it easy and affordable to get pierced from a mall with any piercing gun.

But think before getting into the conclusion. Cleaning piercing guns for the piercer each time properly before each piercing is really tough. Especially in the mall or similar crowded area.

As I told you several times that sterilization is the most important thing. This is something you should know about getting your body or face pierced.

But in the case of piercing guns, it is not possible to sterilize it in an autoclave. As most of the piercing guns are made up of plastic. And it will get melted if you try to put in the sterilization machine.

Still, I am not telling that piercing guns can never be a good idea. Most of the people avoid it just because no one gets pierced at their homes.

And using dirty or not properly cleaned piercing guns may result in a serious infection. But the case is a bit easier if you are using it at your home or using a properly cleaned one.

Let me know if you want a detailed post on- how to clean or sterilize guns before cleaning? Do comment below. I’ll include my blog.

Pain and tissue damage is a big reason for not using a piercing gun. The stud or jewelry that forcefully pushed through your skin is actually a blunt thing if compared to needles.

It only looks sharp but is actually not for piercing and that’s causing much more pain.

piercing needle is better than Piercing gun

Do needle hurt more than Gun?

No absolutely not. Needle hurt more than gun is a myth. Most people just think that the needle is more painful but it’s not true.

And one more important thing is your strength to endure or tolerate. Some people found it very painful while some think it’s just normal.

Piercing two different persons with the same type of needle and to the same part of the body may result in two very different reactions.

Leaving the tolerance power. We all know as fast the needle will cross, the less painful it will be.

For fast and perfect piercing it is very important to have a sharp needle-like thing. But as I have told you the gun directly pierced into using studs mainly.

The jewel used in piercing guns looks sharp enough to pass through. But actually, it’s not.

Piercing needles are specially designed to pierce. Whereas studs are wire-like structures that are a bit blunt as compared to needles.

Now let’s not talk about pain. Scientifically needles are less painful however people feel differently. But believe me, it’ll be bearable.

If you are passionate about getting pierced, you shouldn’t think about pain. You can get it done easily and safely.

How does a piercing gun work?

A piercing gun is a piercing tool, looks similar to a handgun. It works with spring action to push the stud or jewelry through the skin when the trigger is pulled.

This phenomenon looks simple and easy. You just have to pull the trigger, that’s all. But before doing it on your own, be sure you know everything about it.

Before doing the final task you don’t just have to know how to pierce. You should also know what the parts you can use this gun are.

Piercing guns are generally loaded with piercing studs. These are a special type of studs mainly used in piercing guns to pierce. Old models of piercing guns used pre-sterilized studs.

And what are the risk of getting it done on my own? Much more information you should collect before giving it a final try.

Piercing guns are mainly used for earlobe piercings. It is also used for cartilage and nostrils. But the U.S and some European countries limited it to ear lobes.

Although it seems to be very easy, using it somewhere other than earlobes are not even safe. It can damage tissues and can cause some problems.

Piercing gun for kid

 Piercing Gun Vs Needle for baby

If it is properly cleaned or a new piercing gun then you definitely go for it. But just keep in mind that babies are more prone to get infection easily.

You should not take a risk if you are not sure. And you should take special care while piercing. Use piercing guns only for earlobes.

If you are piercing nostrils or any other part, use piercing needles. As needles are safer to use.
But don’t forget to ask your piercer to sterilize all piercing tools and equipment. And do ask what should be the aftercare routine.

Let me know if you want a separate post of a baby piercing topic. Just comment below in the comment section and I’ll include it here.

Here are a few points you should take care of.

  • Don’t go to the mall for your baby’s piercing. As the piercer has to be so quick and sometimes skip cleaning the piercing gun.
  • Never try it yourself, if you don’t have complete knowledge about piercing, before and aftercare.
  • Take proper knowledge about how to use hollow needles or piercing gun before trying.
  • Ask your piercer to apply a numbing gel to the area of the piercing. Kids can’t bear the pain and may start panicking.
  • You can also use ice cubes to numb skin, but be sure it is never as effective as numbing gels.
  • Eat healthily and try to clean the piercing at least once a day.
  • Do not clean too much, it may result in the drying of the skin and may halt healing.
  • Most of the experts advice – Cleaning max 2 times a day.
  • Cutoff sugar intakes and main thing is that candies should be avoided.
  • Do not try to remove your baby’s jewelry before it gets healed completely.
  • If infection symptoms are visible, take proper care, and visit a doctor.

Hope you got your answer. And now you are sure enough to decide which one pick. Then, What are you waiting for? Go and get it done now! Go to a piercing artist and get it done without any risk.

Don’t forget to ask whether the tools are sterilized or not, what are the cleaning steps and most important- don’t forget to share everything here with me. Share your experiences, like, query, requests, or even suggestion. I’ll reply to all of your comments.

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