Nose Rings Type: Find the Perfect Jewelry Which Is Best For You

Nose rings are a versatile piece of jewelry that every woman should have in her collection. Wearing a nose ring can effectively change your look almost instantly. While it doesn’t require much adjustment, a silver stud can bring a chick look without necessarily doing anything over the top. Let’s see the different type of nose rings today.

Nose rings go long in Indian culture; there are rich history and traditional values behind them. Modern gold nose ring designs are also available on the internet, which is skillfully designed to add more to your look. The subtle combination of nose ring with jewelry can contribute to you making a fashion statement as well.

Now that we all have an idea about nose rings, let’s learn how to sort out the perfect nose rings for different face types. Here’s a detailed breakdown of varying nose ring types that will help you during purchase next time.

 What type of nose rings you should wear?

You can try hoops and studs as these two are very common types of nose piercing jewelry. Check out each type and find the best for yourself.

Studs: the most common type of nose rings

What makes nose studs a hit is their ability to suit every face. Their versatility will help you to look good in any attire, be it Indian or western. If your nose comes with a broader shape, you could go for a big stud with gems engraved on it; otherwise, if you have a small nose, it’s best if you go for a little stud. The most significant advantage of choosing nose studs is that you will not have to worry about what to wear to match the stud effortlessly.


Hoops are another type of nose ring that enjoys a popular preference worldwide. They are best suited for women with a broad face. This is because a comprehensive look will help the user pick big hoops engraved with pearls and diamonds. Nose ring hoops are skill-fully designed to offer the public a wide range of shapes and variety. Those with a small nose can also wear hoops, but picking a short form would do the job. Rings have been traditionally paired up with ethnic outfits, while those with smaller shapes can go well with tops, Kurtis and tunics, and t-shirts depending upon their designs.

Septum Rings

Septum rings help you make your style unique from the rest of the people at the party. Much like the hoops, these rings are also straightforward to pair with your wardrobe. Therefore you can pick any attire for the occasion and match it with the septum rings. What you will need is the knowledge of fashion and the confidence to carry it. These rings are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and structures, making each piece unique, handy, and comfortable to wear.


With a Bali nose ring, you will need prominent nose shapes to flaunt it. They are best suited for traditional and festive occasions and are necessarily designed to be plump and gorgeous as well.

Nose Rings Type

Final Thoughts

There are different nose rings available for different nose types in the market. You need to have the right eye for the jewelry and keep adding to your collection. Unlike several fashion accessories, you don’t need typical occasions to wear nose rings. Wearing them could make you look trendy, stylish, and pleasantly different from the rest of your crowd.


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