Laser Tattoo Removal: What, When & How

Tattoos are popular among young boys and girls to adults. People sometimes get bored with an old tattoo. And then start seeking for any solution. As permanent tattoo needs a lot of techniques as well as money to get removed. We are going to talk about Laser Tattoo Removal technique.

In this article, you will get all the information about Laser tattoo removal.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Guide

What is Laser Technique?

Laser technique is simply the method of technology used to remove and treat various types of tattoo worn by people regardless of the part of the body it is found.

Sometimes, one could still make use of the traditional method to achieve this task. But it is now very conventional that the laser tattoo technique is much better. And also greatly satisfying in terms of the result it has produced over time.

As a matter of fact, patients have been enjoying the services of laser technology. This technique for tattoo removal with no appreciable increase in cost regardless of how demanding it could be.

Laser removal is one of the most effective and best ways of tattoo removal. As the craze of permanent tattoo is increased the use of laser technology for tattoo removal is also increased.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Laser tattoo removal treatment is a very sophisticated form of tattoo removal treatment specifically designed to fully abolish tattoos without leaving any traces of scars or damaged skin layers.

Using this form of tattoo treatment makes patients feel at ease. This is because the ingenuity or ergonomics behind the design of this laser tattoo removal treatment puts patients’ health care into consideration.

This is how it works. When carrying out a laser tattoo removal treatment, the energy light possessed by the laser machine disintegrates. And shatters the ink of the tattoo into tiny molecules. Then is progressively taken up by the skin.

Laser tattoo removal have the tendency to cause a minute form of distress when the process is been carried out. However, local anesthesia administered to the patient would be able to reduce or eradicate such discomfort.

As regards this process of removing tattoo, laser tattoo removal, there is every possibility to find in different measures some side effects. This can be red and tender skin, blistering, scabs, swelling, bruising as well as hyper and hypopigmentation.

Not to worry a thing, Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment has got you covered in the sense that the side effects goes away.

Side effects that occur during and after tattoo removal varnishes within three to seven days. Because of the sophisticated level of treatment by laser tattoo removal.

How is Laser Technique Different from Others?

Laser technique is different from other techniques of tattoo removal in some ways:

We would like to mention other tattoo removal techniques and compare them with the laser technique


Dermabrasion is simply a surgical technique of removing a tattoo. The tattoo is removed via the use of a medical grinding device used to peel out the epidermis of the skin.

It peels off in a well-ordered and cultured manner. Unlike the laser technique of tattoo removal where heat energy is applied to the ink of the tattoo to shatter it into tiny particles, Dermabrasion uses a medical grinding tool. It uses tool to completely remove the skin part that carries the tattoo.

So no need for breaking the tattoo into tiny particles. This is because the intent of this method of tattoo removal is to remove the layers carrying the ink particles, which in turn removes the tattoo totally.

Though this method is painful, however, there is the administration of a local, regional or general anesthesia to ease this pain during the process of removing the tattoo.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels such as Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is one chemical that is used to remove tattoo systematically. Trichloroacetic is a mild acid in the sense that it has a reasonable amount of latent heat of vaporization that makes it gentle and cool on the skin.

When TCA is applied to a tattooed skin, it removes the outer layer of the skin and also carries along the tattoo ink by peeling it off. It is somewhat similar to bleaching.

In the case of laser technique of removing tattoo, when the tattoo breaks into tiny particles. It is the immune system of the skin that helps to shade it off. But in the case of the chemical peels, the tattoo is washed off easily to allow the skin grow back again.

This method of tattoo removal does not even need the use of anesthesia. Though it is painful, mild but it does the peeling on its own without any form of heat generated.

More so, TCA peels often result in creating an open wound that will need the attention of the doctor/nurse after a tattoo removal process is completed. It will require regular cleaning with soap as well as the use of antibiotics

Surgical Excision

Surgical excision is another method or technique used to remove the tattoo from the skin. As the name implies, this technique involves cutting out the tattoo directly from the skin.

Whenever you want to remove tattoos, especially small ones, this technique is best in all regards. It should be noted that this method may not be applicable for a very large tattoo. After the cutting is done, the skin found around the cut part is then bought together and sewed.

Unlike the laser technique, which could be used for a very large tattoo. The Surgical Excision method is only used for small size tattoo because of the pain accompanying the process. In line with this, local, regional or even general anesthesia is used which is dependent on the tattoo size.

How many Tattoo Removal Sessions Are Needed?

As a matter of fact, laser tattoo removal would require nothing short of 1 to 10 laser sessions to completely remove the ink.

Using the Laser Tattoo Removal Technique, there are several sessions that are needed depending on the size, design, and color of the tattoo to be removed. Complete tattoo removal cannot or is often not possible in just one laser treatment session.

This is because one session alone will create a more difficult task for the immune system to eradicate the tiny particles that have been broken already by the laser.

In addition, some tattoo ink colors are tougher to be removed than others and may not even leave the surface of the skin completely, hence the need for a 1 to 10 laser session. In view of this, a six-week duration between each of the laser sessions is needed with a view to allowing the wounds heal and the body takes in more of the ink.

Factors Involved in Laser Tattoo Removal

There are several factors that are attached to removing tattoo via laser technique

  1.  Skin Tone

The tone of the skin is a very important factor to be considered. As it is, the majority of the skin tones we have are treatable as regards tattoo removal. Lighter tones have had a higher rate of success as regards the fading away of the tattoo after or during treatment.

This is because there is a much deeper difference between the pigment in the ink and the natural pigment found in the tone of the skin.

It has been seen over time that people with lighter skin tone often see the particles of the tattoo fade away just from the first session of laser tattoo removal.

  1. Ink Quality

In quality is an essential factor in the sense that various types of inks react in diverse ways to laser tattoo treatment. Though one would prefer a higher quality ink so that the tattoo would come out very fine and enticing.

Unknown to them that this category of ink often takes much longer time to fade when it is to be removed than low-quality ink. Contrarily, it doesn’t have the harmful toxins contained in lower quality inks.

  1. The Color of the Ink

Ink color is also a factor that plays a key role in laser tattoo removal treatment. Colors such as black, dark blue and red which are a dark type of color answer to treatment in a much faster way than lighter colors such as white, light blue as well as yellow.

Though there are some specific types of lasers that can remove both light and dark ink colors without having any much stress or pain, such as Duality lasers – just as the name implies.

  1. Immune System

Every person on Earth has different immune system. The immune system in some persons has the capacity to break down this pigment in the ink at a particular rate different from the others. So the higher the immune system, the faster the breaking down of the pigment in the ink on the skin

Cost of Laser Tattoo Remove in the US

It can cost you between $200 to $600.

The prices depend on the size of the tattoo. The larger the size of the tattoo, the higher the price and vice versa. To have your tattoo removal via laser technique in the US is not expensive.

Ones you have had your mind made up as regards removing the tattoo irrespective of the size. The next thing is to locate a tattooist’s shop. To this end, the average price of laser tattoo removal in the US ranges from $200 to $500 per treatment session.

Cost of Laser Removal in the UK

It can range from £150 – £8, 000 based on certain factors. 

The cost of laser tattoo removal in the UK varies directly with the type and size of the tattoo as well as the quality of service of the tattooist.

But the average price of laser tattoo removal charged by clinics in the UK ranges between £150 and £800 per treatment session. This therefore means that you could be charged as high as £8, 000 to get a complete riddance of a larger ink tattoo.

Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal in the Canada

In Canada price for tattoo removal ranges from $75 to $500,

There are several clinics in Canada that use laser technology to remove the tattoo for a certain charge. A clinic like Munroe’s Clinic charges as much as $75 per square inch per session.

As it is, most clients would have to receive as much as three to six-session. It depends on the state of the tattoo.

Cost of Laser Tattoo Remove in Australia

In Australia, tattoo removal is based on some tattoo sizes. The average laser tattoo removal costs per treatment, based on estimated sizes in Australia.

  • 2cm by 2cm goes for $65
  • 6cm by 4cm goes for $90
  • 9cm by 9cm goes for $180
  • 15cm by 10cm goes for $270
  • ½ A4 goes for $360
  • A4 size goes for $540
  • A4+ goes for custom price


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