How to Remove Temporary Tattoos from Your Face?

Temporary tattoos and body art are one of the many things that many of us try at least once or twice in our life. Especially if we are having a blast at a festival. Or want to see how does it feel to have something close to a real tattoo. Of course, there are many beautiful designs that would look great on any part of the face.

But the problem comes when its time to remove it. The simple way is to wait out until it becomes pale. Then you can scrub it off. However, if you are on a bit of a tight schedule you need to pick the simplest way. We’ll rest assured there are many easy ways to quickly remove your one-time guilty pleasure!

temporary tattoos

So, how to remove temporary tattoos from your face? There are several methods that we can apply, and they are surprisingly simple and effortless! Such methods we would suggest include: scrubbing, peeling, cold cream.

All of these methods are harmless and safe. Always rest assured that in most cases you won’t be experiencing any sort of risks. Most importantly, all of the said mentioned methods include everyday household items. All of that can be found in almost every home.

how to remove temporary tattoos ink from skin?

You can scrub your skin, use a peeling method or apply some cold cream. 

  • If you decide to try scrubbing the tattoo, the best product for is baby oil. Make sure to add a small dose of the baby oil onto the cotton ball or piece of paper towel. Keep in mind that the oil does contain alcohol, so when applying it might sting a bit. Another alternative if you do not have baby oil is olive oil.

Add a pinch of fine sugar crystals or rice flour to exfoliate it. Do not rub your skin especially if the tattoo is on your face. take some time and gently exfoliate it.

  • The next method is peeling, when using this one make sure to have a clear tape, for example, Scotch tape. Depending on the size of the tattoo cut big enough piece of tape and rub it against your skin simply with your finger.

Once that is applied, peel of the tape and the tattoo should peel along with it. The process might need to be repeated if the tattoo is large. When the process is done, remember to rub a cube of ice so as to avoid and soothe the redness that might appear on your skin.

  • Cold cream is another good option, you only need to apply the cream enough to cover the whole tattoo. Let the cream take effect for about an hour and after that wash it away with warm water and soap. Easy no?

However as easy as it sounds, there are still some details to be considered. We would also like to mention a few more things in regards to health risk factors, and a few more suggestions when it comes to the removal of a temporary tattoo.

Persistent tattoos and ways to remove them

It can often happen that some temporary tattoos use a similar kind of ink that is used when creating real tattoos. Because of that, the ink itself might be harder to remove. More of a challenge for the methods we listed in the previous section.

Once again we present you with a list of household products that most of us already own but they have high potency when it comes to removal.

The list includes these items:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Nail polish remover

Additionally, you can also use cleanser or any other product that contains chemicals such as glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid. All of which can help the skin to go back to its previous state and also deep clean it.

Most of these chemicals can be found on most of the beauty products, so it never hurts to check the back labels of the packages and check for yourself.

Whichever product you choose to use, remember to add a small amount of it onto cloth and gently pressure the tattooed area. Massage it in small circular motions. Each process should last about 20 seconds top. Make sure to have a good look at your face if the skin is in the good condition, if needed keep scrubbing.

Once everything is over the first thing you have to do is wash your face from the remains of the tattoos and the removal as well.

temporary tattoos removing technique

Red skin and health aspects

After all the scrubbing and pressure onto the skin, you are finally done and there is not even an inch of the tattoo on your skin….the inflammation and redness just might take the stage.

Normally, this happens because of the amount of scrubbing or because of the chemicals that are in either the tattoo or beauty product you used for removal. And no woman is happy to see this sort of thing on her face right?

Thankfully to any problem, there is a solution. Luckily the first one any of us could make is a cold compressor. We can apply to the inflamed area for 15 minutes. But if you are not the fan of the icy touch there are several other ways too!

For example, we suggest using these soothing products:
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Cucumber gel
  • Coconut gel

It has been proven that the redness will simply vanish within the day if you choose one of the said mentioned methods above.

Now in this next part, we would like to put emphasis on the health aspects of temporary tattoos. To be more precise the research that would be wise to make before putting a temporary tattoo on your face.

As we have mentioned before, there is a high chance of having the effect of permanent ink through a temporary tattoo. Keep your eyes peeled on tattoo ink that contains coal tar or PPD. It has been recorded that this ingredient often causes allergic reactions in some people.

PPD is by the law not allowed to be in any sort of cosmetics used for skin, especially face. Some of the most common problems that have occurred due to allergic reactions are: Redness, blisters, loss of pigmentation, skin becoming more sensitive to sunlight and permanent scarring.

Most of the time for the above-mentioned reaction to happen it either immediately appears or after a period of two to three weeks.

Keep in mind, if you do experience any of these reactions quickly contact either your beautician or dermatologist for quick and efficient help.

Related questions

What are the benefits of using temporary tattoos?

In comparison to permanent tattoos, there are far fewer health risks (aside from one that we have mentioned if the proper ink is not used).

Also, there is no big risk of pain during the applying and healing process. Since in most cases needles are rarely used when drawing a temporary tattoo. On average these tattoos only last for several days. So they are far more flexible and prone to change.

You can change if you are not yet committed to any specific design you desire to have on your face or any other body part. For the most part, they are quite affordable. And they do not always necessarily need to be done by an artist.

Since in most cases it is far wiser to experiment with an affordable temporary tattoo. Try temporary rather than giving the same amount of money to a tattoo artist who is not properly trained. You might even end up having a rather unappealing piece of ‘art’ on your flesh.

Still, be informed before applying the tattoo. Do proper research, even if the health risks are relatively minor. It is often advised to check the ink content properly. When that is out of the way then feel free to choose any sort of design you desire. Especially since nowadays more and more people have either a positive or neutral outlook on the tattoo community.

What are the types of temporary tattoos?

Before deciding the designs of the tattoo on your face you will need to know the types. There are three main types of these: decals, stains, and paints.

The decal is most commonly known and used out of three. Essentially it is a sticker that almost all of us have tried at least once. It is applied on the skin, moist and rubbed in. When once it’s dry simply re-stick it and the image would be clear on your skin.

Stains, however, are dyes that can be absorbed by the surface of the skin. They will leave a mark and last until the skin begins to shed. This type is quite similar to that of henna. And oftentimes Sharpie ink can be used for creating stain tattoos. This method might seem long-lasting but it can be removed.

You can remove it with alcohol easily much like most of the temporary tattoos. It leaves barely any mark on your skin. The final type we are going to mention is the paints.

Paints are liquids that are mostly applied with an airbrush or pen. Much like a decal, paints also sit on the surface of the skin.

Major differences that paints are more persistent than a decal, but that depends on the type of paint. With that in mind, it might take more time to remove paints. You can’t remove them by simply soaking with water.


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