Is the Beauty Blender Worth it?

Blending is the most important step of makeup. To get natural makeup look you need to blend all makeup products properly. It needs patience as well as expertise. But there is something that can make this time-taking step a very easy step. Using beauty blenders is really fun. Today it is one of the most popular makeup tools. And even I love using a blender.

It feels soft on the skin and gives a more natural finish. Blenders are definitely worth the splurge. But it is also true that you can’t do everything with blenders. To do eye makeup or highlighting you need brushes.

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Is the Beauty Blender Worth it

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Is the Beauty Blender Worth it?

Yes, a beauty blender is absolutely worth it. Blenders are for blending makeup products and it works amazingly. You want a nice evenly spread foundation and concealer on the surface of your skin.

For spreading makeup you can simply use your fingers, isn’t it? Yes, you can use your finger or palm for spreading your makeup but it’ll not be that even. To check the difference, let’s try to do it in both ways.

Take some amount of foundation on your fingers and some amount on your makeup brush. Now, apply makeup on your face or back of your hands in two different sections. Try blending one side with your fingers and the other side using a makeup brush.

The difference with being visible to you. Brush blends more evenly than what you do with your fingers. Now try blending foundation on the bare skin using a beauty blender. You will see a huge difference from makeup done by fingers to makeup using blenders.

Blenders give you a more natural finish and are very easy to use. You have to use the dabbing technique and that’s it. For me, blenders are amazing makeup tools and worth buying.

Does a beauty blender really work?

Yes, beauty blenders work amazing for blending base makeup. Blenders are basically soft sponges and have many tiny pores. I feel these pores are very similar to our skin and hence helps to blend makeup naturally.

You usually pour some amount of foundation on a blender and dab it on the skin. But let me clear one thing that dry blenders absorbed lots of makeup products. Hence, your products would not last for long.

To avoid wastage, you can dip your blender in water and squeeze completely. Make sure water is not dropping from the blender. Now apply foundation on your face or pour a generous amount on a damp blender. Start applying and dabbing all over your face and neck area.

I strictly avoid dragging or rubbing it on my face. If you rub foundation or concealer on your skin it will look cakey and patchy. To get a natural look you just have to dab the blender on your skin.

Why is a beauty blender better?

Beauty blenders are better because they can blend the area where a brush can’t. The area near the nose corners and eyes is tough to cover. Some time spreading the foundation evenly near the nose become tricky and you use your fingers to fix it.

Beauty blenders are sponges that can be squished into any shape. when you dab it on your skin it shrinks and gets into the delicate areas to cover it. If you have a serious enlarged pores problem, you should always pick blenders over brushes.

Brushes can irritate dry and damaged skin. We all love soft and gentle touch on our skin. This is the biggest reason i switch to blenders.

Many people think it is useless to spend money on sponges. But I am damn sure they haven’t tried it yet. Beauty blenders are definitely better for aged skin and skin with scars. My skin is normal and I don’t even have an enlarged pores problem. Even though, I always use blenders to blend my foundation and concealers on my skin.

Blenders soak some amount of the product and there will never be too much foundation on your skin.  It helps you to get natural finished makeup. Also, blenders are fun to use.

Do you have to wet your beauty blender before every use?

Yes, you should wet your blender before every use. Wet blenders absorbed very less amount of makeup products than dry blenders. This is the main reason according to me for using wet blenders.

Just follow three easy steps for using beauty blenders. First of all dip your blend in clean tap water. Places it between your palms and squeeze it properly. And then start dabbing and blending your makeup.

If you will use dry blender, it will look patchy initially. Lots of foundation and concealer will get absorbed into it. To minimize the wastage please do not skip the first step. When you wet the blender it will absorb all water and increase it size also.

Even after squeezing the blender completely the size will not shrink and give you more area to blend properly.

Do you wash a beauty blender after every use?

Yes, most of the time I wash it instantly after use.  Washing blenders will keep you safe from unwanted infections especially if your skin is acne-prone.

your blender needs some extra care than your makeup brushes. It need to be clean after every use. You get it before doing makeup and let is soak tons of makeup products. It must be dried completely before your store it in a close container.

Fancy-looking beauty blenders can be the best home to bacterias. But I’m sure you’ll will not like to use blender with lots bacterias and dirt on it. Just go and clean it in a plain water if you wash it regularly.

make sure you squeeze out all the makeup products from it. And yeah once in a while, give your blenders a nice soap bath and dry in shade.

I hope you like it and got your answer right here. If yes, please share it with your friends and family.  And yeah, do not forget to drop your comment in the comment box below.


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