How To Get a Toned Bum In 1 week?

Winters are about to finish and it’s time to get back your summer body. A fit toned body looks always attractive no matters what dress you are wearing. But we all know how much it takes to get that beautiful body. Although I believe that everyone is beautiful in his/her own way. And everyone has a right to enhance their beauty. Today I’ll share my formula to get a toned bum in 1 week.

Your bum can make or break the whole look of your dress. To look perfect in your dream dress you should start putting in efforts from today. You can get a perfect firm butty just in 7 days’ effort.

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How To Get a Toned Bum In 1 week?

To get a perfectly toned bum you have to plan 7 day’s diet, exercises, and supplements. It might seem to be a tough task but believe me, your next 7 days will be fun. You just have to continue with your daily workout consistently.

  1. Exercise daily
  2. Apply Butt enhancement cream
  3. Eat healthy food

These three everyday steps will help you to get your dream but shape. You just have to exercise and apply Bum cream and eat healthy yummy foods. I always recommend using Namyaa Bum cream. Start with the exercises first.

What are easy exercises for butt enhancement?

Squats, donkey kicks, and fire hydrant are some of the common hip workouts. You can continue doing full-body workouts as you use to do every day. But for visible results, give extra time to hip exercises. Here are some of my favorite butt exercises-

  • Squats
  • Squat and Kick
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Fire Hydrant
  • standing crunches
  • standing hamstring stretch
  • Lounges
  • Lateral lounge shift
  • Bridge
  • Marching hip bridge
  • Side leg raises
  • Standing leg crunches
  • Thigh lift
  • Rise and fly
  • Bird Dog
  • Leg hugs

These are all awesome exercises that help me to regain my buttie shape fast. If you are already doing at least 4-5 exercises from the above, it is totally fine. Continue doing it but try to increase the time for each exercise.

If you are new to these, just start with the easiest one. And keep adding new exercises with an increased number of times. Pick any 5-8 exercises and keep doing with consistently for 7 days. I promise you are gonna love the results.

How Namyaa Brazilian Bum cream works? 

Namyaa Bum cream helps improve the curves and contour and gives a nice beautiful butt. This Brazilian bum enhancement cream is a unique formulation. It enhances the volume, feel, and look of your butt. You can get a sexy voluminous, smooth, and attractive bum. Forget about the but implants or any surgeries.

This is one of the easiest ways to the firmer, smoother, and fuller busts. Namyaa bum cream gonna speed up the whole process of toning your butt. You just have to continue the application consistently for 7 days.

It is a whole natural alternative for uplifting flat butt and but an enhancement. I always recommend it coz it is free from any kind of harsh metals, harmful chemicals, and pesticides. There are no synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, fertilizers, or any kind of harmful additives.

It is totally safe for application. And contains Chamomile, Nutmeg, Macadamia seed oil, Glycerine, Anemarrhena asphodeloides (Root).

How to use Butt enhancement cream?

You have to apply the cream and massage until it gets absorbed.  There are no strict rules to use any bum cream. But always follow the instructions given on the pack of your butt cream.

If you are using Namyaa bum cream you can use it as I do. I apply a generous amount of the cream to my butt area and massage it for a couple of minutes. The best time for me to do this is just after the morning workout.

I usually give my bum a nice massage until my skin absorbs the cream. It is really very easy to apply. You have to follow the same process twice a day. Use it once in the morning and once before going to bed at night.

I recommend doing regular exercise and follow your diet routine strictly. Apply cream only will not give you that quick result. It will take a little more time but you will definitely gonna get a visible outcome.

toned bum in one week

Food to Eat for toned Bum in 1 week

Food plays the most important role in body shaping and toning. From your skin to hair and nails, each part of your body gets affected by your eating habits. Unhealthy oily foods result in fat, hair loss, week nails, and sick skin, and also many health-related problems.

Here are some of my favorite food to get a toned body-

  • Salmon
  • Avocado
  • Almond butter
  • grapefruit
  • celery
  • Almond
  • pineapple
  • pear
  • flaxseed
  • protein powder
  • soybeans
  • eggs
  • chicken breast
  • Tuna

These foods can help you to get a nice toned bum. Include at least 1-2 of the above-given foods into your daily diet. I love eating avocado, almond butter, shrimp, and tuna. Many of these will surely be your favorite too just create some unique yummy combinations and enjoy your 7 days diet.

You should consult your dietician before changing your diet if you are suffering from any diseases. Always keep your health condition on the first priority. Pick and add things that are safe for you to consume.

How to get a bigger buttock in a week without exercise?

To get a bigger buttock without exercise you should use creams and supplements. Getting a bigger buttock in just a week is not a piece of cake. Especially if you want a toned beautiful butt without exercise.

The best and quick Idea is to get implants. Yes, the implant looks real and you can achieve the desired shape super quick. The only thing that can stop you from getting it is the expense. Surgeries and implants can cost you lots of money.

Many people think it is not possible to get toned buttocks without exercise and surgery. But no worries, it is not impossible. You can get a beautiful bum even without exercise and that also at your home.

You have to follow a strict diet plan and take some supplements. Do not forget to consult your doctor if you are on medication. Supplements can cause some side effects if not taken correctly.

For 7 days take supplements and food that are necessary. And do not forget to apply bum enhancing cream for better results.

Start using Namyaa cream and follow all the instructions given on the pack. Consult your fitness trainer and dietician if you are facing any problems.


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