My Period Care With New Namyaa Period Care Kit

Period and simple are two totally opposite words, isn’t it? Well, that’s not true. It only means that you have never tried the right products for your period care. I know it is not easy to try lots of things coz we are all scared of the repercussions. But what’s better, if you get an Ayurvedic solution f0r all your period problems? Today I’ll answer – How period care becomes simpler with Namyaa Period Care Kit?

How to Solve Periods Problem?

To solve the period problems you need to first figure out the causes. And also find out what problems you are facing. Period problems may include delayed period, frequent period, and painful period and so on…

Too much physical activities or exercises, unbalanced eating or drinking. Hormonal imbalance and medication are some very obvious causes of different period problems.

You need to improve your diet and lifestyle. Eating healthy food on time is the most important thing. Proper sleep as well as sufficient physical activity is also important.

foods for regular periods


Turmeric stimulates the blood flow in the pelvic region. It helps expand the uterus to induce menstruation. You should during turmeric latte or turmeric tea regularly to reduce period irregularities.


Regular intake of papaya can helps in contracting the uterus. It also helps balance estrogen hormone levels in the body. It’s really amazing to help you out of delayed period problems.


Many studies show that regular intake of ginger is fantastic medicine. It can regulate and reduce the heavy blood flow during the period.


Women with high insulin levels and suffering from PCOS can include cinnamon in their regular diet. Cinnamon can helps balance insulin in your body. It will help you to get a regular menstrual cycle.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera regulates body hormones and improves immunity. It is very helpful in treating irregular period problems.


Bromelain enzyme in pineapple helps to shed the lining of the uterus easily. This helps induce your period painlessly.


Beetroot is believed to increase blood levels in the body. Also, it helps to reduce bloating and cramp problems during periods.


Parsley softens the cervix and balance hormones in the body. it is an awesome ingredient that you can add to your dish and balance irregular periods.

Black pepper

You can drink pepper and ginger tea for painless periods.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are awesome to produce heat in the body. It is also very helpful for inducing early periods.

Include some of the above into your regular diet. Choose according to your choice and the problems you are facing. And, the most important thing to balance your diet.

If your period is delayed, irregular, or painful even after following a good lifestyle, it might be an alarming sign. You should consult your gynecologist as soon as possible. There are many medical conditions that should be treated by a doctor to avoid unwanted health issues in the future.

Although, it is also true that we can treat many health or period problems on our own. You can treat and find many easy and effective solutions in Ayurveda. By using some herbs and kitchen ingredients in the right way, Ayurveda cures many big diseases from the core.

To find your cure in Ayurveda you need to have proper knowledge of it. Check all the ingredients and their effects on your health. That’s why Namyaa bought you an easy solution for all period related problems- Namyaa Period Care Kit.

They have a one-stop solution for all period related problems. No matter whether it is because of PCOS, PCOD, or any other reason you will get a solution for sure.

What is Namyaa Period Care Kit?

Namyaa period care consists of three amazing products formulated especially for reliving period related problems.

  • Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya Tablets- For PCOD and PCOS

This tablet intake will help balance hormones, purifies blood, and improves fertility and immunity. Aarthava Kshaya tablet basically helps treat the root cause of PCOS and PCOD.

It will take care of your timely ovulation which will regulate delayed and irregular periods. These tablets help remove toxins from the body. It improves metabolism using all Ayurvedic methods.

It is formulated with Aloe Vera, Neem, Kultha, Kanchnar, and many more amazing herbs. There is no artificial fragrance, chemicals, or anything harmful. It is all safe to use.

  • Namyaa Anartava -For Delayed and Irregular Periods

Namyaa Anartava Period Care Kit

Anartava by Namyaa is basically an Ayurvedic syrup to treat Anartava that means Amenorrhea. While pacifying Vata and Kapha this syrup help regularize the period cycle and monthly flow. This is one of the most effective and easiest solutions for the delayed period.

It is free of chemicals, artificial fragrances, or synthetic colors. You can go for it without thinking about any negative effects. But make sure, you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

It contains some amazing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Pippali, Kultha, Karanja, Krishna-Tila, and other rare herbs and extracts.

It helps treat hormonal imbalance, promote the natural menstrual cycle, and timely ovulation. Anartva syrup helps purify the blood and removes harmful toxins. It works amazing for girls who are dealing with late periods.

  • Namyaa ShwetKanika Tablets -For White Discharge

Namyaa Period Care Kit

Vaginal infections, Itching, unwanted odor, white discharge, and burning sensation are some very irritating problems that woman has to face. Although, these are not common neither normal for all women. But, Namyaa Shwetkantika tablets help treat the root cause of smelly white discharge from the vagina and also reduce the itching or burning sensation.

It might be possible that you are facing some of these problems due to using soap for cleaning the vaginal area. Avoid using soap, hair removal creams, or any other creams without a doctor’s consult.

But, if you are still facing these problems, you seriously need to consult your doctor first.

Name of tablets to regulate periods- Namyaa Aarthava and Shwetkantika tablets

Does medicine affect the menstrual cycle?

Yes, there are many medicines that can affect your menstrual cycle. Medicines like aspirin can cause problems by triggering the blood flow. You may have to face excess flow, less or even delayed period.

I never recommend using any medicine for inducing or delaying periods. You should not use any medicine without knowing the actual reason or delayed period. Always consult your doctor before taking any pill during the period or for any period problem.

Should I try Nampaa Period Care kit?

Absolutely yes! you should order it today if you are facing any of the mentioned problems. 

Namyaa products are all-natural and safe to use. Please check the details and ingredients before starting any of the above tablets or syrup. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the natural ingredients. And the most important thing is to use it properly and on time. Check the instructions and directions for use.


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