Beach Wedding Guest Dresses: Ideas with FAQs

Beach Wedding? What’s more romantic than being in front of the deep blue ocean and exchanging vows with your other half. Not only for the lovers, but the guests themselves feel the air filled with love.

Most of the couples prefer to dress traditionally. The beautiful white gown and black & white suit. Eventually, it seems harder for guests to choose their outfits. Hot beaches and classic wedding guest dresses don’t quite combine together. This article may help you make smarter choices, that will make you look and feel fabulous, elegant featured out of all guests.

  1. Which materials are most recommended?
  2. How can I style them?
  3. Are short dresses better than long dresses?
  4. Are there any other alternatives rather than a dress?
  5. What colors are preferable?

No matter how formal the wedding dress code is beach dressing must be easy. When it’s daytime beach wedding guest attire could be light pants and matching shirts, beachy sundresses in pretty cotton prints and colors, floaty chiffons, and pretty printed dresses in tropical and bright colors. It’s important to match your jewelry, accessories, and shoes to have a nice, complete look. Looking fresh, comfortable and elegant is what makes us distinguish out of all wedding guests.

A guide to the perfect dress for Beach Wedding:

The first criterion you must select is the fabric used for your dress. Since beach waves create a tender breeze on the shore, you must keep it flowy and lightweight.

wedding beach polka dot dress


1 Cotton

  • I highly recommend cotton, as it’s one of the most breathable and affordable fabric. It’s probably the best choice for hot weather. It allows your body to stay cool for the day.

However, as cotton is a good choice for a lot of women, others also must know the downsides of this fabric. Cotton gets wrinkled often, but you could find cotton fabric blends, such as polyester.

Another factor you should consider is, that cotton tends to soak up all your sweat. It becomes heavy and wet and it’s especially visible if you’re wearing light-colored cotton. Your armpits and collar might stain from the sweat.


white beach wedding dress


  • Fabric, that consists of cotton, wood pulp, and other natural or synthetic fibers, is a great alternative for silky, soft and lightweight material.

It was originally made for men, but nowadays it’s used for whatever you’d like. It’s said, that rayon is a cheaper alternative for silk, which definitely is a considerable option.

Rayon has thin fibers, which give it lightness and prevent it from sticking to your body in hot weather. Just like cotton and other fabrics, rayon does have some disadvantages. It’s preferable to hand wash in cold water or dry clean rayon to avoid shrinkage, damage.


  • Chiffon is a widespread fabric, that is used for all kinds of occasion outfits. It comes in different versions. It may consist of silk, cotton, rayon or synthetic fibers.

Its lightweight fabric gives a beautiful drape, making it a perfect opportunity to feel and look good. Chiffon has multiple types, but I believe that the most acceptable one is Silk Chiffon.

Chiffon’s construction gets its unique handle from the twisted yarns. It is a mostly sheer fabric, which needs some practice to work with, thanks to its fine and thin nature, but beauty demands sacrifice.

sexy metallic pink beach wedding dress

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  • Linen is another alternative for simple, comfortable and elegant. The fabric feels fresh and cool. The reason is that it can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture and it still feeling dry to the touch.

It creates a fabric that is self-cooled because of evaporation. Linen dresses don’t require ironing, which is a relief, because you can enjoy the wedding fully, as you won’t be thinking about being too wrinkly.

This fabric is hypoallergenic, meaning it is suitable for those with allergies or sensitive skin. In this material, you can be safe, free, stylish and eco-friendly.


  • Plain

If you’re planning on going to a simple, but stylish look, plain might be the best choice. A nice pastel color, that will match the loveable ocean is the best way to reach your goal. Jewelry and make up can balance the only color of your dress.

  • Stripe

A lot of women struggle while working with stripes. Sometimes it makes them look fatter, shorter, taller maybe thinner. You never know! So I suggest forgetting stripes. Go with more of a beachy, fun and sunny look.

Wear something with flowers or an embroidered dress. Although, for those who feel comfortable wearing stripes, beach weddings can approve that! It’s still fun to wear a multiple-colored stripy dress, as it makes you look more fun.

  • Leopard

If you can rock leopard prints, it’s not a good idea to wear it at the wedding. Whether it’s held on the beach or indoors. Leopard prints are tasteful, stylish and most important still in trend. We’ve seen some celebrities pulling out the leopard print look, so why be an exception? Wear it with red lipstick and you’ll be the center of attention.

It completely depends on your own taste and comfort.

If you prefer to show your legs wear a short dress.

Or if you want to cover your whole body wear a long dress.

They all look elegant in their own unique ways.

Wedding Dresses

  • This article is all about dresses, but we offer you some other alternatives if you’re not particularly a dress lover.
  • The first thing that comes to our minds, when hearing the beach and sun is shorts. And what’s better than wearing shorts and still looking fabulous at a wedding. A romper is a good alternative if you’re really looking for a comfortable outfit. An elegant romper, matched with jewelry and high-heels, could give you a very modern and unique look.
  • Although it’s not common sense, I believe that a woman could definitely pull off a light-colored suit. It has to be as simple and plain as possible, so it doesn’t lose its chic effect. Light pants, a plain shirt, and a blazer could make an effective outfit for a beach wedding.

These are some color palettes inspired by the ocean. They might become the color of the dress you’ll wear at a beach wedding:

Colors are a very important part when choosing an outfit. They have to be well-chosen and smartly matched. I would recommend very light, pastel colors as nowadays wedding decorations tend to be created in the same colors.

If you’re looking forward to taking breathtaking pictures, matching with the ocean and sunset background and the wedding decorations will help you reach your goal.

If you think you look better in bright colors, that will be another great option. As beach weddings are mostly held in sunny weather, bright, yellowy colors can be a mood booster, as well as your confidence. Psychological researchers can agree with the idea of being

Dress Prints matters

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People tend to create their wedding, prom, corporative or other event dresses based on the red carpet celebrity looks. That is because, their dresses are made by famous, professional designers such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci and etc. The good thing about celebrities is that we have available for their wedding photoshoots. These are some examples that you might be interested in:

  1. Kendall Jenner looking lovingly elegant to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s wedding. You can also rock this dress at a beach wedding, as its colors are calm and settle. Sleeves are perfect for the beach.
  2. Not only weddings, but celebrities give us inspiration from their company photoshoots. Seeing Beyonce in this leopard print dress is a whole new feeling of craving a beautiful dress, that will be a good suit for a beach wedding.


Some suggestions for what you could wear at a beach wedding as a guest:


1. Bright pink long dress with a V neck and a lacer.


2.Grey flowy sparkly midi dress


1.Baby blue midi dress


2.Chiffon dark blue flower-printed long dress

floral print dress for beach

3. Dark baby pink silk dress

sexy dress for beach wedding party


1.Orange long dress

It literally gives a beach vibe. Orange and yellow gives the feel of sun sen and sand and thus this is the perfect color to wear on the beach.

beach wedding orange dress

2. A very settle baby pink, flowy dress with a lacer.

This dress is my personal favorite. It gives your body a perfect look by giving a sexy yet elegant look. Most important is the color, it goes amazingly with a beach wedding.

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A wedding is such a special day for all the people attending the ceremony. Beach waves, sunsets and beautiful decorations create a pleasant environment.

Despite all the necessary information about how to look at a wedding as a guest, it’s much more important to actually enjoy the wedding.

It’s far more possible if you match your personality with your attire. An American evangelist and publisher Dwight Moody once said: “ Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy”. Meaning, feel the love that is spread by the loving couple and love yourself in that tasteful dress you’re wearing.

Enjoy the wedding!


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