Our today’s topic of discussion is family tattoo ideas for guys. Family is a concept of love, care, and togetherness. Understanding these values is an important thing and expressing that is something more interesting.

Describing family hood with cool images or tattoos is really an interesting way to show our love and bond for our family. For me it is cool and effective but what about the other half of the family, yes the males- Do they think the same?

Yes, I think so. Therefore, I have collected some of the most beautiful and expressive family tattoo ideas for men. I hope you all like this and do let me know if you already have one.

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What symbols mean or represent family?

There are different symbols that represent the family. However, there are only a few of these that hold universal understanding.

The two symbols that are widely recognized to represent family is; the Family tree and the Family pictograph.

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Family tattoo ideas for guys
Family tattoo ideas for guys

What is a family tattoo?

A family tattoo is a kind of body modification that symbolizes and depicts family hood. Also, a family tattoo is a way to show people close to you, what they mean to you.

A family tattoo is also a way of appreciating the love of family. It can be used to depict the bond of family, how it ties the pride in family heritage and name.

 Do you really need a tattoo?

Yes, It is a good idea to have a family tattoo for this purpose but for the need, it is perfectly your decision.

The need to have a tattoo is individualistic or personal. Needs are things that are essential to an individual or group of people for survival.

This brings up the question; why do people get a tattoo? People get tattoos for different reasons. It could be just for attention, a means of exuding artistic freedom and for personal narrative.

Some people mark themselves to visually promote their identity. Like John Depp said,

“My body is my journal, My tattoo is my story”.

For him, it is a means of expressing his experiences and world view.

Some people get tattoos to cover the physical scars and ease emotional scars or pains.

Tattoos are chosen based on their importance to an individual. Hence it is important to know what kind of tattoo to get, what the tattoo means to you. Because unlike a new cloth or hairdo, Some tattoos are permanent.

A symbol drawn on your body now may not be what you want to see in your 40’s or 60’s except you are considering a temporary tattoo which is not bad but you might not like erasing or adding ink to the same part of your body.

Who should have a family tattoo?

Anyone who loves to be a part of a family can definitely have a family tattoo.

The question of who should have a family tattoo amongst family members should be decided individually by family members. It is not a matter of compulsiveness just love and affection is what you should consider.

This should be so because tattoos are personal. Tattoo symbols are not drawn on a collection of bodies but on an individual’s body.

Also, only for the fact that the tattoos will stay there on your body forever, your’s decision should count the most. Though a child can be influenced to get a matching tattoo with them, notwithstanding it is done to respect the parent and because of the child’s love for the parent.

Anybody in a family, be it the mother, father or the whole family can get a tattoo. Also because a tattoo is a personal expression, it means different things to a man and a woman as different sex and as different individuals.

So think first, do you like it? do you really wanna have it forever? Do you know the consequences of having a tattoo?

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Family Tattoo and their meaning to guys

Family tattoos and its meaning to a guy encompasses the question of why a guy should have a tattoo and how important a family tattoo is to a guy.

For men, it could signify

  • an important anniversary,
  • it can serve to remember the death of a loved one.

Researches have also shown that men get tattoos to express their weaknesses, worries and their feelings about the world around them symbolically because they are expected to be strong at all times.

Also, men prefer to get tattoos of people who have affected their lives in one way or the other.

Tattoo for men can also signify closeness to their family, the pride they have in there and as a means of preserving the family’s heritage.

It is common for men to have tattoos of their mother, father or grandmother to signify respect, honor, and devotion. It is also common for them to have tattoos of their children.

 Is family tattoo fit for all men? 

Yes, Only if they like it.  If you are a man close to your family and also comfortable with the tattoo then a Family tattoo is always fit for you.

The fitting of a family tattoo also depends on if the tattoo is drawn in the right place and if it is well drawn. That depends on the placement and expertise of the tattoo artist.

 Family tattoos ideas for men/Guys

There are many different tattoo ideas that could be inspired by family heritage, family legacies, cultural background, and environment. Below are family tattoo ideas to be considered.

  1. Family tree tattoos:


This tattoo comprises of a tree, along with names of family members some people include images. It could start from the names of father and mother or grandparents to children. This kind of tattoo is usually drawn at the back as it is elaborate.

  1. Family quotes tattoos:

A quote tattoo usually provides insight into a person’s beliefs, it usually carries an encouraging and positive message. Examples of family quote tattoo are; family first, Family forever.

family-tattoo-for guys

  1. Family name tattoos:

A Family Tattoo for men

This tattoo comprises of family member names joined by a symbol which could be a heart, loop or any other symbol.

  1. Family heart tattoos:

This is a cluster of heart tattoos and each tattoo could represent a member of the family. A heart tattoo signifies true compassion and love.

  1. Animal family tattoos:

These tattoos usually feature animals that go in groups like lions, wolves or elephant which symbolizes strength is a great idea for a family tattoo. Especially if it’s an image of a mother and her babies.

Animal family Tattoo
  1. Infinity family tattoo:

Family for most people is what should be cherished for life. Infinity is a mathematical symbol for something unending, a limitless loop. The Infinity symbols are popular because of their unique designs.

Infinity family tattoo ideas
  1. Family portrait tattoo:

This kind of tattoo is usually the drawing of a family portrait.

  1. Footprints tattoos:

This tattoo comprises of a collection of footprint, it includes tiny footprints to represent children, then a male and a female footprint.

  1. Matching themes with family members: This involves getting the same theme of a tattoo with family members.
  2. An image of a father and son walking in the woods: This kind of image also represents the strength of a family.
  3. Kids handprints:

The handprints of children is another wonderful inspiration for a family tattoo.

Handprint family Tattoo
  1. Date of birth of family members:

This comprises the date of birth of family members. It can be added to when there is a new child.

Date of Birth tattoo for guys
  1. Kids’ names family tattoo:

This involves writing of kids’ names and it can be added to if the family welcomes a new child.

Family Tattoo Name ideas
  1. Surname cross family tattoo:

This tattoo is an image of a cross with the family’s surname in it.


  1. Unique symbols:

Unique symbols that are peculiar to a family can be used as a family tattoo. It could be a symbol peculiar to the family’s lineage or ancestors or what the family represent


What is the emotional attachment to a family tattoo?

Family tattoos are usually expressions of one’s feelings towards a loved one. Tattoos are natural conversation starters, it is either there is a story attached to the image or emotional responses derived from the sight of the tattoo.

An image of a family tattoo may be an emotional representation of love, respect, honor, or dignity to the person who wears it.

There are however people who have bias views towards tattoos before even knowing what it represents. A guy with a tattoo is often seen as irresponsible and a playboy by such people.

Some people also see guys with tattoos as alpha males and sexy males.  Neck and face tattoos are usually not well received as other locations no matter your age.

Where you put your tattoo, how many tattoos you have, the size of a tattoo, what the tattoo is- helps shape the emotional response of a viewer. The observer could be a potential boss, date or family member.

Where to get a family tattoo and which body part to get a family tattoo?

In choosing a family tattoo, it is important to decide where or what part of the body to get it. This is so because of some factors like; the size, the shape, the length, color, and styling.

For instance, if your work doesn’t condole tattoos you wouldn’t want to get one on your wrist. Also, if you wish to add to a particular tattoo in the future like a kid’s name or a family tree you would require more space.

There are different parts of the body to get a tattoo on with its significance like; the sleeve, the knuckles, the chest, the shoulder, the forearm, the back, the leg, the wrist, the inner wrist, the stomach, the ankle, the rib, the neck, the face.

How much does a family tattoo cost?

Generally, the cost of tattoos ranges from $50 to $100 per hour. This, however, depends on the design of the tattoo, the size of the tattoo, the number of colors to be used, the location of the tattoo studio, the artiste expertise.

Also, the placement of a tattoo determines the cost of it, as some parts of the body are more sensitive than others like the genitals, stomach, ribs, and feet. If you are working on a budget it is advisable to visit a tattoo studio.

So as to know how much your desired tattoo costs and if it is way more than your budget, consider a smaller one. This is so that you can either save towards it, negotiate the price or get another pleasing tattoo you can afford based on your budget.

How painful is a family tattoo?

Tattoo generally hurts as the process involves needle pricking your skin as the ink is applied. The extent to which the pain is felt depends on the tolerance level of the individual.

The duration in which the tattoo is carried out also determines how long the pain is to be tolerated. The part of the body the tattoo is drawn determines the level of pain, as an artist will tell you; the bonier the area the more painful it is.

So a tattoo on the arm is relatively less painful than on a collection of bones. The expertise and lightness of the hand of the tattoo artiste also affect how painful the process will be.

There is some tattoo artist who naturally has heavy hands, though they may be skilled their hands make the process more painful. It is natural and you cannot change that.


That’s it, That’s all you have to do. If you ask me then I probably recommend you have a family tattoo. The only thing that matters here the most is what you think about having a Family Tattoo.


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