50 Matching Tattoos For Married Couples

Matching Tattoos For Married Couples- Since the beginning of the world people tried and found ways to show their love for their significant other, from poems, songs, declarations of their love and recently, more and more tattoos. It’s true that a tattoo sticks with you forever, and that’s what you want in this care. Something to remind you forever of the love between you and your partner.

In most cases, these tattoos are meant to represent the undying love between two people, or the bond created. Some are made to symbolize their union and the fact that they complete each other.

Now we are going to show you 50 ideas of tattoos for you and your significant other.

Matching tattoos for Couples

Usually, matching tattoos mean that they’re identical and signify a powerful bond between the two people. It means that they share everything that can be shared.

1 Matching Tattoos for couple quotes

his and her only Matching Tattoos For Married Couples

2 Tattoos on fingers for married couples

Some couples choose to get matching tattoos on their index fingers to signify the union between them, forever. It is an amazing way to show your love for your partner.

Matching marriage date Tattoos For Married Couples

3 Tattoo You D-day

Maybe you want to forever celebrate the day you met. Or maybe the day you got marries. Some couples choose to tattoo symbols that represent themselves in the relationship.

heartbeat with date tattoo


4 Connecting tattoo for couples

Matching line Tattoos For Married Couples. This simply shows that you both are connected with a same bond. A simple yet meaningful tattoo that connects two bodies with single line.

line Matching Tattoos For Married Couples

5 Holding fingers married couple tattoo

This is one of my favorite tattoos. It looks super cute on both men and women. Holding each other with a finger shows your bond and closeness.

holding with fingers Matching Tattoos For Married Couples

6 Close Bond Tattoo for Lovers

This is tattoo that clearly shows you are holding someone tightly. It strongly conveys the meaning that you are truly in love with someone. And also this design show you love your partner’s company. One romantic side can be seen in this matching Tattoos For Married Couples.

in love Matching Tattoos For Married Couples

7 Similar Hearts Tattoo for husband & Wife

Heart with flowers, creepers and animals paws. This shows Happiness and natural love.

8 Unconditional Love Tattoo for Love Birds

cactus With a balloon love tattoo design. It shows that living together is tough for both you may hurt each other but cannot leave alone.

Another meaning of this tattoo is whatever you do, how much you hurt but nothing can make us apart. My love for you will stay like this forever.

Matching Tattoos For Married Couples cactus


9 Rose for you Love Tattoo

Rose is always being a sign of love and affection. This flower can start your relationship with friendship and end up as a couple. We all love Rose and it looks super cute when you get it inked for your love.


10 Tricky NameTattoo

Write Your partner’s name or first alphabet of his/her name in a tricky way to hide it from others. You can get some symbols that show his/her name. Or just get yourself inked some unique character for your Love’s name. 

11 soulmate Tattoo for Married Couples

Two faces embedded into each other. This means you both cannot leave each other. You complete one another and you are both madly in love.

embedded faces tattoo

12 Matching Couples Tattoo

The line connects souls. This tattoo will look complete only when you both will connect your designs together.

connecting line tattoo

13 Trending Tattoos for Couples

This tattoo pointing your partner can be a sign of warning. It means I love You and do not ever think about move one.

gun point tattoo fingers


14 Infinite Love Tattoo for Married Couples

You may go for a text, symbol or anything else that represents you. The couples below surely were creative. They mean to be together forever, even when things are tough, even when they feel down.

And this is what is important in a relationship. Being there for each other no matter how hard to journey is.

infinite arrow tattoo

15 King and Queen tattoo

Some couples like to call themselves “kings” and “queens”. This is a very powerful symbol and it means that no matter what happens, they will rule together. They will stay together creating their own world.

king queen chest tattoo


16 Single Wing tattoo for couples

The wings represent freedom. When couples get matching wings tattoos, they want everyone to know that they are a whole, yet still free.

It means that they found a balance between freedom and commitment. They respect each other and their personal space. That is the most important thing in a relationship. The ability to respect the person next to you.

wings tattoo

17 Engaged Couples finger tattoo

Chemistry chemical bond tattoo on fingers represents you are bounded with love. Also, it shows the chemistry between you both.

engagement tattoo

Small Couple tattoos

18 The Sun and The Moon Duo

Couples tattoos don’t necessarily need to identical, but they can be two objects or ideas creating a whole, aspiring for the same meaning. Their union for eternity.

sun and moon tattoo


19 Super Hero Tattoos for his & her

Some of the most popular symbols amongst the new couples are the ones representing two powerful characters. But, Some want to imagine themselves are superheroes.

This is with the purpose of bringing happiness into each other’s lives. Others want to show how well they complete each other. It looks smart and cute at the same time.

super hero tattoo design


20 Heart Beat Design to get Inked

You may go for a cute picture representing your love, or you may stick with the traditional ways. One of the best ideas is to create a design representing a heartbeat.

That will remind you that your hearts and soul are in sync. There’s nothing more a perfect couple would want.

heartbeat tattoo


21 Puzzle parts Tattoo Design

Amongst the symbols representing the forever bond between two people, we have the puzzle pieces. There is commonly known the fact that they are made to fit only in a certain spot.

Couples who choose such a design are sure they are soulmates and their search for a partner is over.

puzzle pieces Matching Tattoos For Married Couples


22 Name Tattoo

Some of the most popular are the ones with your partner’s name. Meaning that a part of them will always be with you and vice-versa. Indeed, it takes courage, but once you are sure about your relationship, nothing else matters.

lover's name tattoo


23 Half Sentence Tattoo for each other

Other times, the best tattoos are the minimalistic ones. The ones with a hidden meaning. They may represent the fact that you complete each other.

They may as well refer to something only the two of you could know about. So whether you are partners in crime or did an amazing deed no one found about, your matching tattoo will tell the story.

It is ok to be private, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a code between the two of you.

I am with you tattoo love


24 Lock & Key Tattoo for Couples

Some tattoos have a deeper meaning than others. Some inspire freedom, others inspire the love between two. There are though, tattoos that inspire the fear of losing each other.

People are different and chose to live in different ways. People can value privacy, respect, freedom or just unconditional love. The key with a lock has a straight forward meaning. “Only the one with the right key can open your heart, unleashing all your love.”

lock and key tattoo


25 “Complete Me ” Tattoo for couples

Another idea is to get matching tattoos that can only be complete when you are together. You both get half an image and when you put them side by side, you know you’re whole.

It doesn’t matter what the people around will tell you. Sometimes you need to listen to your heart. When you know you found your soulmate, nothing else matters.

cut avocado tattoo half piece


26 Matching Married Couple Tattoo Design

You are happy together and can live the life you want. Your tattoos can consist of your favorite activities. Maybe you love to travel, or you have a special kind of affection for dogs.

And you don’t have to get your tattoos straight away. Sometimes you need to wait until you find the perfect symbol to represent you.

Space ship and planet tattoo


27 Couple Matching Words Tattoo

Express your love, let the whole world see what you’re about. When deciding upon your tattoo, remember to choose something that best defines your relationship. There are many symbols you can use.

If you can’t decide upon a symbol, you can always choose to write whatever you wish. From the classic “yours” and “mine” to complex messages that will always remind you of your loved one.

Matching Tattoos For Married Couples



28 Opposite Symbols Tattoo for married couples

True love is being similar to your partner. To look similar, get exactly the same symbol tattoo but with a twist. Get exactly opposite symbol both of you and it’ll look really cute.


29 Lover’s Hands Tattoo

This tattoos of hands is a sign that you are falling for strongly for someone. The whole figure of hands ( that is going to hold each other) will come out when you both will keep both the tattoos together.


30 King & Queen of my Heart

Crown tattoos are the couple’s all-time favorite. You can try the variations like write Q & R or your name’s first Alphabet.


31  Heart and Arrow tattoo

For lovers, a heart and an arrow are one of the oldest signs of love. It means my love is only for you.  One will get the heart and one will have to get the arrow pointing towards the partner’s heart.


32  Symbol Tattoo for Couples

This can be a triangle, square, diamond, heart shape or any other shape. It is more like a question and answer image. One of you has to get a simply outlined shape tattoo. On another partner’s body get the same tattoo but completely inked or half-filled.

triangle shape tattoo


33  Couple crownsTattoo

This tattoo is common but is loved by every couple out there. Everyone wants to be king and queen of his and her life. This shows you rule your love life and empower each other.

king queen tattoo


34 Inverted Moon Tattoos for couples

Moon is believed to be a symbol of love for decades. Still, it is a strongly signify the feeling of love and respect for your Better half.

For a variation, you both can get same moon but from a different angle. just get two differently faced moon.

inverted moon tattoo


35 Complete my lines Tattoo Design

Pick one of the best couples to love quotes and get inked half on your body and rest on your partners. It shows that you both complete each other.

couple tattoos quote


36 Infinite matching tattoos for married couples

It is not always necessary to get exact same tattoos. You can get something totally different. Try to choose that points towards each others tattoo. Or get one that starts on your body but ends on your partner.
flying to infinity tattoo


37  Sun And  Moon CoupleTattoo

Sun and Moon might not be a sign of togetherness for you. But Sun and Moon represent the love as Moon cannot sine without sunray.

This tattoo means- no matter how much you fight and argue with each other, you can not live apart. It looks really good and shows your unique connection.
sun and moon tattoo


38  Heart  Infinity couple tattoo

This tattoo design is just perfect to make your partner happy. Here is a heart with an infinite all around. This Tattoo design convey a message of never-ending love for each other.

infinite heart tattoo


39 mickey and MinieMouse Tattoo

I love watching when I was a kid. But even I love them from the core of my heart. Mickey and Minie are the best couples who never get apart. These cute cartoon characters are a strong sign of love and togetherness.

The best part about this tattoo is that it looks super cute on both men and women.

mickey minie couple tattoo


40 Cutest Matching Tattoos for Married Couples

You can choose to get exact same tattoo as your partner did. It can be sea, sun, flowers, mountains, sailors, boats or anything that represents your nature of love. sailor Matching Tattoos For Married Couples

Nature Inspired Couple Tattoo

41 Lion Couple Matching Tattoo

Amongst the most popular symbols, we have nature. Depending on your spirit animal or favorite scenery, you can create amazing designs. For example, the lion represents pride and teamwork. They hunt together, they eat together, and they rule together. It is the correspondent for the queen and king.

half lion and lioness Matching Tattoos For Married Couples

42 Wolf Couple Tattoo

On the other side, wolves represent honor and loyalty. Wolves choose their partners for a lifetime. They are loyal and always together. It is one of the best animals to represent the bond between two lovers.

wolf couple tattoo design


43 Day and Night Tattoo for Husband & Wife

So, considering the activities you love, you can create amazing and unique designs. You may love to watch the stars at night, or love exploring in the mountains. There is something for everybody.

day and night Matching Tattoos For Married Couples


44 Shining sun at the top couple tattoo design

Other great ideas for nature-inspired tattoos are the ocean and forest. The ocean signifies how great and unending love can be. The forest is the symbol of mystery and eternity. A forest takes a lot of time to reach its final form and just like love, it is forever.

sun plant nature tattoo


45 Beautiful Nature Tattoo

In most cases, nature is associated with purity. A natural symbol means that you are ready for each other. That you can get over any flaw and difficulty. All of nature’s elements have been around forever. And will continue to exist in harmony until the world ends.

nature tattoo


46 Wolf and the Moon tattoo design

Whether you want to express your common love for the nature of your love for each other in nature, you have here a lot of designs to choose from. Maybe the lone wolf who finally found his moon. It may be the balance between night and day. All the beautiful things than can describe your relationship.

moon and the wolf tattoo


47 Male and female deers tattoo

The deer represents the deepest love. It has a strong connection with nature. The doe is gentle and caring, ready to do anything for her family. The stag represents masculinity and strength. These combined create the best tattoo for a couple.

deer couple tattoo


48 Mountains matching tattoos for married couples

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 2 months or 20 years. It’s never too late to show your love and let the whole world see it.

Matching Tattoos For Married Couples mountains


49 Trees for the Natural Lover

You can get This tattoo or any tree tattoo to show grounded love. This tree tattoo shows that both of you have equal feelings for each other. And you both love, appreciate, admire and compliments each other.
Matching Tattoos For Married Couples tree

50 Cage and Bird Matching Tattoos For Married Couples

Here the Cage and bird represent Heart and love. The bird is flying into the cage means you both have love in your hear for each other.

Another romantic point of view can be – I am a slave of your love. This tattoo shows togetherness even in a tough situation.

bird and cage couple tattoo

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