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Bloomers are important for many reasons, especially if you’re a lover of skimpy skirts and sports. Choosing the right type of bloomers, knowing what it costs and all other information may seem hard, but we’re going to provide you with all that you need to know about bloomers.

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History of Bloomers

The history of bloomers dates back to the 19th century. Before the 19th century, women have not started wearing any form of undergarments. By 1800, Elizabeth Smith Miller invented a similar garment that looks like the contemporary bloomer pants with a little adjustment. These garments aren’t made with crotch seam to enable women to relieve themselves.

Even though we wear bloomer pants today intending to cover our innermost undergarments, many overgarments were worn during those periods, and a crotch seam became unnecessary.

Amelia Bloomer is a feminist that designed the first “bloomer suit” that is used when bicycling. The suite consists of ankle-length bloomers that come with an overdress.

In recent times, the name “bloomers” now refer to every length and form of drawers that women wear that either comes with a crotch seam or not. Some bloomer shorts are also worn by toddlers and infants today to help conceal their diaper.

Bloomers became popular-

Bloomer became a common undergarment for women by the beginning of the 1900s as women got attracted to the warmth and comfort it provides. Women became more active in sports and moved into the workforce during these times. This contributed largely to the popularity of bloomer clothing as it helped women to be more modest and as well move along with their lower body curves.

As the year goes by, bloomer pants became very common and outgoing sporting women wore it as their outer garments. They became manufactured in large quantities and school girls began to wear it during sports. The school girl’s bloomers were made with lightweight cotton for summer wear. And heavy flannel bloomer was made for a colder climate.

Bloomer pants were also made in different materials as the wealthier classes wore bloomer pants that were made with pastel silk or white and some were embroidered. Before the introduction of elastic fabrics, ribbons were used to tie the gatherings at the knees and waist and buttons are sometimes fastened into it. Some bloomers come with splitting at the crotch, and some come with buttons that are attached to the garment via back seat flaps.

During these periods, bloomers were worn alongside other undergarments as women wore soft cotton or silk loose-fitting undershirts and chemises. Then, a corset is sometimes worn at the top of bloomers to help provide coverage from the breast to the hip.

bloomers fashion


 Who invented bloomers?

Bloomer was invented by Elizabeth Smith Miller, who was the first person to wear it before Amelia Bloomer endorsed it. Bloomers originated as a result of the nineteenth-century American Women’s Dress Reform Movement. Elizabeth had been gardening with her long skirts but soon became uncomfortable with it.

She later invented what would then be referred to as bloomer by wearing a short skirt and trousers underneath. Before long, the women of the reform movement adopted Elizabeth’s mode of dressing in a bid to pass their message against the idea of female fashion that supports feminine inferiority.

Amelia Jenks Bloomer (1818-1894) wore baggy underpants that was later associated with her name- Bloomers.  Even though the clothing was named after Amelia, she was not the inventor of the clothing.

The idea of bloomer clothing was also borne out of the need for American women to deal with the discomfort they experience by wearing a floor-length skirt. Floor-length skirts are usually uncomfortable and not suited for working-class women as well as some housewives.

An editorial was written in 1851 by a man that is against the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention and the women’s suffrage movement. Amelia Bloomer was an editor of The Lily, the first women’s newspaper.

She became interested in this particular editorial as it addressed the issue of the discomfort women feel and how they could avoid it by embracing the Turkish pantaloons and a skirt that is a bit below the knee.

Around this period, Amelia Bloomer’s neighbor received a guest that wore the same cloth that Bloomer had been talking about in the press, and she embraced the clothing. Before long, many other women joined, and bloomers became a widely worn cloth.

Pros and Cons of Bloomer pants


  • Bloomer pants are very important in many ways. Some of this importance are listed below:
  • The flannel bloomer shorts underneath bloomer skirts helps you to stay warm in cold weather, and the muslin materials add to breathability in warm weather.
  • They help to conceal your underwear and as well help you stay modest. You might have had experiences in the past whereby your undergarments were seen when your skirt accidentally goes up in a public place, especially when it’s a short skirt. With bloomers, you can be sure of preventing this from happening.
  • If you haven’t experienced this before and you’re used to short skirts, you are very much likely to experience it as you can’t be too careful. The stairs you climb, the wind that blows, the bicycles you ride on are major factors that may contribute to you being exposed to this kind of situation. So, investing in a bloomer will help you prevent this.
  • Bloomers are budget-friendly and you don’t have to break the bank to get a lovely bloomer for yourself. You can decide to make them yourself a bloomer for as low as $5 to $20 based on the kind of material you use or purchase one for $25 or more.
  • Bloomers add some level of modesty to outfits by covering your legs.
  • Bloomers can be made of any type of material like organza, chiffon, or lace.


  • Despite its many advantages, bloomer clothes have the tendency to wrinkle and shrink, which makes it improper for professional clothing. It also retains water, and the cotton material gets shortened when it absorbs water. However, you can prevent shrinking by drying it on low heat and constant ironing. You can’t be too careful with bloomers as they’re usually made of cotton and may appear rough most times, especially when not ironed.
bloomers fashion

Who Wore Bloomers?

Women mostly wore bloomers. It is sometimes worn with some other undergarments. Sometimes, some other types of clothing are being worn at the top with the Bloomer underneath. Some bloomer pants are made for boys in present times as an underpants or a simple sports short.

Purpose of Bloomers

The purpose of the Bloomer is to help reform how women dressed in the 19th century. They were designed to replace the constricting, heavy, and uncomfortable dresses worn by American women. The purpose is to help women feel good about themselves and be more comfortable in clothing.

Bloomer shorts were also introduced for the purpose of helping women live a healthier life as other forms of clothing were harmful to their health. Many clothing worn during these periods were too heavy and bogus and women had to pack the clothes as they walk, making it hard for them to engage in sports or wear it to the workplace.

The bloomer pants are also often referred to as Turkish dress, reform dress, American dress or Bloomer.

How Much Do Bloomers Cost?

Bloomers’ cost ranges from $5 and above depending on what you want. There are many types of bloomers. Some are worn under your clothing, some are designed for sports and some are made for everyday or formal use.

The material used in the making of bloomers also ranges, and this will affect its cost. So, you can get any bloomer based on your budget, material used, type of Bloomer and as well the purpose.

Where Can I Get Bloomers?

You can get bloomers in different online stores such as Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, AliExpress and other reputable online stores. You can also get a bloomer from offline stores that sell women’s clothing.

Why You Should Wear a Bloomer

  • You should choose bloomers because it is a natural material made with 100% cotton. You can wear bloomers as simple underpants or elaborate dresses, and it can be easily converted to anything to create your desired ensemble.
  • We should also wear Bloomers because it is made from one of the most used natural fiber many years ago and in recent times as well.
  • Bloomers are versatile clothing that you can wear for any occasion.
  • You should also wear Bloomer because of its durability, unlike other delicate materials. It is strong, too, and can be worn by anyone regardless of how they handle clothes. The stains are also easy to remove, and the color doesn’t fade away, making your dress look fresher after several washes.
  • Most bloomers are made to be breathable for you and help to keep your body warm in hot weather. It also absorbs sweat and other forms of moisture. This is why bloomer clothing is available for babies and children today.
  • The cost of maintaining a bloomer is very low and it requires little care. It doesn’t require dry cleaning, especially when it’s made of 100% cotton.
  • Bloomers also come in a different array of colors that you can choose from as it’s made to meet the needs of different users

Do Boys Wear Bloomers?

Yes, boys wear bloomers. Some boomers are specially made for boys. Most of the time, the material used in making the boy and girl bloomers are usually the same, but the designs make the difference.

Can You Wear Bloomers as Shorts?

Yes. Bloomers are mostly worn under the clothes, and they can be worn as shorts. The bottom of most bloomers worn as shorts usually has patterns, bows, or ruffles that add to its attractiveness. This is the major reason why some people wear them as shorts as it makes them stand out

What Is a Bloomer Clothing

Bloomer clothing is a baggy cotton underpants that come together at the waist and under the knees. It is mostly worn under slightly-loose dresses and A-line skirts. Many women wore the bloomer clothing in the first few decades of the 20th century. By the end of the 1910s, the dress had gone out of style and got replaced by shorter length skirts.

Where Does The Name Bloomers Come From?

The name Bloomers was gotten from the name of the American women’s rights activist, Amelia Jenks Bloomer, who wore the clothing during the 19th century. She wore the garments to public events in a bid to help women wear clothes that promotes their freedom of movement. At first, many people made a mockery of Amelia’s sense of fashion, but it was later accepted and helped women to be more active in sports.

Why Are Bloomers Called bloomers?

Bloomers are called bloomers as a result of the person that wore it first, Amelia Jenks Bloomer pants.  Bloomer shorts are derived from her last name, Bloomers.

Do boys wear bloomers?

Yes, boomers are used for baby boys also. It wraps the upper thigh and stomach area and gives extra support to your baby. It helps cover the diaper in a stylish way.

Where to wear bloomers?

You can wear bloomers under an A-line skirt or dress which is slightly loose. You can wear it under your dress for any event you want.


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