Pros And Cons of a Body Shaper You Should Know

Foundation garment – Also known as, “body shaper”, is a huge impact on the whole world. Everything began in the middle ages, as a simple piece of slimming garment.

In today’s world, body shapers are contained in large quantities of colors, types, shapes, patterns, and styles. Today there definitely is at least one piece of body shaper. If you are an exception, it’s a great time to change that.

While many people are aware of body shapers, they often lack knowledge about what this product can be used for. This article will help to educate you on the uses of body shapers.

Read this before you buy a Shapewear.

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Body Shapers Undergarments:

High waist body shaper for woman

Hip enhancer silicon underwear

Purple bodysuit

pros and cons of a body shaper

 Body Shaper Benefits:

  •  Body shaper affects the visual part.

It gives you a nice hourglass figure when the waist looks slimmer. The body shaper is designed in a way, that helps to eliminate any unwanted bulges or lumps of fat, ideally sucking it all in. If you find it hard to exercise and diet, body shapers will definitely boost your confidence.

  • Back Support

Body shaper, besides making you look sexier, has other back area supporting effect. There are many styles of undergarments that will provide support to the bust, such as the slim vest or bodysuit, which rises to just below the bra. This will help to give the chest a push-up effect. These styles also provide comfortable support to the back area.

  • Boosts Blood Flow

People are unaware of the other functions, that body shaper provides you with. Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive effects that shapewear can have on boosting thermal activity and blood flow. Most of the body shapers now are designed in a way that increases thermal activity to the core, which helps to increase blood flow and eliminate toxins. With repetitive use, this has also led to some faster weight loss.

  • Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a common occurrence that most women dread. Rather than investing a lot of time and energy on exercising, which is also an effective and healthier way, why not try body shaper to reduce the amount of cellulite on your body. Some pieces of shapewear are designed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite with micro-messaging techniques. These shapewear pieces have proven to create a more toned looking skin.

  • Gives Desired Body Shape

Women still wonder if shapewear makes them look fatter, even though it’s supposed to make your figure slimmer. The truth is, Body shaper needs to be carefully chosen for specific types of body. It’s still fabric under your clothes. Good quality means better results.

  • As body shapers are extremely flexible and the stretch of these fibers is up to 500 percent, the damage could be noticeably reduced, maybe to zero, if you make smart, compatible choices.
  • Body shaper still gives you much more variety of clothing types. If you never had enough confidence to wear tight jeans or dresses, shapewear can change the whole game for you. It’s a nice solution to overcome the problem of having no guts. It helps you to be more representative.
slim fit best body shaper

 Body Shaper Disadvantages:

  • Even though body shaper lasts long, it still isn’t permanent. In fact, some professional doctors advise us NOT to wear it for an extended period of time. Your body simply doesn’t like to be squished that much.
  • Plenty of people rate their shapewear for improving their posture. That cinched-in effect will make you stand taller in the short term, but relying on shapewear for good posture will only weaken your core muscles – turning things into a bit of a vicious cycle.
  • Tight clothes, in general, cause ingrown hair. While shapewear is just as tight, it can cause folliculitis, which is when bacteria get trapped in the hair follicles and causes angry red bumps, Women, and men who are thinking of trying shapewear must be aware of this information.


  • Body shapers could cause acid reflux. As your stomach, intestines, and colon are compressed, your digestive system isn’t happy. Acid reflux and heartburn could follow. According to Health Central, acid reflux brought on by shapewear has also been linked to injury in the esophagus or as it’s medically known, erosive esophagitis.
  • Shapewear can lead to all kinds of nasty infections in your urinary tract. We’re going to say a big ‘no thank you’ to cystitis – but to be fair, jumpsuits could be just as bad by that logic.
  • Wearing control undies has a similar effect on your poor stomach. When it gets all squished in, your digestion doesn’t work as well as normal, with gas or bloating being common side effects. Sure, they’re temporary, but unpleasant nonetheless.
  • If you struggle with IBS or any condition that can make you need to relieve yourself more pronounced, shapewear might not be your friend. As Dr Kuemmerle noted, all that pressure on your digestive tract can make those feelings even more urgent, and it can exacerbate stress incontinence or leaks in people who suffer from bladder issues.
  • A more serious continuation of having so much pressure on your limbs for a prolonged amount of time could be blood clots or varicose veins – pretty scary stuff. Dr Erickson did note that this was most common in people genetically prone to varicose veins, but it’s worth keeping in mind.
  • Some people have called shapewear a ‘modern-day corset’, and not for nothing. Dr John Kuemmerle told The Huffington Post that the ‘squeezing’ effect is literally compressing your internal organs – which can lead to all kinds of nasties.

Final Words:

As you can see, shapewear could be a very confusing mechanism that requires certain knowledge. It is difficult to make a decision between the cons and pros of the body shaper, even though, we have all this information about both sides.

In general, nothing can harm you if the limitation is kept wisely. Fortunately, fashion designers and health departments are improving already existed, non-harmful shapewear in order to reach the maximum of good quality. If you want to give it a try, here are some tips that could help you choose the right one:

  1. Size is what matters the most:
  2. Medium construction is to smooth lines
  3. Strong construction for total figure transformation
  4. Legs can be toned by tights with built-in shapewear
  5. Choose a full bodysuit for all-over shaping
  6. Look for cotton-blend shapewear to keep you cool.


  • What’s the difference between a body shaper and a corset?

One of the most characteristic differences between these two is in their work; a body shaper is for giving an illusion of slimness while a waist trainer is used for training purposes.

corsets aren’t as common as they used to be in the 20th century. Coco Chanel was the person who gave women freedom. She inserted the trend of women jeans, trousers. That literally meant no more corsets and giant skirts. They were extremely uncomfortable and harmful.


  • Are there other ways to look slimmer?

YES! Women and men are given a great variety of reshaping their bodies. It’s either linked to doing exercises or food-contained factor.

There are some types of tea, that can accelerate the process of becoming slimmer. In conclusion, we can look however we want to. It’s all about our characteristics, taste, and knowledge.

hourglass figure. Shapewear and corsets have a long history and have undergone several changes from the fabric to shapes, colors, and sizes.

Although it is mostly preferred by women, shapewear for men is also gaining popularity in recent times. The wearer gets a boost of self-confidence due to the smoothening of extra flab and also because the shapewear holds the back erect.

Elegance is what fashion icons have taught us to achieve. Shapewear may be one of the factors, that could help us reach the goal. This article contains all the aspects to help you, find your own answer.

Is wearing a body shaper bad for you?

No wearing a body shaper is not bad if you wear properly.

It will only harm if you wear it for too long. Body shapers are a bit tight. Wearing too much for too long can increase the risk of nerves or organ disorder due to compressing.

Too much of nothing is good. Wear it only if needed do not overdo anything. Don’t hurt yourself just to look good in other’s eyes. Be comfortable and beautiful in your eyes which is needed.

Do body shapers work to lose weight?

No, Shapewear is not for losing weight. 

It just tucks in your extra bulging fat by compressing it. I never felt an ant difference in weight due to body shapers neither my friends do.

It can be a temporary solution to get a slim body. You can look slimmer but your fat is not gonna vanish. Proper diet and workout is the only thing that can help you eliminate extra fat.

Can I wear shapewear while sleeping?

No, you should not sleep with shapewear. 

Body shapers fit you tight to compress your fat. It will never be comfortable to sleep with. You should not wear it while sleep as it will entrust your sleep and also can cause some serious health issues.


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