My Experience of Hair Serums- Garnier VS Streax Pro

I have used a lot of hair serums and found these two are better than any other. Let`s talk about how these serums worked for me and what are the Pros and Cons. You are also confused with your hair care products and this must be the possible reason, you are here. I will help you out of all confusion regarding hair serum.

“Life is too Short to have Boring Hair”

Think your hair after salon Soft, Silky, manageable and freshly cut hair. This is the best feeling a girl can have ever. You feel good when your hairs feel good. And you do a lot of hard work just the day after your salon to keep your hair as it is. But the effort of keeping hairs manageable till the next appointment doesn’t worth always. This is the time when we think of the Hair serum.

When I first started growing my hairs long. I was unaware of the problems that girls have while maintaining it long and healthy. After facing a lot of problems like dandruff, lice, hair fall, product reactions and split ends, I come to know that growing hair is easy but maintaining its health shine and volume is not a piece of cake.

After all, I have decided to take guidance from mom, grandma, and others for hair care tips. Then after a few days of the schedule, I got even more confused. As every mouth has its own solution. I can`t try all of them. Deciding which one really gonna help me is also a confusing task.

I started using different hair products. By reading ingredients and effects I started choosing my shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, Hair mask, and gel and Hair serums. This takes a lot of time or I can say 1-2 years to come to the exact product.

What I gain from the process of keep trying and deciding?

“It`s your hair do whatever you want”

Yeah!  I know you are thinking that I did a foolish thing. Well no, I gain a lot of things from this experience after losing a little. That time I was not available all day to do all home remedied and that’s why I have to use ready-made products for my hairs. I have tried herbal and natural products first and come to know which one suits me best. That time I kept changing my products until I got what I was looking for.

After growing a little I have started styling my hair and then I realized the importance of visiting the salon. Styling makes my hair look lifeless, frizzy and thin. Then for the first time, I visited the salon and decided to care for my hair.

Depending solely on chemical products or Salon is not going to work for your whole life. If you want your hairs to be healthy and beautiful you have to do some precautions and some hair care routine.

Well, I am not going to talk about my hair care routine or how I managed to grow this long and healthy hair. Today I am going to discuss something different. I will talk about my experience of using a hair serum. How I choose my hair serum? Which one is my Favourite? Which hair serum is for you? What are the pros of using Hair serum and cons as well?

Today everyone is talking 5 or 10 best hair serums. But what are you going to gain from these lists? Again you will be confused after reading about all that. For utilizing your time I have decided to give you only 2 products detail that really worked for me.

What are the Hair serums I have tried?

At first, I am giving you the lists of different hair serums that I have tried till now. Then we will discuss the two best serums.

  • L’Oréal Paris smooth intense smoothening serum
  • Livon Serum
  • The Body Shop Grapeseed Serum
  • Garnier Fructis Damage eraser
  • Habibs Aesthetics Hair Serum
  • Streax Pro VITA Gloss Hair Serum


See which one is my favorite serums and how it worked for me?

There are many more brands in the market offering a huge variety of hair serums. I have tried 6 best serums (in my view) out of all. And found that all of these didn’t do what I have expected. Even after I found my favorite from this list too. Actually, I have 2 favorites.  Garnier Fructis and stream pro are those I am talking about.

Before saying anything about Pros and cons of these two, I would like to mention my hair type. My scalp is Oily and dandruff prone and so as hair. Oily hairs are really a tough task to maintain as it gets dirty and sticky only after 2 days. Keeping this in consideration decide your favorite.

What products Claim?

Garnier Streax
This Garnier Fructis Damage eraser claims to fix Split ends of the hair. Enriched with a Phyto-Keratin component which contains active fruit concentrates and plant-based protein. Contains natural lipids and cupuacu butter. The serum Nourishes and strengthens the hair. It claims to restore 90% of hair`s natural strength by repairing and preventing damages. Streax proclaims to give you smooth and completely frizz free hair. The product is having a strong frizz free formula that seals moisture and makes your hair shiny and gives nourishment with its Vitamin ‘E’ component. Improves Hair texture and repair damaged hair strands.


What are the Pros of these two serums?

Out of all 6 Hair serums, I found these two best for my hair type. If talking about pros, both are having many similar properties. Even after I am differentiating both product`s pros.

Garnier Streax
Makes hair shiny Makes hair shiny
Doesn`t frizz even after long hours Gives complete frizz-free hair
Super light on your hair Help detangle hair
Improves Hair texture Improves hair texture, works on split ends
No need to use a lot, a little goes a long way A few drops can do your job
Good packaging with a dispenser Simple packaging with a pump dispenser
Smell is really good Budget Friendly


What are the cons according to me?

Garnier Fructis

There are no strong Cons of this product. But if found, it is not really working on split ends. If your hair is suffering from severe split ends problems and you are looking for the product that seals your split ends completely. Then, this is not going to be happening with this product. But overall it is a good product to hide minor splits in your hair.

Limited Availability in India.

Have to reuse after 8-9 hrs.

Streax Pro

This is the product I must say, I haven`t noticed any negative side until now. Even after I have to say, then I would like to include one pint. That is the availability of this product. It`s a little bit tough task for those who prefer offline shopping. But yeah! You can easily fir this online.


Let`s compare the price of both serums.

Cost of Garnier Damage Eraser hair serum- about  ₹1600 for 125ml Streax serum Price- ₹ 190 for 100ml.


Why do I feel the use of Hair Serum is needed?

“Invest in your Hair, It is the Crown you never take off”

I never planned or decided suddenly to use serums to my hair. Actually, I don`t realize that I have started using it on regular basis. The main reason of applying hair serum regularly is smooth, manageable and shiny hair that it results. Let`s talk about how it works.

Hair serum is a silicon-based solution which only coats the upper layer. Due to the upper coating, our hair reflects more light which makes it look shinier. It also helps in to prevent external factors like Dirt, Dust, sunlight (heat) and humidity to affect directly. Serums keep scalp dry and prevent dandruff and fungal infections to the scalp. And also gives nourishment to the hairs and keeps it hydrated and healthy.

Although it is good in many ways and also gives you an inner satisfaction, I will not recommend you to use any hair serum too much. Instead of relying on the chemically based product you should do something that can nourish your hair naturally from the core. Use these products whenever you have to get ready instantly and you do have time.

Other`s suggestions Vs My Recommendations (based on my experience)

Others Me
you should apply your hair serum twice a day Use whenever needed, don`t use too much. Let your hair breathe.
Hair serum is necessary for your hair if you want shin and nourishment you should use it. No chemical product is necessary, try to make your hair look naturally healthy.
Nothing is bad in using hair serum Never apply hair serums on the scalp as it is not good for your hair roots and can block pores which may results hair fall.
Nothing can do the job of serums Proper oiling, washing and conditioning on time can do that for you.


How to use hair serum for straightening my hair?

This is the most asked question. Every girl wants her hair to be frizz free, sharp straight and shining. That`s why they keep asking me tips for straightening hairs at home, curling tips, hair serum uses and disadvantages and many more. But I am going to answer this question which will be the answer of straightening and hair serum uses also.

There is two way of straightening your hair using serums. First one is to use your serum on damp/ wet hair. This is the most effective way. Here I am giving the whole process of doing hair straightening at home.

  • Wash your hair using any shampoo
  • Let the excess water to be poured out
  • You can also use your towel to soak excess water from your hair
  • Now make sure there is not too much water in your hair as it may waste your serum
  • Now apply an even amount of serum to your hair
  • NOTE- Make sure you are not applying hair serum on your scalp as it is harmful to your scalp.
  • Apply evenly on your hair
  • Try to comb your hair (although the combing wet hair may result in weak hair root) that’s why don`t try this daily.
  • Comb continuously for 3-4 mints
  • Now you can you’re your hair drier while combing (optional)
  • If you don’t want to use drier, comb your hair and instead of combing straight comb in a curve and wrap your hair around your head.
  • After wrapping your hairs around your head you can wrap your towel
  • You can go for a sleep and left it over a night.
  • At least 2-3 hours needed for results.
  • Another morning unwrap your hair and see the result

The second and instant method is to use hot iron/ hair stilling & Curling Iron.

But this process is not good for your hair. Overuse of heating appliances may cause split end, roughness and weak hair. Although it is an easiest and fastest method to get straight manageable hair in no time.

You are Beautiful Just the way You are”

I have many more questions regarding Haircare, I will answer all of them in my upcoming post. If you too have any doubt, suggestion or question just do one thing-write to me. Comment whatever you want to share with me and share if you find this post helpful. Stay tuned for another useful and informative posts. Till then Keep Smiling –




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