Make Your own DIY face makeup primer at home

How to make our own DIY face makeup primer at home or anywhere. face makeup primer

God blessed us with beauty. But we need to enhance it on our own. And to enhance our beauty first thing that stuck in our mind is Makeup.  Makeup not only enhances our beauty but also gives us inner confidence. And a foremost thing that is important for a good makeup look or for making our makeup worth is a face makeup Primer. The Primer is the layer between our skin and makeup products. Primer prevents makeups to be absorbed into our skin. So let`s start to take the very first step towards enhancing our beauty and let`s learn how to make Face Makeup Primer.

The thing that tends me to find the alternatives of primer is when my readymade makeup primer is running out of stalk and I wanted to give my face a good and settled makeup look, and this is the situation from which most of us had been through. But this is not the only reason. There is one most important reason to make the DIY primer. The reason is the expensive makeup market. To avoid huge extra expenses we all had to cut some of these products and that’s why the DIY Primer is needed.

Makeup primer is the primary step for starting makeup. It is really important as it levels our skin and gives a settled smooth canvas for putting our makeup on, It minimizes pores of our facial skin and serve a purpose much greater than easing cosmetic application by keeping our facial skin much hydrated which is the most important issue for those who are having the makeup all day long.

The use of makeup primer depends on what is your skin type.  most important thing is that before giving these DIY Face makeup primer a try one should keep in mind. That it’s going to be work more effectively. Avoid doing makeup in a hurry.  face makeup primer will work when we give it a bit of time to be absorbed in our skin.

Primary step of makeup i.e. applying makeup primer is really very import as it doesn’t show instant effect on our skin if we are not applying it, but shows a long-term drawback for not applying it that can be early ageing sign, spots on skins, dry and dehydrated skin or sometimes pimples so to avoid these adverse effects of doing makeup and to keep our skin hydrated and flawless, you can use any of the given DIY primers i.e. easy and much cheaper than others.

  • Aloe Vera gel — This is a great thing to use as a makeup primer it works really amazing because it hydrates our skin and feels non-oily on the skin after applying and the most important thing it is easily available in the market and at very low cost.

In the case, if you are unable to get that in your nearby market then you can also make your own Aloe Vera gel by using fresh leaves from Aloe Vera plant. Peel the outer part after plucking the leaf. Use blades or knife and separate the flesh, by squeezing it by our hands or by blending it you can give it a gel-like texture and it is ready to be used as face Makeup Primer within few minutes.

Apply a bit of any of these two types of Aloe Vera Gel on your face. you can also apply it to the skin where you are going to apply makeup Foundation.

There are a few things that you should keep in your mind that if your skin is highly oily you should not use a huge amount at the time of makeup. Just put a little bit of the gel a bean shape or a pear shape onto your pam pat it all over your face and blend it well and let it be absorbed and here you go you have completed the first step of doing makeup.

On the other hand, if your skin is dry and highly dehydrated you can use a bit more to hydrate your dry skin.

  • Silicon-based Moisturizer– you can use any silicon-based moisturizer or cream as a makeup primer as it gives a smooth skin texture by closing the unwanted pores of our skin and helps to keep skin really hydrated for a long time. If you are having oily skin you can use a tiny amount of moisturizer and let it dry by patting it on your face skin. Whereas those with dry and dehydrated skin can apply sufficient amount of silicon-based cream. Or the can moisturizer onto the skin and pat dry it. Let it be set and absorbed completely into the skin then go for the further makeup.
  • Aloe Vera + Moisturizer—If you have both of the above options you can give your skin more nourishing and smooth texture. It will prepare a fine desired canvas to put makeup on. Just before putting makeup take a bit of gel and moisturizer. Mix them well and apply directly to your skin. Pat dry and let the skin absorb it. Then you will feel an amazing difference after and before applying it. Just after applying our DIY makeup primer we can directly apply makeup foundation go further for the makeup.
  • Milk of Magnesia—This is a product which not only makes us wonder but also works as wonder. Most of you will be surprised after knowing this totally unbelievable. We can directly apply it to our skin and pat dry.

At first, wash your face well or wipe it. Use any of readymade wipes for removing unwanted dust and oil from your skin. Take few drops of this Milk of Magnesia onto your pam. Rub and massage gently to your skin let it dry.

Milk of magnesia is Magnesium Hydroxide which is an inorganic compound. Its chemical formula is Mg(OH)2. It is helpful in reducing stomach acid, heartburn, indigestion. It works amazingly as a makeup primer as it fills up all and the pores and gives the soothing feel.

  • Nivea after shave balm or cream—Men`s aftershave creams and bam are full with the properties. It heals wounds when applied to the shaved skin. You can definitely give it a try. It doesn’t have any bad effect on the skin. It will heal the pimples and defoliated skin and will give you a flawless texture for applying makeup.
  • Skin tonner—Application of skin toner is totally different from a primer. That’s why skin toner can be used in place of primer but not as a face makeup primer.

Apply a little bit of toner on your skin. Use cotton or by spray it directly on your skin. After applying pat dry it and you will feel an instant effect.

Skin toner will make it easy for you to apply even layer of makeup. Give it a try but never use more than two times a day as it may feel dry after.

You can buy it from your nearby marker or online. And you can make your own! Use rice soaked water, rose water, fruits like cucumbers and avocado and many more.

  • Extra virgin Coconut oil—Cool compressed extra virgin coconut oil can also be used as a makeup primer.

Coconut oil is really a boon to the skin. It moisturizes well and also heals the exfoliated skin and gives a smooth texture.

For oily skin as well as the dry skin it works as a wonder. The thing that should be in your mind is that the amount. And it will depend on the types of skin. If your skin is oily use a bit less. But dry skin can absorb it well so use as you need.

  • Glycerin— glycerin is made up of natural oils and honey. It is totally non- toxic to the skin. It is a humectant and helps skin to lock moisture of our skin.

I have noticed many talking about using glycerin as a face makeup primer; it is really a great product for skin. On the other hand as a face makeup primer is failed miserably.

The texture of glycerin is sticky. if you are using it directly then beware! it will ruin your blender or puff while applying makeup. It feels a bit sticky even after using diluted.

face makeup primer

Special tips for dry and oily skin type

·        Use a mild face wash for washing your face but do not wash your face more than 2 times a day. ·        Washing your face too much is not gonna help you to get rid out of the oily skin, instead of using face washes you can wash it out using only (plain) water.
·        Try to keep your skin hydrated and moisturize by using moisturizers. Don’t use too much of moisturizer as it can make your skin look more greasy.
·        Take care mainly for providing right nourishment to your skin, apply Aloe Vera gel or coconut oil onto your skin for overnight it will work amazing on your skin and you will feel smoothness another morning. ·        Take special care of your skin during night wash your face and apply Aloe Vera gel and leave it to work for overnight and wash another morning.
·        Drink lots of water eat more juicy fruits and you can apply the pastes of that fruits onto your face. ·        Eat non-oily food and drink lots of water you can apply lemon juice to remove excess oils.
·        Use natural face packs like gram flour and turmeric paste and try to use natural things to keep your skin healthy. ·        Use natural lemon, sugar, and gram four paste or orange peels can also act as a great oil remover for our face let peels dry and then grind it into a fine paste and apply using rose water or simple water.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can setting spray be used as a primer?
  • Yes, you can use any setting spray.  It contains water and glycerin which helps you hydrate and mist your face before applying makeup and gives dewy look.


  • Is a BB Cream a Primer?
  • NO, saying BB cream is a primer is not totally true. It is something that we can use as a Cream, moisturizer, face makeup Primer, sunblock and as well as Foundation. It totally depends on your choice and in my view, BB cream is a must have in your bag product.


  • How to use face primer?
  • Wash your face before applying anything. Let your skin dry, then apply the face makeup primer. Pat, it all over your skin. Let it absorbed into your skin. And here we go your face is ready to apply makeups.


  • How to make makeup primer spray?
  • It’s really easy to make our own DIY makeup primer spray. Just take a tonner r foundation spray bottle or any another spray bottle. Wash it nicely pore some rose water. But if you don’t want to use rose water you can also use plain water. Add few drops of glycerin. The Most Important thing, add Fresh or Readymade Aloe Vera Gel. Mix everything well together. Your face makeup primer spray is ready. You can use it right now.


That’s all about DIY natural Face Makeup Primer, hope you have enjoyed reading. It’s time to try these tips and DIY primers on your own. Do try these and comment. Howzit worked for you? If you want more information regarding face makeup primer and different tips for staying beautiful. just visit our website.

Because you are Beautiful!


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