How to use face makeup primer for long-lasting makeup

How to use face makeup primer for long-lasting makeup?  Primer! it is a primary step of applying makeup. It is as important as a primer before any type of painting. We paint our face as we desire by applying different types of makeup that’s why it is important to apply Makeup Primer before Makeup.

Makeup Primer

Makeup primer gives a set base or I can say it prepares our canvas for painting, primer prepares our skin for a fine makeup and it set the base for the makeup.

Primer is a step between Applying moisturizer and applying Makeup Foundation. If we want to do a Makeup like a Pro we must assure that we have completed our primary steps nicely.

The most important aspect of using makeup primer is that it helps makeup to go evenly all over and fills the unwanted pores, lines, and wrinkles and gives a smooth texture.

In this post we will discuss the techniques of applying primer onto our face skin, we will also discuss the best primers and their applications and types of primer to be used on the basis of skin type and this is the most important thing that you all should come to know.

Natural Primer also does the same work as the readymade one, But in my view, natural primers are a bit more preferable as it not only gives a makeup smoothly and desired base but also help to improve our skin health.

Here some natural things which can be used as a makeup primer directly onto your skin, choose any one of the given and get started—

  • Aloe Vera gel or fresh extracted Aloe Vera
  • Milk of Magnesia
  • Coconut Oil


If you don’t have any face primer with you but want to give your face a perfect base for makeup you can use these instead—

  • Moisturizer
  • BB cream
  • Men`s Nivea after shave balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup Setting Spray
  • Or any of the above options.


Some of the Primers easily available in the market for dry skin

  • Clinique Superior face primer
  • Mary Kay Foundation primer
  • L’Oréal’s professional face primer
  • Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer
  • Oriflame Beauty Perfecting Face Primer
  • Colorbar perfect match Primer


Some makeup spray Primer especially of oily skin type

  • Lakme Absolute Bi-phased Makeup primer
  • L’Oréal’s Makeup Primer
  • Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free pore minimizing foundation primer
  • Hourglass veil mineral primer


Let’s just take any one of the above for your convenience and start the primary step of applying makeup.

  • Before doing anything just wash your face and the skin area where you want to apply makeup.
  • Pat dry your face as it activates our skin cells and starts blood circulation it gives you a good feel and by doing this on regular basis you can minimize pimples and pores formation in your skin.
  • Now apply skin toner or rose water or Aloe Vera and again pat dry. Keep in mind if you are applying tonner to your skin do not rub it just take cotton and dab it everywhere and then most important- Pat dry.
  • Do not Pat harder while applying any product as it can cause redness in your skin and if you are in hurry don’t pat too much but if you have a little time for your make then pat dry and wait a bit for the redness to vanish.
  • Apply sunscreen, any sunscreen you like to use is preferable
  • After doing all this you can directly apply your face makeup primer but for better result and for more protection apply a bit of face makeup tonner blend it evenly with a light hand using your pam or you can use your beauty blender also but doing this with your pam is preferable.
  • Applying face primer is not so tough task but avoid to do this in a hurry as it needs little time to be absorbed into the skin so let it dry otherwise it will look greasy and can ruin your makeup, but no need to worry it only takes 3-5 mins.
  • Now you can apply an even coat of your foundation or any makeup product you like to apply.

Makeup Primer

Special skin care to keep skin hydrated for Dry skin

For a good Makeup look it is very important that your original skin looks good too, well yeah! Hiding all flaws of skin is like a piece of cake for even a common people like us, this is all because cosmetics are now trending all and are attracted towards a good makeup look but no one has that time for skin care.  After doing all these makeups at last we regret our skin conditions which are getting worst from the bad dry skin is getting drier and looks lifeless.

Now, this is the right time to think upon and to find the right way. Let`s start some daily life good habits for good skin.

  • Drink lots of water at least 3-4litres a day
  • Eat more seasonal fruits like watermelon and muskmelon etc.
  • Scrub your skin once a week but if your skin is not so dry and you are have had applied lots of makeups throughout the week you can scrub twice but not more than this.
  • Always try to use natural fruits and natural ingredients for scrubbing.

The process of making watermelon scrub

  • Take a piece of fresh watermelon
  • ½ of one lemon
  • Sugar ½ teaspoon
  • (optional) honey or glycerin
  • Squash the pulp of watermelon
  • Separate the seeds apart
  • Mix all ingredients
  • Apply on your face, hands or onto the skin you want to scrub
  • Rub gently and slowly. NOTE do not rub too hard or too fast as it contains solid sugar which can scratch the skin.
  • Let it works for few minutes, keep rubbing
  • Wash it off gently with cold water
  • See results….soft, glowing, and comparatively fair skin
  • Use face pack once or twice at your convenience.
  • Use natural face pack using fruits, leaves, flowers or any natural ingredients.
  • Some of the natural face packs for dry skin are-

Gram flour, clay, Neem leaves, Hibiscus flowers, powder of dried orange peels and so on.

  • The most important step is for night skin care-
    • Apply milk to your facial skin and let it dry and be absorbed overnight wash it of another morning doing this every night will give you soft glowing skin within a week.
    • Then Apply Aloe Vera gel and leave overnight to hydrate your skin
    • Put moisturizer before you are going to bed, this is should be in your night skin care routine if you are having really dry skin.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do we use the primer before painting or before makeup?

A primer or we can say undercoat is an even coating put on materials before painting or before makeup ensures better adhesion of makeup or paint to the surface, increase makeup/paint durability and provides additional protection for the products being used in makeup or painting.


  1. Is primer used before Foundation?

Yes, a primer should be used before makeup foundation. It gives a smooth and even surfaces to the foundation to spread evenly on the skin.


  1. How many coats of primer should you do?

How many coats of primer should be there on your face depends on your skin type and the type of primer you are choosing. I prefer one even coat as my skin is a dusky and little bit oily too but if your skin is dry you can apply 1-2 coats of it. If you would like to apply once even if your skin is dry it is fine you can go for it.


  1. What do you put on first primer or concealer?

Of course, primer because your makeup primer intended to prepare your face for the application of makeups like concealer and foundation. Apply face primer after moisturizer and toner but before concealer or foundation.


Had you applied your own DIY Face Primer? Howzit worked? If you haven’t tried these makeup Primer then what are you thinking for just go for it. And let me know what your experiences of using these makeup primer.  What else you want just let me know by Commenting and by putting a mail to my mailing address. Share these tips with your friends and be a Makeup pro. And for the more informative post just visit my site.

Stay Beautiful and stay Happy!

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