How to clean your belly button piercing?

If You are planning for getting your belly button pierced, check out the post before that. I am up with some very Interesting and easy way of cleaning piercing. It is important not just for it will get healed quickly. But cleaning also keeps unwanted infections away. One should know how to clean navel piercing before getting it done.

Cleaning a belly button piercing is a really very easy task. The process requires only a few minutes out of your busy day.

I recommend cleaning your belly button or navel piercing only twice a day. There is no need to clean more than that.

We’ll discuss the cleaning process of navel piercing in details. Apart from that the most important section of this post is gonna be Do’s and Don’ts of belly button piercing.

Let’s get started with a small list of things that you’ll be needed.

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  1. Clean your navel Piercing every day in the shower

It is always suggested to clean your piercing properly during and after a shower. Use antibacterial soap instead of an ordinary one.

Make sure whatever soap you are using is gentle and basic soap with no dyes. If you use any general harsh soap, it may wash off the oils and necessary moisture and results dry out.


How to clean a belly button piercing in the shower?

First of all, make sure you are taking a hot water bath. I mean the water should not be cold. Use a little warm water as it will relieve pain and inflammation also.

Make a cup of your palm and place it just below your belly button. Let the water runoff and wash all dirt. Keep your hands as it is for at least 5 minutes.

Avoid direct application of soap to the area or piercing as it may cause infection. Take a required quantity of soap on your palm and make lather out of it.

Put the lather on the area of piercing and wash off after few minutes carefully. Do not rub vigorously area near the piercing, it may get hurt.

Navel piercings should be cleaned at least once a day or twice. After washing makes sure there is no water or soap left inside your belly button. Use a paper towel or tissue paper.

Make sure it completely clean and dry before putting on your clothes.

  1. Make salt soak at your home

This is the best solution for cleaning your belly button piercing. And the most important thing, it is super easy to make.

Sea Salt Soak Recipe

Some water is a bowl and boils it. Put a teaspoon of sea salt in it boil few more seconds.

Take any medicine cup and pour the salt solution in it. Or you can use any clean glass. Allow the water to cool down a little. Make sure it is not too hot.

Let the edges of the glass beneath your navel and flip quickly and carefully. Press a little so that water in the glass cannot come out.

Lie down on the table or in any comfortable place. Make sure water is not oozing out especially if you are on the bed or on your cozy sofa.

It is always better if you’ll put a towel beneath you. And relax for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Warm salt water will dilute all crusts and dirt of the piercing wound. This seems the easiest way of cleaning to me. What do you think?

Here is a warning, do not use Iodized salt, Epsom or Kosher salt these may cause irritation. Only use store based saline solution or this sea salt solution for cleaning your navel piercing.

Wash your piercing with thoroughly with clean water. Rinse completely and dry it with the paper towel.

Don’t forger to clean your piercing after sweating


  1. Clean your belly button piercing using Cotton

Are you worried that something oozing out of your new piercing? It is whitish to yellow in color?

Don’t worry this liquid shows that your wound is healing. Your body is healing cause secretion of off-white liquid from it. This liquid dries and forms crusting around the piercing.

But nothing to worry, these crusting can be clean easily with the help of cotton swab or cotton ball.

How do I clean the crust off my piercing?

Take warm water and dip a cotton swab in it. If you don’t have cotton swab you can make one out of the cotton ball. Take a piece of small wooden stick (length may be equal to your fingers).

Press the stick on a cotton ball and roll it. This will allow cotton fibers to wrap around the stick to form a swab.

Now dip your cotton swab into the warm water and press the piercing gently with it. Remove the crusting be gently rubbing it.

Keep in mind, you should not touch it even to remove crusting. Touching new piercing with your fingers may lead to infection.

Why do piercings get crusty?

Crusties are perfectly normal, there is no need to get worried about it. Crust forming is a sign of healing. It is a good sign buddy.

When we pierce any of our body parts, we make the cut and modify it. The dead skin cell, blood cells, and plasma make their way out to the surface of the skin.

It comes out in the form of liquid and gets dried in the form of crust. Generally, it is not harmful. But if you skip regular cleaning, it may get harden block the pores. Also, result tearing or piercing. And the process of healing may take more time.

It is very important to clean crusties over time. I will recommend to clean your bellybutton piercing at least once a day or twice.

  1. Essential oil for healing after cleaning

I use essential oils for not only for beauty purpose but also on wounds. It works really well. I personally have tried essential oils like Lavender and tea tree oil.

Some essential oils are really good at healing wounds. It makes the process of healing faster.

Some of the best essential oils for healing piercing wound

According to my view, these are the best of all essential oil in case of healing. But you can use your essential oil according to availability.

After cleaning with a salt soak and clean normal water. Just wipe the residue water by using paper tissues. Pour a few drops of essential oil on the piercing. Massage around the area around piercing using a cotton swab.

Do not rub! You have to dab gently and let it get absorbed. Move the ring or barbell very carefully and gently. Make sure oil reaches inside the piercing.

Lavender oil is my personal favorite. I always recommend Lavender oil for after cleaning process of piercing.

Although, these essential oils are all antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing in nature. But let’s talk only about my favorite Lavender oil in this section.

Do let me know if you want detail about any essential oil. Go down and comment below your requests in the comment section. I’ll include that in my upcoming post for sure.

Benefits of Lavender oil for piercing

  • Lavender Oil possesses unique wound healing properties.
  • Act as a good antiseptic, my piercing healing oil.
  • Also possesses antibacterial, anti fungal properties.
  • If you are suffering from piercing bumps, it works as a good anti-inflammatory
  • Lubricated the pierced area of your navel and preventing cracks or tearing of the skin.
  • It smells really good and acts as a stress buster too.
  • Lavender Oil will help to relieve pain and inflammation.

Body piercing Aftercare, Do’s and Don’ts

  • Avoid touching a newly pierced belly button with dirty hands.
  • Do not remove or change your piercing during the healing period.
  • Clean regularly but not more than 2 times a day.
  • Avoid piercing with a gun, I recommend using a new needle.
  • Make sure your navel piercing tools are sterilized.
  • Rotate or simply move up and down the jewelry during cleaning.
  • Avoid applying drying products such as metho or peroxide.
  • If applying antibacterial or antiseptic cream make sure to remove excess after application.
  • Use only one product, avoid application of 2 or more product at the same time.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes, try to wear comfortable loose dresses.
  • Never apply soap or body wash to the area of your navel piercing.
  • Make lather and apply to the pierced area for cleaning.
  • Reduce the intake of too much sugar, it may slow down the healing process.
  • *Avoid using public pools or spa.
  • Make sure your jewelry is of correct size according to the gauge size of piercing needle.

Getting your belly button pierced is not a tough task. But cleaning your piercing regularly and prevent it to get any type of infection is the main thing. Keep in mind it is a surface piercing and there is always a possibility of migration or rejection.

A little bump and redness are common for a new piercing. Avoid touching, pressing or hurting during healing time. It generally takes 6-8 weeks to heal completely.

Jewelry should not be too tight inside the piercing. It may get embedded and in some case getting jewel out of the piercing without surgery become impossible.

That’s all friends. I have tried to put everything related to belly button piercing cleaning in this single post. Please remind me if I have forgotten any point.

Suggestions are always appreciated. If you want a separate detailed post on any other related topic, any query or whatever you want to share about you and your experiences, Just write it here we’ll come up to you for sure.

Don’t forget to share your belly button piercing and the experiences related to it. I’ll be waiting for you to comment and share.  Stay Tuned! more Interesting and helpful posts to come.

Keep Smiling & Stay Healthy-“Because you are Beautiful”. 


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