Fake Industrial Piercing: All You Should Know

Let’s talk about fake Industrial Piercing- We all know that industrial piercings are quite painful and throbbing. Indeed, many people do not get these piercings because they hurt. They are not ready to feel such severe pain.

This is why many people opt for alternatives that do not entail any pain. Looking at the alternatives, we have a fake piercing. We guess you are wondering what this term means.

cute heart industrial fake piercing

The term is not uncommon but there is limited knowledge about it. So we’ll be sharing some knowledge about it. What then is a fake industrial piercing?

What is Fake industrial piercing?

Fake Industrial piercing is not actually a piercing. But you wear fake jewelry to pretend to have a piercing. 

Before we delve into what a fake industrial piercing is, we need to understand what an industrial piercing is. Therefore what is an industrial piercing?

An industrial piercing is any two pierced holes connected with a single straight piece of jewelry. However, it typically refers to a double perforation of the upper ear cartilage specifically.

There are quite a number of ways that the industrial may be pierced. See an example of industrial piercing below. Wikipedia

Industrial piercings hurt a bit because there are two piercings technically. The pain doesn’t last long but the sore may last a month or less. It takes about 2-3 months to heal fully. As a result of the lengthy period it takes to heal, it makes it more painful in the long period.

What then is a fake industrial piercing? It’s basically an industrial piercing that is fake or a hoax. It’s an industrial piercing without the actual piercing itself. You just need some faux jewelry.

fake piercings

An industrial is also called a scaffold piercing or a construction piercing in North America. In some parts of Britain, it’s called “bar”.

For some reason, people don’t like to undergo the process of piercing. They’d rather wear faux jewelry. Some complain that the piercing process is quite stressful. Some say that it’s painful.

Others complain that the sore takes a while before it heals. Whatever reason it is, we can see that a number of people love to wear some faux piercing jewelry.

You don’t need to undergo any piercing process before you can wear those rings. No need for those double piercings on your cartilage before you can wear those rings.

All you need for fake industrial piercing is just the jewelry, no piercings involved. This is what it looks like

We are sure you are feeling the “fake industrial piercing” with the help of the faux jewelry. Fake industrial piercing is a beauty and they are equally elegant. The good thing about this is that it is not gender-specific. Both females and males can engage in this.

Why is it called Fake piercing?

To begin with, fake means imitation, not genuine or mockup.

An industrial piercing as explained above is a double piercing around the cartilage of your ear. Consequently, it’s easy to deduce the reason for the name “fake industrial piercing”.

This has the most predictable reason. We are very sure that you already guessed why it is called a fake industrial piercing. It seems self-explanatory.

Well, it’s called a fake industrial piercing because faux jewelry is used to portray an industrial piercing which is non-existent. Hence, it is called a fake industrial piercing.

Types of Fake Industrial Piercings

There are two types – Horizontal and Vertical fake industrial. 

When it comes to piercings, there are different designs. Creativity is piercing is not something that can be overemphasized. Therefore what are the specific types of fake industrial piercings?

When it comes to fake piercings, there are two different types; horizontal style and the vertical style. The horizontal style is one in which the jewelry passes across. While the vertical style is one in which the line goes up and down.

In the horizontal style, the faux jewelry goes across the top of the ear from left to right. While in the vertical style, the faux jewelry goes across the top of the ear at an angle, with one hole higher than the other.

This a perfect example of a vertical industrial piercing. Of course, a fake piercing is one in which faux jewelry is used.  It is all without actual piercings.

A detailed pictorial representation of a horizontal industrial piercing type. This is what a horizontal type of fake piercing looks like.

As seen above, we can see what a vertical type and horizontal type is. Which seems more like your style, the vertical or horizontal? For us, we feel both are good and it is more of a choice thing.

fake your industrial piercing

How to do Fake piercing?

There are procedures for kind of piercings. For example, to get a tattoo, you need the image you want to draw, a licensed tattoo artist and the process of drawing the tattoo itself. Therefore, what does a fake industrial piercing entail?

It’s no news that industrial piercings take a procedure. The procedure is quite straightforward.

  1. Go to a piercer.
  2. Get ready for a double piercing.
  3. Get piercings
  4. Buy a piece of jewelry for the piercing, they’re often called a barbell
  5. Get ready for the healing process
  6. Finally, heal

The procedure for industrial piercing is quite short and detailed, but it takes 2-3 months. On the other hand, you do not need to do anything to get a fake industrial piercing. It is fake, so all you need to do is to get the jewelry for it. Quite a number of retailers sell faux jewelry. You can also check on Amazon for more designs.

We can see now the perks of a fake industrial piercing. You do not have to pass through the lengthy phase of healing. Nor do you have to suffer any kind of pain during the piercing process. All you need to do is just get a non pierced jewelry on Amazon or other stores. Although they are not as pretty as the orthodox industrial piercing, they are not equally bad.

So now, we all have an idea of how to do a fake piercing. It seems quite simple, isn’t it?

industrial piercing for men

How much does a fake industrial cost?

Fake Piercing can cost something between $5-$30. 

Getting things to come at a price. Getting a tattoo, getting a new whip, etc. all come at a price. So, how much does it cost for a fake industrial piercing? Don’t worry it is not something expensive. It’s something every regular person can afford. It can be as low as $5-$30, depending on the kind of jewelry you want to get.

All you need to do for a fake piercing is to buy the jewelry. Unlike the regular industrial piercing that you pay as much as $30-$100, which is not cheap. Also, you need to get an industrial piercing at a licensed and reputable tattoo & piercing shop.

Just get your amazing non pierced industrial piercing jewelry from your favorite jewelry store. That’s it you are good to go.

How to prepare for Fake piercing?

This piercing doesn’t need any preparation at all. 

Preparations are just something we need to do. Whether you are getting ready for a test, or an exam, or even moving into a new house, you need to get prepared. So what does preparing for a fake industrial piercing entail?

We’d suggest that you need to prepare your mind for the worst pain of your life. We are just kidding, you do not need any kind of preparation for a fake industrial piercing. All you need to do is get the jewelry and wear it.

Wearing jewelry should not be so hard, or you may need some preparations for wearing jewelry. Unlike the conventional industrial piercing that requires you to prepare your mind for a double piercing and also the healing process. And some times, prepare for keloids.

In a fake industrial piercing, you do not need to prepare for anything. Except, of course, you need to prepare to buy a piece of jewelry or put on a piece of jewelry. A fake industrial piercing is simpler than it looks. In fact, it is extremely simple.

Requirements for fake piercing

Just a piece of fox jewelry is the only and the most important requirement. 

If you’ve been reading this article right from the beginning, then this should be anticipated.

All that is required for this is the jewelry and your ear, I.e the faux jewelry. Unlike the original industrial piercing that requires a piercer, a barbell, and your ear.

The requirements for this are very simple and effortless. No complications, just your ear, and the unpierced jewelry.

Girls vs Guys Fake Industrial Piercing

Generally, piercings are not gender-specific. Men love piercings as much as women. Although in some parts of the world, or most parts, women do more piercings than men. But this doesn’t stop men from getting piercings.

A couple of men really love the idea of piercing more than women, but they do not want to go through the piercing process. They’d rather have a piece of faux jewelry on their ears than do an industrial piercing. When most people research online, they find out that industrial piercings are throbbing. Also, they see that the healing process takes about 2-3 months. Nobody wants to nurse a sore for more than a month.

Also, during the course of the research, they find out that it’s double puncturing. That instills fear on most people. Like, how is it comfortable to get double piercings on my cartilage? That is why most use industrial piercing. It’s just an attachment on your ear. You can remove it at any time of your choice.


The perks of a fake industrial piercing are quite obvious. First, you do not have to go through any excruciating pain. Also, you do not need to nurse any sore for any lengthy period. However, the jewelry available for fake piercing is limited. Unlike the conventional one which has more designs.

Picking the fake piercing is subject to your choice. But they are elegant and beautiful as well.


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