Raksha Bandhan 2020: Makeup and Dressing ideas For Girls

Festive bells are ringing! Get ready for the upcoming festivals. Start your 2020 festive celebrations with Raksha Bandhan. This year we will celebrate this festival of brothers and sisters on Monday, 3rd August.


Today I will plan our Raksha Bandhan Attire. I will help you to decide which one to wear and which attire will make your presence special.

Among all of your sisters (cousins), you will have to look different and attractive. I have some awesome ideas to design your day in a beautiful way.

What to wear? It is the most irritating and confusing question for the girls. Isn’t it for you too? Hmm, it must be! if you are a girl.

Before Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) I use to go to the market for my shopping. My mom uses to come with me at that time. I always get confused when it comes to choosing a dress.

After deciding on my dress, another challenging work is to find matching pieces of jewelry. And then Makeup products at very last.

It always takes 3-4 days or even a whole week to shop for Raksha Bandhan. But today, you have an online shopping option. If you are a working lady and never get much time to decide and but then switch to online shopping mode.

Here I am giving you the whole idea to decide your attire according to your preference and comfort.

I have so many childhoods as well as teenage memories full of confusion. It`s really tough for me to even now to decide what to wear. This is the reason- I think why not to discuss some ideas together.

Yes! We can solve this problem together. I will help you to choose your dress and you have to do this in the comment.

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What will we do today?

In this post, I will not only help you to decide your look for the Rakhi festival 2020 but also I will share my views and my Rakhi special dress.

Before deciding what to wear decide what color you are going to wear. In the monsoon, we can wear colorful clothes. And if it is any festival in monsoon you may choose a vibrant multicolor dress.

Always choose the colors of your dress according to your complexion. I always avoid wearing bright pink, yellow or peacock green color as my complexion is a bit dusky.

If your complexion is similar to mine, you can pick white, Red, Cream, Peach or blue or any other color that suits you.

Don’t choose to wear a black color on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. There are so many Hindu rituals that we should not wear black color on any holy/ happy occasion.

Black color shows negativity and that’s the main reason behind my suggestion.

In my view, there are a lot of colors available in the market then why to wear black. Even if we love to wear black, we can avoid it that day.

Wear a happy color or choose a multicolor dress with multicolor pieces of jewelry.  Make your environment even more colorful.

Let`s take a look, what are the options we have to wear for the event of Raksha Bandhan.

  • Saree

We the Indians love to wear Saree on different occasions. This is the most demanding option and that why I have listed Saree as my 1st option.  If you never tried wearing saree ever, this is the time to do something out of the box. Believe me, this will be great fun.

Nothing can make you look beautiful and adorable as traditional attire. As we are planning for Raksha Bandhan, the color selection should be vibrant and bright.

Color- pick colors like red, blue yellow or green. Choose any shade of the color you love to wear or you are comfortable with. You can try some new colors this year to give your trend a new break. Try different shades of red –“wine red (dark red), blush, Rose, apple, candy, or Garnet, According to your complexion.

Material- coming to the material say a big no to Cotton Saree. Yes, you should not wear cotton saree on many previous occasions. It will make you look a bit cheaper even after you are wearing expensive cotton saree. Its monsoon, not too hot outside. Wear Silk Saree this is my personal favorite.

Silk will not only give you a beautiful look but also gives inner confidence. The shine will give an expensive look it will also come in your budget.

Here are some more options apart from silk for you. Georgette, chiffon or you can choose sarees with net-work, stonework or embroider.

Patiala suit

If you find saree doesn’t suit you or it is not comfortable enough to carry the whole day, the Patiala suit is a wonderful alternative. You can buy a readymade Patiala suite.

Another option is to buy stitched Patiala and kurta separately. And you don’t want to buy a readymade suit and want your own customize suit then go to your tailor or designer.

A-line kurta with churidar

This is the most common type of suit. You can buy churidar or leggings in place. I prefer leggings, this is because it is more comfortable and easy to wear. Wearing churidar is always a problem for me and is also not comfortable while seating. I buy leggings online an

Anarkali suit

This is some of this we all are familiar with. Indian Anarkali suits are in trends since the time of the movie “Mughal-e-Azam”. Whenever we talk about Anarkali dress, an image of Madhubala in the song “Jab Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya” pop-ups in our mind.

I always feel like Anarkali whenever I wore my Anarkali Kurti. The main point to be noticed about this, is still in fashion, even after a long time. You can buy your Anarkali dress online or from your nearby market.

I will suggest you try some different colors. Golden, canary yellow, saffron, ochre, and amber are some of the colors which may look awesome on you.

Kurti with Dhoti pants

Now, this is something different or you can say unique. I have tried this and find only one problem. If the bottom wear (dhoti pant) is not in a proper fit it will ruin your whole look. This is also not so comfortable for everyone. So, if you are planning to buy the try it before.

Choose your dress material not only by looking at it but also keeping in mind, which material will suit you best in monsoon. Color combination of Red- Yellow, Red-green, blue-yellow will be the best.

If you want to look a bit different for this Raksha Bandhan, I have one more idea. You can wear a tri-color Patiala suit. Like Red kurta, Blue Patiala pajama and Red dupatta.

You can choose your own combination. This look is now trending and is really fashionable. Take solid color dress material and stitch designer laces on the edges of your suit or where you want.

  • Lengha

Lengha is one of the most common Indian Ethnic attire. Indian women can wear lengha on any occasion like a marriage ceremony or any festivals. Every Indian girl love and desires to wear lengha on all happy occasions.

I too like wearing lengha on the day of Raksha bandha.

If you don’t like the traditional heavy lengha then you can also wear lightweight printed ones. Online shopping sites are offering printed silk lengha, georgette lengha or even cotton light worked lengha. You can buy any one of these and these modern style lehengas will make you look more stylish.

Some twisted color recommendations that can be of your choice- lime, olive, seaweed, seafoam, sage, and mint. You can try any of these colors too if you want a different attractive color.

Wearing lengha can be helpful for you if you love to wear saree but can`t carry it. You can wear lengha in saree style/ saree style lengha. It will give you the desired look and will be much more comfortable for you to carry.

Different types of lengha

  • A-lines lengha
  • Flared Lehenga
  • Mermaid or fishtail
  • Paneled Lehenga
  • Double or triple flared ( it looks more voluminous)
  • Trail lehnga (the extra fabric used on the backside of the skirt give royal feel)
  • Sharara (paired with palazzo pants instead of a skirt)

Pick your lengha from the list and get ready for the celebration.

  • Ethnic Gown

I have noticed one thing that the sale of a gown or long dress has increased drastically in the past few years. Girls are more interested in wearing a gown than in Lehenga or Saree.

The reason behind this is a comfort. Gowns are much easy to carry than saree or Lehenga.

You can wear a gown of any type that you love. But if you don’t want a simple ordinary look you can buy an ethnic gown for yourself.

  • Baji Ro Mastani Dress

This is the new arrival of 2017 and still trending. You can also pair a skirt that you love with a designer kurta.

If you want your Customize dress Mastani dress then you can get it done by your designer or you can buy your top and bottom wear separately.

Choose golden or silver colored silk skirt (if you like). Party wears a Silk skirt will glow and give you an expensive look for any occasion.

I personally like this dress. I already have ordered my Mastani dress online. It comprises of red-colored long A-line front slit/split kurta, Plain Golden long skirt (lengha like) and a Red net Dupatta. You can also choose your dress like this. The choice of color totally depends on you. If the colors mentioned don’t suit you or you don’t like it then you can opt for you like.

And if you are feeling bored of these usual colors then try Some of the awesome shades of blue are- Periwinkle, ice blue, powder blue, Royal blue (one of my fav), a morning blue.


No matter whether you want a simple smart look or a heavy traditional/ Typical Indian look. At first choose bangles set for saree. You can buy metal lightweight bangles. Metal bangles look beautiful and are easy to carry a whole day long. You can also order your fancy bangles online.

If you don’t want to carry bangles with your saree then you can buy a bracelet also. You can pair your gold bracelet with your saree. As gold goes well with all types of saree no matters what is the color. Another option is to buy artificial bracelets.

Now, choose your necklace or neckpiece for saree. It should be well-matched with your saree.

You can buy a necklace set, which comes with a pair of earrings and bracelets.

The necklaces chains are the main part you should take a look before buying.

You should but according to your comfort. Some of the types of necklaces are- Multi-colored or single-colored string necklaces, choker, collar, prince, matinee and bib necklace.

Earrings are the most important jewelry of a woman. You should buy your earrings matching with your dress and necklace.

At last, you can wear an Anklets We often call anklets –“Payal”. You can buy gold anklets, silver anklets, artificial anklets or you can buy your cute anklets online also.

Mang teeka or Mang tikka is the last left jewelry to wear so why let it be left. buy one teeka matching your dress. This is completely optional. If you want a heavy party wears look you .should carry teeka along with your dress.


you can make as you want but keep in mind that this is a monsoon. And you should not do heavy makeup as it will not be suitable for you in this season.

Always carry light and natural makeup for summer or monsoon.  A big not to “Smokey Eyes” and this is because it will make your complexion darker. choose lighter shades of your lipstick and eyeshadow.

Apply a waterproof foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and Kajal. If you like then apply a little blush on your cheek`s apple. That’s all, no more heavy makeup. Look fresh and beautiful with light makeup!

My look on this Raksha Bandhan will be

Mastani dress ( with Red-colored kurta and golden Skirt and red dupatta)

I will wear a choker necklace along with matching earrings.

Metal bangles paired with bracelets.

Mang Teeka (matched with choker set)


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