Cheapest Eye Primer every girl should know

Cheapest Eye Primer every girl should know

Eye primer

What happens? Have you run out of your eye primer? Nothing to worry I am here to help you out of all the typical situations. If you want to do your face makeup perfectly you should have a good primer. Yeah! Good Primer is important but waits it doesn’t mean it should be expensive that’s why today we will discuss Cheapest Eye Primer.

This is really important to look perfect for every occasion. And to look perfect we should do our perfect makeup. And perfect makeup will be done with the help of a perfect even makeup base. Yeah, makeup base! This means Primer.

I have an oily eyelid that’s why there is no way to skip eyeshadow primer before applying shadows. This is the problem that tends me to try all of those products that can be used as an eye primer.

Now day’s people getting busy in their jobs and live in such a way they never get time for their self. That’s why some of the eye problems are getting common. Eye sightlessness is one of them. You can check out the easiest exercise to get rid of this problem on our site.

Next and serious problem is “Dark Circles”. Dark circles and dark eyelids. Have you noticed that? Your eyes are getting tired of works! It needs some rests and exercises.

Today I will only talk about the alternatives of these exercises. Yes! Obviously, there is an alternative to this also. You can make your eyes look beautiful even without exercise and remedies. The way is makeup, yes! Eye makeup can do this for you. Thing is that this will work for you in emergency and for temporary. This is not an all-time solution but yes you can try.

I always indicate Makeup as an emergency time solution. This is only because you do makeup when you have to look beautiful.

Before talking about eye makeups we will talk about how we can give our eyes a perfect makeup. After that will we discuss what the long-term solutions are?

Eyeshadow primer/Eye Primer or Eye Makeup Primer-

this is what you are known about. Some of you call it eyeshadow primer. This is what you think is not so important in doing makeup. Here I will tell you what the problem is and what the solutions of using and not using this are.

If you are too busy in your life and not getting time for your selves but have to look good. This is the solution to that situation. You can apply makeup but if you don’t like heavy makeups. You can only try a light Eye makeup. Enhanced and beautiful eyes will give you a fresh look. This is because the first impression of a person is because of his or her eyes.

Your eyes express everything without knowing you. This is because you should go with the eye makeup. An even, Perfect Makeup is totally depended upon a Perfect base. For a fine Makeup base, using a good primer is also important.

Re you suffering from the low budget? Don’t worry I am here to help you out of this situation. I will help you to buy Cheap and best Eye Primer. Your primer is of low cost it doesn’t mean it cannot work well. I am sharing all my experiences about eye makeup primer in low budget.

  Easily “Eye primer” you must have tried once-

  • l.f Eye primer and liner sealer- This product is easily available in the market. You can also order this online as this is available on almost e-com site. This is the product that we must have tried once. But if you haven’t tried yet, you can go for it now with a low budget.
  • Absolute New York Eyeshadow primer- This is a primer that works really well. If you want a low-cost eye primer that also works well you should try this.

  • Nyx professional makeup Eyeshadow base- This product is everyone’s choice. This not so pocket-friendly but yes you have ever donned your makeup in any Parlor then you have tried it. I have noticed almost every parlor is using this product.

Eye primer

  • REVLON Photo ready Eye Primer plus Brightener- This is not just an eye primer it is more than that. It highlights your eyes and gives your eyes a beautiful dimension. This is also a professional’s choice but not so pocket-friendly.

Eye primer

These are the few products that maybe you have tried. These eyeshadow primers really work awesome. This may work well for you also. You will have to spend lots of money for some of these.



I am sharing this on my own experience. This is my personal formula for eye primer. This is what people around me always use to ask me. How I manage to afford my perfect eye primers? How I use my eyeshadow primer? Here is the secret. Shhhhh! don’t leak my secret….

Most attention seeking DIY eyeshadow Primer

  • Concealer as an Eyeshadow primer or eye primer-This is not a big thing or new thing. We all know that concealer works well as a primer. But it works great as an eyeshadow primer, Yes! You can use your favorite concealer as your eye primer. You always use concealer on your dark circle area. Like this,s you can use your concealer as an eye primer.
  • Lip liner as an eye Primer- What? Don’t get so amazed! It really works as a boon for the girls. I have tried this I used my neutral color lip liner. I have used it on my eyelid as well as on dark circle areas. This is really awesome! Whenever I forgot my Eyeshadow primer or if I ran out of it, I used my neutral color lip liner.
  • NOTE*– Choose the color of your lip liner that suits your skin tone.
  • Don’t choose too dark or too light color. Use one shade lighter liner.
  • This point is most important- Don’t use any glitter type liner. Always try to use Matte Lip Liner.
  • Use your Lipstick as your eye makeup primer- oh! Yeah, this is what we all are looking for a long time. We all are looking for the easiest available eyeshadow primer. Unlike using lip liner as eye primer use any neutral color or the color that suits your skin tone. Again keep in mind using only Matte lipstick. Apart from Matte lipsticks all lipsticks are bit stickier and get smudged.
  • Use your face primer/Face makeup primer- This is the most common thing. I think most of us do this in our daily life. This can be used as an eyeshadow primer but all facial primer never works well. Don’t use any liquid primer just go for a primer that is of bit dry texture.
  • Make your own eyeshadow primer

Take a pinch of you compact or Face powder. Add a little bit of Aloe Vera get (a Pea Shaped) mix both ingredients well. Use Aloe Vera gel half of the quantity of compact Powder you are taking.

  • Keep in mind don’t mix lots of Aloe Vera gel to it.
  • You can also use fresh Aloe Vera Gel instead of readymade
  • Use compact which complements your skin tone
  • You can use one shade lighter powder
  • If Aloe Vera is not available you can use olive oil or I will recommend coconut oil. As coconut oil is easily available and is pocket-friendly too.
  • You can also use any other essential oils too
  • Be careful if you are using oils don’t use too much of it. Otherwise, it will ruin your makeup.
  • Study well before use any oil other than coconut or olive oil. If it gets into your eyes accidentally, it will not harm your eyes.
  • If you don’t have any of these oils or Aloe Vera gel. You can use your moisturizer otherwise.
  • Try to use a non-oily moisturizer. you can also use anything as fresh as smooth cream milk.


My answers to some of your questions

  1. Can you put primer on your eyelid?

I already have given the answer to your question in this very post. have a look once again… Hope your doubts are clear now.

Note- one thing you should keep in your mind that use it carefully.

Using a face product so close to your eye area can cause sensitivity. This is not recommended but you can use this in an emergency situation. But use little of it and apply carefully.


  1. Can you use face primer under your eyes?

Yes! You can, in fact, most of the girls use their facial primer as an eye primer. Again one thing use these products carefully that Eyes are most sensitive organs and if your product is causing any type of irritation or itching then, Stop! You should not use that product and should visit your Doc if it is severe or the problem persists.


  1. Can you use eye primer on your lips?

Yes! We can.  We can use our eye primer as well as face primer on our lips. It can give a fine base or you can give your lipstick a matte texture using this but make sure it is not so liquid like texture that can go inside your mouth and can harm you.


  1. Best eye primer of sensitive eyes?

If your eyes are sensitive, I will recommend you to use natural products. Use natural Eyeshadow primers. You can also make your own eye primer at home. Read the recipe in this post and be sure you don’t have any allergy with that ingredient.


Do try these primers and make me know how it works for you. Share these ideas if you feel these really useful and Let me know even if you have any idea or suggestions regarding this.

Keep Smiling, Stay HAPPY- “Because you are Beautiful”.


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